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The Summer of Yes by Walsh, Courtney
Date added:
Jul 11, 2024
The Summer of Yes

A near-death experience catapults workaholic junior editor Kelsey Worthington into changing her life--one yes at a time.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest- A Lisbeth Salander Novel

In the concluding volume of Larsson's Millennium trilogy, Lisbeth Salander lies in critical condition in a Swedish hospital, a bullet in her head. But she's fighting for her life in more ways than one: if and when she recovers, she'll stand trial for three murders. With the help of Mikael Blomkvist, she'll need to identify those in authority who have allowed the vulnerable, like herself, to suffer abuse and violence.

Failure to match

"He's the arrogant, grumpy billionaire bane of my existence... and now I'm his full-time, live-in dating coach. I've never failed to match a client--until him. Jackson Sinclair has dragged me through eight months of matchmaking hell, and I have the carnage of broken hearts to prove it. But I refuse to get fired from my dream job because of some infuriatingly gorgeous billionaire and his absurd criteria for a wife. The plan is simple. All I have to do is infiltrate his penthouse, pretend to be hi

Broken Bonds by Bree, J.
Date added:
Jul 11, 2024
Broken Bonds

The list of suspicious things

Maggie Thatcher is prime minister, drainpipe jeans are in, and Miv is convinced that her dad wants to move their family Down South. Because of the murders. Leaving Yorkshire and her best friend Sharon simply isn't an option, no matter the dangers lurking round their way; or the strangeness at home that started the day Miv's mum stopped talking. Perhaps if she could solve the case of the disappearing women, they could stay after all? So, Miv and Sharon decide to make a list: a list of all the sus

Worst Case Scenario by Newman, T. J.
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
Worst Case Scenario

Medusa by Gruender, Nataly
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024

A few green leaves

"Barbara Pym was an incomparable chronicler of ordinary, quiet lives. With warmth, humour, precision and great vividness, she gave her best characters an independent life we recognize as totally familiar. In A Few Green Leaves, her final novel, her heroine is anthropologist Emma Howick. Through her eyes Barbara Pym examines in her own ironic and individual style the quiet revolution in English village life, combining the rural settings of her earliest novels with the themes and characters of her

Saving Noah by Berry, Lucinda
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
Saving Noah

"Meet Noah--an A-honor roll student, award-winning swimmer, and small-town star destined for greatness. There weren't any signs that something was wrong until the day he confesses to molesting little girls during swim team practice. He's sentenced to eighteen months in a juvenile sexual rehabilitation center. His mother, Adrianne, refuses to turn her back on him despite his horrific crimes, but her husband won't allow Noah back into their home. In a series of shocking and shattering revelations,

Worst in show

"When Cora Lewis, an aspiring fashion designer stuck working in her grandpa's quaint but struggling pet shop, gets competition from Leo Salinger, a former finance hotshot who opens an upscale dog boutique across the street, there's instant rivalry betweenthe two. But when Cora's grandpa is injured and she's left to turn the store around alone, she must team up with Leo to train her three quirky mutts for a chance at winning the annual amateur dog show-a last bid at keeping the store afloat. As s

A werewolf's guide to seducing a vampire

"Ben Rosewood never meant to be bound to a vampire succubus, especially one as sexy yet terrifying as Eleonore Bettencourt-Devereux, but he has to admit there are some fang-tastic perks. . . . Werewolf Ben Rosewood is happy with his life. One hundred percent. Everything is fine. His business, Ben's Plant Emporium, is thriving, and he's even expanding the shop. His anxiety disorder is . . . well, it's been better, but that comes with the territory of running a business and having beastly urges ev

The stranger at the wedding - a novel

"Before love at first sight, there were things no one saw. Annie never much believed in love. That is, until meeting Mark. After crossing paths on morning commutes, they connect at a group counseling session for trauma survivors. Each recognizes somethingin the other, though both hide their own troubled pasts. It's a whirlwind romance that propels Annie through their courtship, all the way to her wedding day-a day she couldn't have predicted for herself once upon a time yet now feels surer about

