"Horrible Harry and The Dungeon" reviewed by Anya on June 10, 2017

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Horrible Harry and The Dungeon   
Suzy Kline   
Why did you decide to read this book? Did a friend suggest it? Did it have an interesting cover?: 
I liked other Horrible Harry books I read.   
What is the story about?/What happened in the story?: 
If you did something wrong at the end of the year at Harry's school you could be sent to the sensor room. When Harry went to the sensor room he peeked into the bag of a man who wanted to be the new computer teacher. Something in the bag poked Harry. Harry thought the man had a weapon. When Doug went to get Harry from the sensor room, he looked in the bag too. It wasn't a weapon in the bag. It was a pineapple.    
Who is your favorite character in the story? Why?: 
Song Lee. I like her personality.   
Why did you like this story? or Why did you not like this story?: 
I like it because Horrible Harry books have something new and fun to read.   
Other thoughts or feelings about this story? Anything else to add?: 
I want to read more Horrible Harry books!   
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Find more books in the Horrible Harry series in the Juvenile First Chapter Books Section at the call number J Kline.