"The Truth About Stacey : A Graphic Novel" reviewed by Ellie Wooden on December 29, 2014

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Ellie Wooden   
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The Truth About Stacey : A Graphic Novel   
Ann M. Martin and Raina Telgemeier   
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I got it for Christmas, and I love the Baby-sitters Club series, books and graphic novels alike!   
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Stacey McGill, new girl in Stoneybrook, Connecticut, is coping with a rival baby-sitting club, diabetes, and overprotective parents. When her family schedules some tests with a fad doctor in New York, will Stacey be stuck in his hands? Or will a surprise from a sitting charge's mom change everything?   
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I love the Baby-sitters Club books!   
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It's perfect for preteens and late elementary students looking for a good read.   
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