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The Message

The Life Impossible

Grace Winters is a widow and retired math teacher whose life seems to be getting smaller and smaller. She keeps out of the way of people and passes time watching the birds in her garden and doing crossword puzzles. But when a long-lost friend dies in strange circumstances and leaves her a house on the Spanish island of Ibiza, Grace's solitary existence drastically changes.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

A magical house. A secret past. A summons that could change everything. Arthur Parnassus lives a good life built on the ashes of a bad one. He's the headmaster of a strange orphanage on a distant and peculiar island, and he hopes to soon be the adoptive father to the six dangerous and magical children who live there. Arthur works hard and loves with his whole heart so none of the children ever feel the neglect and pain that he once felt as an orphan on that very same island so long ago. He is no

Sandwich by Newman, Catherine author.
Date added:
Jul 15, 2024

For the past two decades, Rocky has looked forward to her family's yearly escape to Cape Cod. Their humble beach-town rental has been the site of sweet memories, sunny days, great meals, and messes of all kinds: emotional, marital, and, thanks to the cottage's ancient plumbing, septic too. This year's vacation, with Rocky sandwiched between her half-grown kids and fully aging parents, promises to be just as delightful as summers past, except, perhaps, for Rocky's hormonal bouts of rage and melan

Passions in Death

On a hot August night, Lt. Eve Dallas and her husband, Roarke, speed through the streets of Manhattan to the Down and Dirty club, where a joyful, boisterous pre-wedding girls' night out has turned into a murder scene. One of the brides lies in a pool of blood, garroted in a private room where she was preparing a surprise for her fiance´e, two scrimped and saved-for tickets to Hawaii. Despite the dozens of people present, useful witnesses are hard to come by. It all brings back some bad memories

Nexus by Harari, Yuval Noah author.
Date added:
Jul 15, 2024

For the last 100,000 years, we Sapiens have accumulated enormous power. But despite all our discoveries, inventions, and conquests, we now find ourselves in an existential crisis. The world is on the verge of ecological collapse. Misinformation abounds. And we are rushing headlong into the age of AI, a new information network that threatens to annihilate us. For all that we have accomplished, why are we so self-destructive? Nexus looks through the long lens of human history to consider how the f

The Lost Coast

It's been almost a year since Clay Edison was forced out of his job at the coroner's bureau. Now he's on his own, working as a private eye. When a client brings him a fraud case, Clay dives into a decades-old scheme targeting the vulnerable. His investigation leads him to a bizarre town buried in the remote California wilderness. The residents don't care much for outsiders. They certainly don't like Clay asking questions. And they'll do just about anything to shut him up.

Intermezzo by Rooney, Sally author.
Date added:
Jul 15, 2024

Aside from the fact that they are brothers, Peter and Ivan Koubek seem to have little in common. Peter is a Dublin lawyer in his thirties, successful, competent, and apparently unassailable. But in the wake of their father's death, he's medicating himself to sleep and struggling to manage his relationships with two very different women, his enduring first love, Sylvia, and Naomi, a college student for whom life is one long joke. Ivan is a twenty-two-year-old competitive chess player. He has alwa

In Too Deep by Child, Lee author.
Date added:
Jul 15, 2024
In Too Deep

Reacher wakes up, alone, in the dark, handcuffed to a bed in a makeshift hospital room. His few possessions are gone. He has no memory of getting there. The last thing he can recall is the car he had hitched a ride in getting run off the road. The driver was killed. The people who staged the attack assume Reacher was the driver's accomplice and patch up his wounds as they plan to make him talk. A plan that will backfire spectacularly.

