"Percy Jackson Book 1 The lightning thief" reviewed by Molly on June 10, 2013

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Percy Jackson Book 1 The lightning thief   
Rick Riordan    
Why did you decide to read this book? Did a friend suggest it? Did it have an interesting cover?: 
I read the first book in the 4th grade and i was hooked and went on with more words to read and books to read. i read all the books from the heroes to Olympus-to Percy Jackson.    
What is the story about?/What happened in the story?: 
i thought that the author put a lot of work into the books and tries his best to get fans of his books.    
Why did you like this story? or Why did you not like this story?: 
I liked that he added a lot action, suspense, and a little romance. (But not a lot of it)   
Other thoughts or feelings about this story? Anything else to add?: 
That he became so popular, that he started a camp half blood in Texas.    
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