"A Series Of Unfortunate Events " reviewed by Aidan on October 8, 2013

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events    
Lemony Sniket   
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I watched the movie and decided to read the book.    
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A Series Of Unfortunate Events is about three orphans, Violet, Klaus and sunny Baudelaire who's parents died in a fire. A banker named Mr. po takes theme to an evil man named count Olaf who tries to steal the Baudelaire fortune by marrying Violet in a play, so Mr. Po takes the orphans to other guardians, from uncle Monty To aunt Josephine, from lucky smells lumber mill to boarding school, from the penthouse apartment of Jerome and Esme Squalor to the village of v.f.d, from Heimlich Hospital to a carnival, from the mountains to a submarine, from a hotel to a island. but wherever they go count Olaf always finds them in one of his ridiculous disguises.    
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I liked it because you can't just read it once, I've read it three times.    
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