In My Time of Dying

For years as an award-winning war reporter, Sebastian Junger traveled to many front lines and frequently put his life at risk. And yet the closest he ever came to death was the summer of 2020 while spending a quiet afternoon at the New England home he shared with his wife and two young children. Crippled by abdominal pain, Junger was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Once there, he began slipping away. As blackness encroached, he was visited by his dead father, inviting Junger to join him. "I

Den of Iniquity

Former Seattle homicide cop J. P. Beaumont faces trouble in the small town of Ashland, as both his personal and professional lives are thrown into turmoil. Beau's daughter and son-in-law are having marital troubles, and his grandson, a senior in high school, shows up on his doorstep, wanting to live with Beau and his wife Mel as he finishes out the school year. Meanwhile, a friend from his past asks for Beau's help in looking into what appears to be an accidental death. A young man died of a fen

Counting Miracles

Tanner Hughes was raised by his grandparents, following in his grandfather's military footsteps to become an Army Ranger. His whole life has been spent abroad, and he is the proverbial rolling stone, happiest when off on his next adventure, zero desire to settle down. But when his grandmother passes away, her last words to him are: find where you belong. She also drops a bombshell, telling him the name of the father he never knew, and where he might be found. Tanner is due at his next posting so

Capture Or Kill

April 2011: On a remote mountaintop overlooking the remains of the Iranian nuclear weapons program, Azad Ashani witnesses a Quds Force demonstration of a capability meant to upend America's war in the Middle East. Ashani, director of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security and Irene Kennedy's former back channel to the Iranian government, recognizes the demonstration's true significance, and the nation-ending conflict it will provoke. Alone, Ashani stands no chance of preventing this r

The Art of Power

Nancy Pelosi describes for the first time what it takes to make history, not only as the first woman to ascend to the most powerful legislative role in our nation, but to pass laws that would save lives and livelihoods, from the emergency rescue of the economy in 2008 to transforming health care. She describes the perseverance, persuasion, and respect for her members that it took to succeed, but also the joy of seeing America change for the better. Among the best-prepared and hardest working Spe

Time Regained

Whose Body?

After a corpse wearing pince-nez glasses is found in a bathtub, Lord Peter Wimsey undertakes the case and investigates the deed privately in this classic cozy mystery.

An Unfinished Love Story

Doris Kearns Goodwin, one of America's most beloved historians, artfully weaves together biography, memoir, and history. She takes you along on the emotional journey she and her husband, Richard (Dick) Goodwin embarked upon in the last years of his life.

Now Or Never

While Stephanie's personal life is hanging by a thread, a killer case lands on her doorstep that changes everything.


Steve Silberman unearths the secret history of autism, long suppressed by the same clinicians who became famous for discovering it, and finds surprising answers to the crucial question of why the number of diagnoses has soared in recent years.

The Mirror by Roberts, Nora author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
The Mirror

What This Comedian Said Will Shock You

Some of the smartest commentary about what's happening in America is coming from a comedian, this comedian being Bill Maher. If you want to understand what's wrong with this country, it turns out that one of the best informed and most thought-provoking analysts is this very funny pothead. The book was inspired by the "editorial" Bill delivers at the end of each episode of Real Time. These editorials are direct-to-camera sermons about culture, politics, and what's happening in the world. To put t

This is Why We Lied

For GBI investigator Will Trent and medical examiner Sara Linton, McAlpine Lodge seems like the ideal getaway to celebrate their honeymoon. Set on a gorgeous, off-the-grid mountaintop property, it's the perfect place to unplug and reconnect. Until a bone-chilling scream cuts through the night. Mercy McAlpine, the manager of the Lodge, is dead. With a vicious storm raging and the one access road to the property washed out, the murderer must be someone on the mountain. But as Will and Sara investi

Talking to Strangers

When Karen Simmons is murdered on Valentine's Day, Detective Elise King wonders if she was killed by a man she met online. Karen was all over the dating apps, leading some townspeople to blame her for her own death, while others band together to protest society's violence against women. Into the divide comes Kiki Nunn, whose aggressive newsgathering once again antagonizes Elise. A single mother of a young daughter, Kiki is struggling to make a living in the diminished news landscape. Getting a s