The snap - a novel

"Poppy Benjamin, Media Relations Director of Syracuse's storied NFL team, the Bobcats, fought tooth and nail for her career. Ever since her intern season fifteen years ago, it's been nothing but early mornings, late nights, barely-dodged inappropriate advances, and relationships lost with partners who didn't get it. That's why Poppy relies on the Women Against Groping Shitheads, a support network that knows her far better than her own family. In-house counsel for an NBA team, a celebrated report

Lady Macbeth - a novel

"A reimagining of Lady Macbeth, Shakespeare's most famous villainess"--

The Hidden Book by Manning, Kirsty
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
The Hidden Book

The Girl in the Bog

Frequent Fliers by Kirwan, Noǔ
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
Frequent Fliers

The last Carolina girl - a novel

"Some folks will do anything to control the wild spirit of a Carolina girl... For fourteen-year-old Leah Payne, life in her beloved coastal Carolina town is as simple as it is free. Devoted to her lumberjack father and running through the wilds where theforest meets the shore, Leah's country life is as natural as the Loblolly pines that rise to greet the Southern sky. When an accident takes her father's life, Leah is wrenched from her small community and cast into a family of strangers with a te

The housekeeper's secret

"Standing in the remote windswept moors of Northern England, Coldwell Hall is the perfect place to hide. For the past five years, Kate Furniss has maintained her professional mask so carefully that she almost believes she is the character she has created:Coldwell's respectable housekeeper. It is the summer of 1911 that brings new faces above and below the stairs of Coldwell Hall-including the handsome and mysterious new footman, Jem Arden. Just as the house's shuttered rooms open, so does Kate's

Haunted ever after

"It's love at first haunting in a seaside town that raises everyone's spirits in this new series from USA Today bestselling author Jen DeLuca. Small Florida coastal towns often find themselves scrambling for the tourism dollars that the Orlando theme parks leave behind. And within the town limits of Boneyard Key, the residents decided long ago to lean into its ghostliness. Nick Royer, owner of the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop, embraces the ghost tourism that keeps the local economy afloat, as we

A great marriage - a novel

"Dara Willcox, up in New York for a weekend, meets Austin Clarke at an art gallery. If love at first sight can happen, it happens to them. These two vivid, ambitious people are on different trajectories - he's British, working temporarily in New York. She's set on law school. They don't care. They will make their lives together happen. At their engagement dinner at Dara's family home, her mother Lee sets a beautiful table and the family and close friends gather to celebrate. Rich, Dara's father,

The fertile earth

"An unforgettable story of love and resistance surrounding two young people born across social lines, set against a tumultuous political landscape in India. Vijaya and Sree are the daughters of the Deshmukhs of Irumi. Hailing from a lineage of ancestral aristocrats, their family's social status and power over villagers on their land is absolute. Krishna and Ranga, brothers, are the sons of a widowed servant in the Deshmukh household. When Vijaya and Krishna meet, they forge an intense bond that

Dear Hanna by Stage, Zoje
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
Dear Hanna

The break-up pact - a novel

"Most Anticipated by Goodreads, Cosmo, and more! Two best friends who haven't spoken in ten years pretend to date after break-ups with their respective exes go viral, in this delightfully fun and deeply emotional novel from New York Times bestselling author Emma Lord. June and Levi were best friends as teenagers-until the day they weren't. Now June is struggling to make rent on her beachside tea shop, Levi is living a New York cliche´ as a disillusioned hedge fund manager and failed novelist, an

The family business. 1

"By day, the Duncans are an upstanding family who run a thriving car dealership in Queens. By night, they live a dangerous secret life ... Selling cars, it turns out, is only a small part of the Duncans' family business."--Provided by publisher.

