Are you interested in converting your old floppy disk files, home movie recordings, audio cassette recordings, printed photographs, or slides into a digital format you can share online? Preserving your memories, archiving, and sharing them can be a powerful way to connect with friends and family. Housed in the Level Up Video Production Studio, our Memory Preservation Station makes sharing and protecting your priceless memories easy.


Making a Reservation

  • Available time slots: 60, 90, or 120-minute reservations
  • Maximum occupancy: 8 people
  • Reservation limits:
    • Patrons may only have one active reservation at a time.
    • Patrons may make a reservation on the same day or up to one week in advance of the desired time.
  • Reservations are released after 15 minutes of the scheduled start time if the user has not arrived.
  • Reserve a studio in Level Up at the Downtown Library or reserve your space online with your library card.


Saving Your Memories

Digitization takes time. Scanning a document is instant, but for recorded media, you should expect an hour's worth of audio or video content to take an equal amount of time to digitize (an hour). As noted above, the Video Production Studio is available for a maximum of 120 minutes, so plan accordingly.

You can use a cloud storage account like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox to save your content. Another option is to use a USB flash drive––you can bring your own or check one out from the Library for temporary use.


Media Formats Supported


  • Audio cassettes


  • VHS (VCR videotape cassettes)

Photographs (maximum scan area: 8.5" x 11.7”)

  • Printed photographs
  • Instant film (Polaroid, Instax, Fujifilm)
  • Projector slides
  • Film negatives

Documents (maximum scan area: 8.5" x 11.7”)

  • Letters
  • Cards
  • Other keepsakes or art

Floppy Disk

  • 3.5 inch


Printable Onsite Equipment Instructions

Copies of the following pdfs are available onsite.


Digitization Equipment


Upcoming Programs

  Memory Preservation Programs Calendar