The Light Eaters

It takes tremendous biological creativity to be a plant. To survive and thrive while rooted in a single spot, plants have adapted ingenious methods of survival. In recent years, scientists have learned about their ability to communicate, recognize their kin and behave socially, hear sounds, morph their bodies to blend into their surroundings, store useful memories that inform their life cycle, and trick animals into behaving to their benefit, to name just a few remarkable talents. The Light Eate

Lazarus Man by Price, Richard author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Lazarus Man

East Harlem, 2008. In an instant, a five-story tenement collapses into a fuming hill of rubble, pancaking the cars parked in front and coating the street with a thick layer of ash. As the city's rescue services and media outlets respond, the surrounding neighborhood descends into chaos. At day's end, six bodies are recovered, but many of the other tenants are missing.

The Author's Guide to Murder

A crafty locked-room mystery, a pointed satire about the literary world, and a tale of unexpected friendship and romance; this audiobook has it all, as only three bestselling authors can tell it!

The Genius of Judy

Everyone knows Judy Blume. Her books have garnered her fans of all ages for decades and sold tens of millions of copies. But why were people so drawn to them? And why are we still talking about them now in the 21st century? In The Genius of Judy, her remarkable story is revealed as never before, beginning with her as a mother of two searching for purpose outside of her home in 1960s suburban New Jersey. The books she wrote starred regular children with genuine thoughts and problems. But behind t

The Dark Wives

A man's body is found in the early morning light by a local dog walker in the park outside Rosebank, a care home for troubled teens in the coastal village of Longwater. The victim is Josh, a staff member, who was due to work the previous night but never showed up. DI Vera Stanhope is called out to investigate the death, with her only clue being the disappearance of one of the home's residents, fourteen-year-old Chloe Spence. Vera can't bring herself to believe that a teenager is responsible for

Citizen by Clinton, Bill author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

On January 20th, 2001, after nearly thirty years in politics, eight of them as President of the United States, Bill Clinton was suddenly a private citizen. Only fifty-four years old, full of energy and ideas, he wanted to make meaningful use of his skills, his relationships with world leaders, and all he'd learned in a lifetime of politics, but how? Just days after leaving the White House, the call came to aid victims of a devastating earthquake in India, and Clinton hit the ground running. Over

Joy by Steel, Danielle author.
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

Allegra's turbulent childhood leads to solace in books. She finds love with Shep, a cadet, but war changes him. Their marriage strained by deployments, she faces loneliness and the aftermath of his trauma, realizing happiness might be fleeting.

A Conjuring of Light

London falls and kingdoms rise while darkness sweeps the Maresh Empire, and the fraught balance of magic blossoms into dangerous territory while heroes struggle.

The Blue Hour

An isolated Scottish island, accessible to the mainland only twelve hours a day. A famous (some might say infamous) artist whose notoriously unfaithful husband disappeared after visiting her twenty years ago. A present-day discovery that intimately connects three people and unveils a web of secrets and lies.

Sonny Boy by Pacino, Al author.
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Sonny Boy

To the wider world, Al Pacino exploded onto the scene like a supernova. He landed his first leading role, in The Panic in Needle Park, in 1971, and by 1975, he had starred in four movies, The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, Serpico, and Dog Day Afternoon, that were not just successes but landmarks in the history of film. Those performances became legendary and changed his life forever. Not since Marlon Brando and James Dean in the late 1950s had an actor landed in the culture with such for

The Sequel

Anna Williams-Bonner has taken care of business. That is to say, she's taken care of her husband, bestselling novelist Jacob Finch Bonner, and laid to rest those anonymous accusations of plagiarism that so tormented him. Now she is living the contented life of a literary widow, enjoying her husband's royalty checks in perpetuity, but for the second time in her life, a work of fiction intercedes, and this time it's her own debut novel, The Afterword. After all, how hard can it really be to write