You better watch out

"From international bestselling authors James S. Murray (better known as "Murr" on the hit TV show Impractical Jokers) and Darren Wearmouth, comes You Better Watch Out, a suspenseful, serial killer thriller that leaves you wondering, is Christmas really the best time of the year? Forty-eight hours until Christmas, Jessica Kane wakes up with blurred vision, ears ringing, and in excruciating pain. A gash in her head and blood running down her face, the last thing she remembers is going for a run a

Touch by Olafsson, Olaf
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024

Tomb sweeping - stories

"Tomb Sweeping probes the loyalties we hold: to relatives, to strangers, and to ourselves. In stories set across the US and Asia, Alexandra Chang immerses us in the lives of immigrant families, grocery store employees, expecting parents, and guileless labassistants"--

There's nothing wrong with her - a novel

"A crackling, tender, and perfectly off-kilter novel about love, madness, illness, and recovery"--

Teleportasm by Millican, Joshua
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024

The Sawmill Book Club

Rule of Three by Ripley, Sam
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
Rule of Three

The Queen by Cutter, Nick
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
The Queen

The Singer Sisters

"Two generations of a folk-rock dynasty collide over art, love, longing, and family secrets in this captivating and poignant debut It's 1996, and alt-rocker Emma Cantor is on tour, with her sights trained on a record deal. Emma's got no lack of inspiration for her music - chiefly her mother Judie, a 1960s folk legend whose confessional songs made her an icon before her mysterious withdrawal from the public eye. Emma is baffled by Judie's coldness, and is deeply shaken when she learns a long-kept

Plays well with others - a novel

"In the vein of Where'd You Go, Bernadette and Fleishman Is in Trouble, a wickedly funny and incisive epistolary debut novel following a mother trapped in the rat race of NYC parenting as her life unravels"--

The perfect son

"From Freida McFadden, the New York Times bestselling author of The Housemaid and The Coworker! "Mrs. Cass, we were hoping your son could answer a few questions about the girl who disappeared last night..." Erika Cass has a perfect family and a perfect life. Until the evening when two detectives show up at her front door. A high school girl has vanished from Erika's quiet suburban neighborhood. The police suspect the worst--murder. And Erika's teenage son, Liam, was the last person to see the gi

One Last Promise

Melon Head Mayhem by Ebenstein, Alex
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
Melon Head Mayhem

"Have you ever wanted to live inside your favorite horror film? Prove you have what it takes to fight Freddy? Destroy Jason? Mangle Michael? Cousins Carson and Sophia are in town for their grandma's funeral and are, unknowingly, about to live out the nightmare that is every horror fan's dream. After they find an old unfamiliar VHS tape tucked away in grandma's house, they figure the worst that can happen is a few cringeworthy moments and 90 minutes wasted. Instead, the video summons the movie mo

A mask of flies

"A Mask of Flies by Matthew Lyons is a pulse-pounding crime horror epic about a criminal on the run, the deadly family secrets she unearths along the way, and the sinister monster from her past that has gotten a taste for her blood-and won't sleep until she's dead. In the grisly aftermath of a botched bank heist, career criminal Anne Heller has no choice but to return to her family's cabin - a secluded shack in Colorado's San Luis Valley, and the site of her mother's untimely death. Along for th

The last one - a novel

"An unputdownable locked-room thriller about family, trust, and survival"--

The Kill List by Matheson, Nadine
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
The Kill List

If We Were Perfect by Huang, Ana
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
If We Were Perfect

House of glass

"On the outside they were the golden family with the perfect life. On the inside they built the perfect lie. A young nanny who plunged to her death, or was she pushed? A nine-year-old girl who collects sharp objects and refuses to speak. A lawyer whose job it is to uncover who in the family is a victim and who is a murderer. But how can you find out the truth when everyone here is lying? Rose Barclay is a nine-year-old girl who witnessed the possible murder of her nanny - in the midst of her par

