"School's Out- Forever" reviewed by Meghan on May 31, 2013

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School's Out- Forever   
James Patterson   
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My teacher read the first book in the series, and I liked it a lot. I wanted to read the next book.   
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Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, Angel and Total (a talking dog) are avian-human hybrids, or bird kids with wings. When Fang gets hurt, he is rushed to the hospital, where they meet Anne Walker, and she decides to look after them for a while. Anne enrolls the flock in school, and her plan with the School (not the learning kind, an experimental lab) backfires, and her true intentions are revealed.   
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It has a lot of cliffhangers, and there was a lot of action that made me want to keep reading.   
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