Murder Your Employer

Who hasn't wondered for a split second what the world would be like if a person who is the object of your affliction ceased to exist? But then you've probably never heard of The McMasters Conservatory, dedicated to the consummate execution of the homicidal arts. To gain admission, a student must have an ethical reason for erasing someone who deeply deserves a fate no worse (nor better) than death. The campus of this "Poison Ivy League" college, its location unknown to even those who study there,

Framed by Grisham, John author.
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

A fundamental principle of our legal system is a presumption of innocence, but once someone has been found guilty there is very little room to prove doubt. Framed shares ten true stories of men who were innocent but found guilty and forced to sacrifice friends, families, wives, and decades of their lives to prison while the guilty parties remained free. In each of the stories, John Grisham and Jim McCloskey recount the dramatic hard-fought battles for exoneration. They take a close look at what

Fire and Bones

It's never easy working fire scenes, Tempe thinks. Called to Washington, DC, to analyze the victims of a building set ablaze amid mysterious circumstances, she sees all her misgivings justified. The building site is in Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood with a colorful past and present, and the property's ownership becomes even more suspicious when Tempe delves into its past. The pieces start falling into place strangely and quickly, and, sensing a good story, Tempe teams with a new ally, telejournali

A Christmas Duet

Hailey Morgan's life has always revolved around music. She once had big dreams of composing her own songs, but the reality of life has led her to working as an assistant high school band teacher in Portland, Oregon. As the holidays approach, Hailey dreads the annual tradition of Christmas with her meddling family, where she'll have to play nice while dodging their traditional expectations. When Hailey's close friend offers her family's empty cabin for a rejuvenating solo retreat, Hailey finally

By Any Other Name

In 1581, Emilia Bassano, like most young women of her day, is allowed no voice of her own. But as the Lord Chamberlain's mistress, she has access to all theater in England, and finds a way to bring her work to the stage secretly. And yet, creating some of the world's greatest dramatic masterpieces comes at great cost: by paying a man for the use of his name, she will write her own out of history. In the present, playwright Melina Green has just written a new work inspired by the life of her Eliz

The Grey Wolf

The Briar Club by Quinn, Kate author.
Date added:
May 14, 2024
The Briar Club

The New York Times best selling author of The Diamond Eye and The Rose Code returns with a haunting and powerful story of female friendships and secrets in a Washington, DC, boardinghouse during the McCarthy era.

The Summer Pact

Four freshmen arrive at college from completely different worlds: Lainey, a California party girl with a flair for drama; Tyson, a brilliant scholar and law school hopeful from D.C.; Summer, a recruited athlete and perfectionist from the Midwest; and Hannah, a mild-mannered southerner who is content to quietly round out the circle of big personalities. Soon after moving into their shared dorm, they strike up a conversation in a study lounge, and the seeds of friendship are planted. As their coll

Morning and Evening

Winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature A child who will be named Johannes is born. An old man named Johannes dies. Between these two points, Jon Fosse gives us the details of an entire life, starkly compressed. Beginning with Johannes's father's thoughts as his wife goes into labor and ending with Johannes's own thoughts as he embarks upon a day in his life when everything is exactly the same yet totally different, Morning and Evening is a novel concerning the beautiful dream that our liv

Mastering Ai by Kahn, Jeremy author.
Date added:
May 14, 2024
Mastering Ai

Within the next five years, Jeremy Kahn predicts, AI will disrupt almost every industry and enterprise, with vastly increased efficiency and productivity. It will restructure the workforce, making AI copilots a must for every knowledge worker. It will revamp education, meaning children around the world can have personal, portable tutors. It will revolutionize health care, making individualized, targeted pharmaceuticals more affordable. It will compel us to reimagine how we make art, compose musi

Dog Day Afternoon

Retired lawyer Andy Carpenter has run the Tara Foundation, the dog rescue organization named after his beloved golden retriever, for years. It's always been his calling, even as Andy's pulled into representing clients in court. His investigator, Marcus Clark, has been at Andy's side for a long time. Even though they've known each other for years, Marcus keeps his personal life a mystery. So it's a shock when Marcus arrives at the Tara Foundation with two strangers in tow. Turns out Marcus takes