The Heir of Venus

The Great Dating Fake Off

The Friend Zone Experiment

Four weekends and a funeral - a novel

"A woman attends her ex-boyfriend's funeral only to discover that his family thinks they're still together, and her decision to play the grieving girlfriend all the while falling in love with his best friend"--

Errands & Espionage by Tschida, Sam
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
Errands & Espionage

The Enemy by Adams, Sarah
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
The Enemy

Elizabeth of East Hampton - a novel

"A modern retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that transports you to summer in the Hamptons, where classes clash, rumors run wild, and love has a frustrating habit of popping up where you least expect it"--

The divorce - a novel

"A decades-long, seemingly rock-solid marriage suddenly falls apart during one hot Stockholm summer"--

The Coven by Woods, Harper L.
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
The Coven

Close Knit by Colgan, Jenny
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
Close Knit

Cicada by Pell, Tanya
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024

Dark restraint

"Ariadne Vitalis is in trouble. She's betrayed her father--and his benefactor--and now she's left to rely on the questionable mercy of Olympus to keep her safe. As with everything in this city, mercy comes with a price. For Ariadne, that means a marriageto Dionysus. She has no choice but to agree, even if there's only one man she's ever wanted-a man she's feared just as much as she desires. The Minotaur never had any illusions about Minos's plans. He was willing to get his hands dirty as long as

Candy Cain Kills by McAuley, Brian
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
Candy Cain Kills

"When Austin's parents drag him and his little sister Fiona to a remote cottage for Christmas, he's less than thrilled about the forced bonding exercise. But after learning that their holiday getaway was the site of a horrific crime, this family on the rocks will have to fight for their lives against a legendary killer... because Candy Cain is slashing through the snow with a very long naughty list" --

Buried Too Deep by Rose, Karen
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
Buried Too Deep

Big Witch Energy by Harper, Molly
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024
Big Witch Energy

Arkangel by Rollins, James
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024

And so I roar - a novel

"A stunning, heartwrenching new novel from Abi Dare´, New York Times bestselling author of The Girl with the Louding Voice When Tia accidentally overhears a whispered conversation between her mother-terminally ill and lying in a hospital bed in Port Harcourt, Nigeria-and her aunt, the repercussions will send her on a desperate quest to uncover a secret her mother has been hiding for nearly two decades. Back home in Lagos a few days later, Adunni, a plucky fourteen-year-old runaway, is lying awak

Riders of the silences

The story of Red Pierre and the phantom gunfighter, McGurk. Fate brought them clashing together, and they were destined to meet at the crossroads of a long trail which began in the northern wastes of Canada and led to a deadly confrontation in the mountains of the West.

The amazing adventures of Kavalier & Clay - a novel

The beloved, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is a masterwork by Chabon. It is the American epic of two boy geniuses named Joe Kavalier and Sammy Clay and their quest to become American icons in the comic book world. Now with special bonus material by Chabon.

While the sun shines

"Best friends forever means forever, right? Joined at the hip since high school, Drew and Penny live together, hang out together--and now, commiserate together about their other roommates falling in love. With their foursome suddenly shrunk to two, Drew has to double down on his one rule: never ever let Penny find out he wants more than friendship. Keeping his secret is easy enough with his focus on his family farm, but when a handsome stranger visits, Drew learns he isn't Penny's only childhood

The walk by Goldberg, Lee, 1962-
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
The walk

An earthquake devastates Los Angeles. One man sets across the landscape of destruction to his home in the San Fernando Valley. It's a journey that will test the limits of his endurance and his humanity, a trek from the man he was to the man he can be ... if he can survive The Walk.

