"Philippa Fisher and the Dream-Maker's Daughter" reviewed by johnna on May 23, 2017

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Philippa Fisher and the Dream-Maker's Daughter
Liz Kessler
Why did you decide to read this book? Did a friend suggest it? Did it have an interesting cover?: 
I decided to read this book because it is magical with fairies and I had already read the first one.
What is the story about?/What happened in the story?: 
the story is about a girl who's name is Filippa and she has a best friend named Daisy . Daisy is a fairy, and Daisy and Filippa never get to see each other.But when they do get to see each other they go on magixal adventures with each other.
Who is your favorite character in the story? Why?: 
Daisy because she keeps her friends out of trouble and is a fairy.
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