Children of Anguish and Anarchy

When Ze´lie seized the royal palace that fateful night, she thought her battles had come to an end. The monarchy had finally fallen. The maji had risen again. Ze´lie never expected to find herself locked in a cage and trapped on a foreign ship. Now warriors with iron skulls traffic her and her people across the seas, far from their homeland. Then everything changes when Ze´lie meets King Baldyr, her true captor, the ruler of the Skulls, and the man who has ravaged entire civilizations to find he

An Angel Walks Through the Stage and Other Essays

Winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature Jon Fosse said farewell to theory early in his career, choosing poetry, fiction, and drama as his mediums of choice. Here, however, in a selection from his two books of essays, we see just how incisive a critic and memoirist he can be. Not only including a generous portion of Fosse's writing on literature and theater-including the irresistible "Thomas Bernhard and His Grandfather"-this collection also includes such personal essays such as "My Dear Ne


Absolution serves as the long-awaited conclusion to Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy, offering closure to lingering mysteries while also introducing new questions and surprises. Structured in three parts, the novel delves into new expeditions and explores the origins of Area X. With brilliant storytelling and unsettling themes, "Absolution" solidifies the Southern Reach Trilogy as a landmark in speculative fiction.

Some Murders in Berlin

September 1943: Berlin is the heart of darkness, and the last place Dr. Elin Lund wishes to be. An expert in psychological profiling, she's been summoned from Copenhagen to investigate the gruesome murders of eight young women. Even in the midst of unspeakable evil, these killings stand apart. And with her homeland now under Nazi occupation and a young son to protect, Elin can't refuse such a request. Detective Kurt Schneider, head of the criminal police unit, is grudging in his welcome. The ord

Shelterwood by Wingate, Lisa author.
Date added:
May 2, 2024

Muse of Fire

The First World War comes to harrowing life through the intertwined lives of the soldier-poets.

Horror Movie

In June 1993, a group of young guerilla filmmakers spent four weeks making Horror Movie, a notorious, disturbing, art-house horror flick. The weird part? Only three of the film's scenes were ever released to the public, but Horror Movie has nevertheless grown a rabid fanbase. Three decades later, Hollywood is pushing for a big budget reboot. The man who played "The Thin Kid" is the only surviving cast member. He remembers all too well the secrets buried within the original screenplay, the bizarr

Free to Be by Turban, Jack author.
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Free to Be

An authoritative guide to understanding and navigating gender identity from an acclaimed expert on the mental health of transgender and gender diverse youth.


Agents Savich and Sherlock are back in the latest installment in Catherine Coulter's #1 New York Times best selling FBI Thriller series, where the past refuses to stay buried.

You'll Never Find Me

Working alone as a private investigator is tough. Estranged from her PI family, Margo Angelhart does what she must to get by, including taking on sordid cases that pay the bills, even if she'd rather be helping those the justice system has failed. That is, until a cheating husband case she's working intersects with her siblings' corporate espionage investigation, forcing Margo to cooperate with the Angelhart firm. Now, as the siblings compare notes, it's clear they need to work together before a

Shadow of Doubt by Thor, Brad author.
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Shadow of Doubt

A shadowy Russian defector. A beautiful Norwegian intelligence officer. A deadly American spy. An ingenious plot to collapse the United States has been uncovered. But can the highly suspect intelligence be trusted? In the fog of war, when friends can appear as enemies and enemies as friends, only one thing is certain, when in doubt, there is no doubt.