Wake Up, Nat & Darcy

Villa E by Alison, Jane
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Villa E

Unspeakable Home by Prcic, Ismet
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Unspeakable Home

Under the neomoon

"In these early prose writings, Wolfgang Hilbig (1941-2007) summons menacing visions of smoldering factory pits, rampant nature, and split identities"--

Til Heist Do Us Part by Desai, Sara
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Til Heist Do Us Part

Silent Are the Dead by Rowell, D. M.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Silent Are the Dead

Unicorn woman by Jones, Gayl, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Unicorn woman

"Marking a dramatic new direction for Jones, a riveting tale set in the Post WWII South, narrated by a Black soldier who returns to Jim Crow and searches for a mythical ideal. Set in the early 1950s, this latest novel from Pulitzer Prize and National BookAward finalist Gayl Jones follows the witty but perplexing army veteran Buddy Ray Guy as he embodies the fate of Black soldiers who return, not in glory, but into their Jim Crow communities. A cook and tractor repairman, Buddy was known as Budwe

This world is not yours

"This World is Not Yours by USA Today bestseller Kemi Ashing-Giwa is the perfect blend of S.A. Barnes' space horror and Cassandra Khaw's beautiful but macabre worlds. An action-packed, inventive novella about a toxic polycule consumed by jealousy and their attempts to survive on a hostile planet. After fleeing her controlling and murderous family with her fiance´e Vinh, Amara embarks on a colonization project, New Belaforme, along with her childhood friend, Jesse. The planet, beautiful and letha

Someone in the attic

"You thought you were home alone. Think again... Anya is enjoying a relaxing bath when she hears a noise in the roof. Through the open bathroom door, she sees the attic hatch swing open, and a masked figure drops to the floor. Thirty seconds later, Anya is dead. You're not afraid of being alone in the dark. You're afraid you're not alone. Across town, Anya's old school friend, Julia, sees an online video of a masked figure climbing out of an attic. She suddenly realizes why the footage is eerily

The Silence Factory

Second duke's the charm

"The wedding-night death of her much older husband left Tess Townsend the Dowager Duchess of Wansford-and still a virgin. Now she and her two best friends investigate London's most scandalous crimes, and while Tess longs to experience physical pleasure for herself, she can't risk losing her treasured independence... Cynical shipping magnate Justin Thornton never expected to inherit a dukedom, but he'll do his duty. When the ravishing woman he kissed at a party turns out to be the Dowager Duchess

Sacrificial animals - a novel

"Inspired by Kailee Pedersen's own journey being adopted from Nanning, China in 1996 and growing up on a farm in Nebraska, this rich and atmospheric supernatural horror debut explores an ancient Chinese mythology. The last thing Nick Morrow expected to receive was an invitation from his father to return home. When he left rural Nebraska behind, he believed he was leaving everything there, including his abusive father, Carlyle, and the farm that loomed so large in memory, forever. But neither Nic

Puck and Prejudice by Riley, Lia
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Puck and Prejudice

Over by Claflin, Stacy, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

"Macy Mercer was abducted by Chester Woodran, who took her to replace his own daughter that he lost. Macy has faced horrors worse than she ever imagined, but is still determined to get back home. The series follows Macy as she fights to survive and hopefully escape. It also follows her closest friends and family who have their own secrets. It's recommended that the books are read in order."--Page 4 of cover

The Outlier by Eaves, Elisabeth
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
The Outlier

Pickleballers by Long, Ilana, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

"A pickleball newbie looking to recover from life's swings and misses crosses paddles with love in this debut romantic comedy. Meg Bloomberg is in a pickle. When Meg's ex turns out to be a total dink, her bestie suggests a mood-lifting pickleball excursion to Bainbridge Island. It's supposed to be an easy lob, a way to heal-not the opening serve to a new courtside romance that's doomed to spin out. But no matter how Meg tries, she can't shake her feelings for Ethan Fine. A charismatic environmen

