Special Collections

The Movies and Music area has collections for visually impaired patrons.  For the hearing impaired, there are Closed Captioned DVDs.

Talking Books

The Talking Books program is a free nationwide service coordinated in the state by the Indiana State Library for sight impaired and handicapped persons.  The audiotapes play on a special player provided by the State Library to those eligible to enroll in the program. MCPL has a small supplementary collection of the audiotapes and working replacement tape players for those already enrolled.  Applications are available at our Movies and Music reference desk or The Indiana State Library website


DVDs with Descriptive Audio Tracks

These DVDS have a secondary audio track that has an additional "voice-over" narration that describes the images on screen.  This allows someone with low vision to follow the story.  The descriptive audio track is provided by Descriptive Video Service.  You may check their website of information.

DVS DVD Catalog Listing