The Midnight Feast

Welcome to the opening weekend of the manor, a luxury resort built on top of old secrets in an ancient wood. The founder. The lover. The mystery guest. The kitchen help. The detective. All have an agenda. All have a past. But not everyone will survive…

The Comfort of Ghosts

In post-war London, psychologist Maisie Dobbs investigates a mysterious group of orphans squatting in a mansion. Their wartime experiences and self-defense skills raise questions. As Maisie digs deeper, she uncovers a decades-old mystery tied to her first husband's death. The quest forces her to confront her painful past and reevaluate long-held beliefs.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

There's a mole in the Circus. Pulled out of (forced) retirement by his old prote´ge´, Peter Guillam, George Smiley must determine who among the high command at the British Secret Intelligence Service is in fact a Soviet spy, one who's been climbing their way up the ranks for decades. The stakes are high: the mole is behind more than one failed operation and has lain waste to some of their best informant networks. With scant resources and few allies, Smiley must use every skill at his disposal to

The Mighty Red

In Argus, North Dakota, a collection of people revolve around a fraught wedding. Gary Geist, a terrified young man set to inherit two farms, is desperate to marry Kismet Poe, an impulsive, lapsed Goth who can't read her future but seems to resolve his. Hugo, a gentle red-haired, home-schooled giant, is also in love with Kismet. He's determined to steal her and is eager to be a home wrecker. Kismet's mother, Crystal, hauls sugar beets for Gary's family, and on her nightly runs, tunes into the dar

A Talent for Murder

Martha Ratliff conceded long ago that she'd likely spend her life alone. She was fine with it, happy with her solo existence, stimulated by her job as an archival librarian, constantly surrounded by thought-provoking ideas and the books she loved. But then she met Alan, a charming and sweet-natured divorcee with a job that took him on the road for half the year. When he asked her to marry him, she said yes, even though he still felt a little bit like a stranger. A year in and the marriage was go

Sociopath by Gagne, Patric author.
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024

Patric Gagne realized she made others uncomfortable before she started kindergarten. Something about her caused people to react in a way she didn't understand. She suspected it was because she didn't feel things the way other kids did. Emotions like fear, guilt, and empathy eluded her. For the most part, she felt nothing. And she didn't like the way that "nothing" felt. She did her best to pretend she was like everyone else, but the constant pressure to conform to a society she knew rejected any

The Shadow of War

In 1961, the new president John F. Kennedy, inherited an ill-conceived, poorly executed invasion of Cuba that failed miserably and set in motion the events that put the U.S. and the Soviet Union on a collision course that nearly started a war that would have enveloped much of the world. Extensively researched and vividly imagined, this novel brings to life the many threads that lead to the building crisis between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1962. Told from a multitude of perspectiv


Influencer Darcy Gray's ideal life crumbles in Rome on her 20th anniversary. Forced to stay in Paris due to a global crisis, she finds solace with widowed American engineer Bill Thompson and French star Sybille Carton. Amid worries about her daughters, Darcy discovers unexpected possibilities.

Red Sky Mourning

One Perfect Couple

First Frost by Johnson, Craig author.
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
First Frost

In the twentieth installment of the series, Sheriff Walt Longmire faces a daunting crime in Wyoming's unspoiled countryside. Balancing a complex personal life, he confronts a sinister plot that threatens those closest to him, challenging his perception of the beloved Wyoming he strives to protect. The novel continues the success of the award-winning series.

Mind Games by Roberts, Nora author.
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
Mind Games

As they do each June, the Foxes have driven the winding roads of Appalachia to drop off their children for a two-week stay at their grandmother's. Here, 12-year-old Thea can run free and breathe in the smells of pine and fresh bread and Grammie's handmade candles. But as her parents head back to suburban Virginia, they have no idea they're about to cross paths with a ticking time bomb. Back in Kentucky, Thea and her grandmother Lucy both awaken from the same nightmare. And though the two have ne

The Last Word

Natalka and Edwin are perfect if improbable partners in a detective agency. At eighty-four, Edwin regularly claims that he's the oldest detective in England. He is a master at surveillance, deploying his age as a cloak of invisibility. Natalka, Ukrainian-born and more than fifty years his junior, is a math whizz, who takes any cases concerning fraud or deception. Despite a steady stream of minor cases, Natalka is frustrated. She loves a murder, as she's fond of saying, and none have come the age