Peggy - a novel

"Venice, 1958. Peggy Guggenheim, heiress and now legendary art collector, sits in the sun at her white marble palazzo on the Grand Canal. She's in a reflective mood, thinking back on her thrilling, tragic, nearly impossible journey from her sheltered, old-fashioned family in New York to here, iconoclast and independent woman. Rebecca Godfrey's Peggy is a blazingly fresh interpretation of a woman who defies every expectation to become an original. The daughter of two Jewish dynasties, Peggy finds

The pairing - a novel

"Theo and Kit have been a lot of things: childhood best friends, crushes, in love, and now estranged exes. After a brutal breakup on the transatlantic flight to their dream European food and wine tour, they exited each other's lives once and for all. Timeapart has done them good. Theo has found confidence as a hustling bartender by night and aspiring sommelier by day, with a long roster of casual lovers. Kit, who never returned to America, graduated as the reigning sex god of his pastry school c

The muse of Maiden Lane

"Stella Hobhouse is a brilliant rider, stalwart friend, skilled sketch artist-and completely overlooked. Her outmodish gray hair makes her invisible to London society. Combined with her brother's pious restrictions and her dwindling inheritance, Stella ison the verge of a lifetime marooned in Derbyshire as a spinster. Unless she does something posing for a daring new style of portrait by the only man who's ever really seen her. Aspiring painter Edward "Teddy" Hayes knows true beau

Mr. Nice Spy by Smith, Tiana, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Mr. Nice Spy

"Andee Paxton knows she's good at her job as a fireworks designer. What she doesn't know is that her biological father is Holt, a dangerous arms dealer who has escaped prison. And now he's searching for his long-lost daughter dearest. After the CIA surprises her with this news, they drop another bombshell: They want to use Andee as bait to capture Holt once and for all. But before the CIA can even attempt to spring their trap, she's kidnapped along with the very hot Officer Adam Chan-all because

Love in bloom by Eden, Lucy, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Love in bloom

"In this hilarious and steamy rom-com, a hardworking city woman unexpectedly inherits her grandparents' farm that comes equipped with a handsome horticulturist. After a flat tire leads to the roughest morning of Emmaline Walter's life, she finally arrivesto her estranged grandparents' will reading-fifteen minutes late. And she quickly finds out that her day is far from over: She's inherited a farm. And the Green Acres farm manager, Danesh Pednekar, is smoking hot with a deep voice that she feels

Let Me Liberate You by Davis, Andie
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Let Me Liberate You

The Keeper of Lost Art

The Jewel of the Isle by Rea, Kerry
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
The Jewel of the Isle

A legend in the baking

"After accidentally going viral on social media, a cupcake-baking football player gets assistance from a social media maven-and his best friend's little sister-to help promote his new bakery. August Hodges was supposed to be the silent partner in Sugar Blitz Cupcakes. Emphasis on silent. That is until his impromptu feminist rant about how women bakers are the backbone of the industry and baking cupcakes isn't a threat to masculinity goes viral, making him the hottest bachelor in town. With a new

An insignificant case - a thriller

"A new standalone legal thriller from the international bestselling author of GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. Charlie Webb is a third rate lawyer who graduated from a third rate law-school and, because he couldn't get hired by any of the major law firms, has opened his own law firm, where he gets by handling cases for dubious associates from his youth and some court appointed cases. Described as "a leaky boat floating down the stream of life," Charlie has led unremarkable life, personally and professio

Imaginary Strangers by Kent, Minka
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Imaginary Strangers

How to Leave the House

Hers for the weekend

"No-nonsense lawyer Tara Sloane Chadwick is perfectly fine with going to her ex's wedding--the break-up was congenial, and Tara is nothing if not well-mannered. But after one too many reminders of her dismal dating track, Tara panics when asked if she'llneed a plus-one and declares she's bringing her new girlfriend. One issue: Tara is seriously single. Thankfully, Holly, the waitress she's been crushing on, happily offers to be her fake date . . . Only Holly's offer isn't quite selfless-she's be

