Resources for Level Up


Level Up Your Creative Vision

Nobody knows your artistic spirit better than you do. But how do you develop your creative skills, and what tools do you use? Use these resources to learn more about taking your work to the next level—then bring your vision to life in Level Up at the Main Library.

LinkedIn Learning

For all-around, top-notch instruction from the pros, we recommend starting with LinkedIn Learning. One of the world's leading online video learning platforms, LinkedIn Learning offers hundreds of digital creativity lessons, and it's available to our cardholders free of charge.

Getting started is easy—just set up your LinkedIn Learning account through the library's subscription and start your creative journey.


More Learning Resources

PC Building Guide for Beginners

At-Home Digital Creativity


Video and Photography


Website Design and Creation

App Design

Game Design

Graphic Design, Digital Art, and Publishing

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Sharing Your Finished Project

Submissions welcomed and encouraged!

Remember: Level Up is always looking for finished projects to add to our digital gallery of amazing creations made by our community. Just let Staff know if you’ve got something for us.