For the Love of Summer

As the owner of Twisted, Seattle's best salons, Erica knows that the sharpest cuts come from the people we love. She's terrified that she's losing her teen daughter to her "other" family. Summer disdains Erica's career as shallow, and she's growing close to her stepmom, Allison. All it takes to blow up Allison's happy life is one collect call. From prison. Her beloved husband, Peter, has been arrested, leaving Allison pregnant, scared and alone with a toddler, with no money for rent or, hey, foo

Clete by Burke, James Lee author.
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024

Clete Purcel, private investigator, ex-member of the New Orleans Police Department, and war veteran with a hard shell and just a few soft spots, is Dave Robicheaux's longtime friend and partner in detective work. But he has a troubled past. When Clete leaves his car at the local car wash, only to return to find it ransacked by a group of thugs tied to the drug trade from Mexican cartels to Louisiana, it feels personal, his grandniece died of a fentanyl overdose, and his fists curl when he thinks

Bits and Pieces

From multi-award winner Whoopi Goldberg comes a new and unique memoir of her family and their influence on her early life.

Into the bright unknown

Leah is poised to have everything she ever dreamed of on the long, dangerous journey to California's gold fields: wealth, love, the truest friends, and a home. Thanks to her magical ability to sense precious gold, Leah, her fiance Jefferson, and her friends have claimed rich land in California Territory. But their fortune makes them a target, and when a dangerous billionaire sets out to destroy them, Leah and her friends must fight back with all of their power and talents.

Slough House

London Rules

Joe Country by Herron, Mick, author.
Date added:
Apr 3, 2024
Joe Country

Bad Actors by Herron, Mick, author.
Date added:
Apr 3, 2024
Bad Actors

The small house at Allington

The two Dale girls, Lily and Bell, live at the Small House. While Bell is in love with the local doctor James Crofts, Lily is pursued by two men: the worldly, rich, and handsome Adolphus Crosbie and the poor but honest Johnny Eames. With each determined to gain her hand in marriage, who will she choose?

The last chronicle of Barset

Josiah Crawley, an impoverished but stubbornly proud clergyman, is accused of theft and is forced to stand trial, which imperils his daughter Grace's chance to marry the man she loves.

Framley Parsonage

Mark Robarts is a young clergyman who has recently been appointed vicar of Framley Parsonage. Desperate to keep up with the local aristocracy, the country parson is persuaded to underwrite the debts of Sowerby, a well-respected peer. However, when the debts are called in, Robarts finds himself in a serious predicament.

Bad actors by Herron, Mick, author.
Date added:
Apr 3, 2024
Bad actors

In London's MI5 headquarters a scandal is brewing that could disgrace the entire intelligence community. The Downing Street superforecaster, a specialist who advises the Prime Minister's office on how policy is likely to be received by the electorate, has disappeared without a trace. Claude Whelan, who was once head of MI5, has been tasked with tracking her down.

The uses of enchantment - the meaning and importance of fairy tales

Analyzing a wide range of traditional stories, from the tales of Sindbad to "The Three Little Pigs," "Hansel and Gretel," and "The Sleeping Beauty," Bettelheim shows how the fantastical, sometimes cruel, but always deeply significant narrative strands of the classic fairy tales can aid in our greatest human task, that of finding meaning for one's life.

Joe Country by Herron, Mick, author.
Date added:
Apr 3, 2024
Joe Country

If Spook Street is where spies live, Joe Country is where they go to die. In Slough House, the London outpost for disgraced spies MI5, memories are stirring, all of them bad. Catherine Standish is buying booze again, Louisa Guy is raking over the ashes of lost love, and new recruit Lech Wicinski, whose sins make him outcast even among the slow horses, is determined to discover who destroyed his career, even if he tears his life apart in the process. Meanwhile, in Regent's Park, Diana Taverner's