Hera by Saint, Jennifer, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

"From the #1 internationally bestselling author of Ariadne, Elektra, and Atalanta, a propulsive, empowering retelling of Hera, reclaiming her as a feminist hero Even the gods must have their queen. When the immortal goddess Hera and her brother Zeus overthrow their tyrannical father, she dreams of ruling at his side. But as they establish their reign on Mount Olympus, Hera begins to see that Zeus is just as ruthless and cruel as the father they betrayed. While Zeus ascends, Hera is relegated to

Heavy Hitter by Cotugno, Katie
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Heavy Hitter

Gone by Claflin, Stacy, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

"Macy Mercer was abducted by Chester Woodran, who took her to replace his own daughter that he lost. Macy has faced horrors worse than she ever imagined, but is still determined to get back home. The series follows Macy as she fights to survive and hopefully escape. It also follows her closest friends and family who have their own secrets. It's recommended that the books are read in order."--Page 4 of cover

The five stages of courting Dalisay Ramos

To win the heart of his new coworker Dalisay Ramos, Evan Saatchi must go through the five stages of courtship--a ritual lovers in the Philippines have performed for generations, but when modern love and family expectations collide, they must find a way tocarry a rich history into a shared future.

Held by Claflin, Stacy, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

"Held follows Macy Mercer after being abducted by Chester Woodran, a man who has committed murder ... she's sure of it. He seems to want to keep Macy - so he can replace his daughter who looks just like Macy. Now that Chester is convinced Macy believes she is his daughter, he has relaxed and is even being nice. That unnerves Macy more than when he was being mean. They set off to their new home ... in a place Macy thought was only reserved for scary movies. Meanwhile, back home her family and fri

Ghost camera

"When Jenine finds an abandoned polaroid camera, she playfully snaps a photo without a second thought. But there's something wrong with the image: a ghostly figure stands in the background, watching her. Fixated on her. Moving one step closer with every picture she takes. Desperate, Jenine shares her secret with her best friend, Bree. Together they realize the camera captures unsettling impressions of the dead. But now the ghosts seem to be following the two friends. And with each new photo take

Duchess material

"Phoebe Atkinson is what society might call unconventional. Instead of marrying well like other women born to wealth, she chose to be a schoolteacher. Not to mention she lives in a leaky flat in an unfashionable part of town rather than stay in her parents' mansion. But when her most promising pupil goes missing and the police ignore her, she has only one option: beg her sister's best friend, the powerful Duke of Ellis, for help. If sending him a message from the police station doesn't get his a

Creation Lake by Kushner, Rachel
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Creation Lake

The co-op - a novel

"They say love and construction don't mix. By that logic, hate and construction may as well be condemned. LaRynn Lavigne and Deacon Leeds had one short and contentious summer fling when they were teens-certainly nothing to build a foundation on. But a decade later, when their grandmothers have left them with shared ownership of their dilapidated Santa Cruz building, they're thrust back together and have to figure out how to brace up the pieces. LaRynn has the money, but in order to access her tr

Clickbait - a novel

"A debut novel about a disgraced, newly divorced journalist demoted to a "clickbait" job at a Manhattan tabloid"--

Burn by Heller, Peter
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

A Bloom in Winter by Ward, J. R.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
A Bloom in Winter

Cattle stop by Oliver, Kit, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Cattle stop

"The only thing Cooper dreads more than working with Whit? Sharing a room. Cooper has one chance to save Two Pines Farm. But Whit, the newly appointed farm manager, is as stubborn and pigheaded as--well--the pigs and refuses to admit change is desperately needed. Convincing him otherwise means working together, living together--and trying to forget that night they kissed. But a summer as roommates and coworkers is the only path Cooper can see to keep the farm from bankruptcy. As they spend long

Wyrd and Other Derelictions

Wyrd' contains seven derelictions, original tales of mystery and horror from the author of 'Hasty for the Dark' and 'Some Will Not Sleep' (winner of The British Fantasy Award for Best Collection).

Pictures of You by Grey, Emma
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024
Pictures of You

Merrick by Rice, Anne
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024

Combining the worlds of her Vampire Chronicles and the Mayfair Witches, Rice spotlights the beautiful, unconquerable witch, Merrick, descended from the Mayfairs. David Talbot, an almost-normal vampire, recounts Merrick's haunting tale, from the New Orleans of the past and present to the jungles of Guatemala, ancient Mayan ruins, and beyond. Available with two different covers. Knopf.

The Magnificent Ruins

Lazarus man

"In this electrifying novel, Richard Price, the author of Clockers and a writer on The Wire, shines a light in every corner of New York City"--

Killer by Tonkin, Peter, author.
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024

"Five men and one beautiful woman. Marooned on a floating island of arctic ice. Together they had the equipment and skills to fight the freezing cold, the violently savage storms. Then suddenly from the angry seas the jaws of horror opened wide as nature's deadliest creature rose from the depths - a huge killer whale of enormous intelligence, incredible power, indestructible endurance, ravenous for human prey.... This reissue of Peter Tonkin's bestseller Killer (1979), the first in decades, feat

Hum by Phillips, Helen
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024

Deceit by Siegel, James
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024

From the bestselling author of "Derailed" comes an explosive new thriller about a disgraced journalist who stumbles upon an unimaginable conspiracy. But will anyone believe him?

The crow road

Prentice McHoan has returned to the bosom of his complex but enduring Scottish family. Full of questions about the McHoan past, present and future, he is also deeply preoccupied: mainly with death, sex, drink, God and illegal substances ...

City of Night Birds by Kim, Juhea
Date added:
Jun 24, 2024
City of Night Birds

The city and its uncertain walls

"The long-awaited new novel from Haruki Murakami, his first in six years, revisits a town his readers will remember, a place where a Dream Reader reviews dreams and where our shadows become untethered from our selves. A love story, a quest, an ode to books and to the libraries that house them, and a parable for these strange post-pandemic times, The City and Its Uncertain Walls is a singular and towering achievement by one of modern literature's most important writers"--

Big Island, L.A.

"BIG ISLAND, L.A. In Big Island, L.A., a unique successor to the cult crime classic by Boston Teran, Never Count Out the Dead, a former combat Marine and a crime columnist embark on a suicide mission on the battlefield of L.A. --a city of privilege, corruption, violence, rehearsed hypocrisy, card carrying culture cancellors, pedigreed hustlers, and a citizenry forever exploited by the lying haves. Known through his pen name, Landshark, William Worth, author of the popular crime column and podcas

April storm - a novel

"A much-anticipated posthumous novel from the beloved author of Roses and Dragonfly, April Storm follows a suburban housewife who discovers she's being tracked by a private detective-and a murderer"--

When It's over by Glenn, Roy
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
When It's over

St. Croix Cartel by Lady P., Mz
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
St. Croix Cartel

St Croix Cartel 2 by Lady P., Mz
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
St Croix Cartel 2

The Reaping (Paperbacks from Hell)

Originally published: New York: St. Martin's Press, 1980.

A place of peace

After returning to the Amish community she once belonged to when she hears of her mother's death, Miriam Lapp is forced to face the people who rejected her and overcome a test of her faith.

Passion for the heist

"A crime would bring them together, grief would bind them and love would make them famous. Parish "Pain" Wells is a man freshly reintroduced to society, after serving time in state prison. Prior to his fall, Pain had been a heist man who showed the promise of someone who could go on to be a legend. His trajectory changed on the night he had made the mistake of accepting a ride from a friend, and found himself behind bars for the one crime he hadn't committed. Several years later, Pain returns ho

A Man of His Word by Fuller, Kathleen
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
A Man of His Word

Moriah's heart will only be safe with a man of his word.

Let's Go Play at the Adams' (Paperbacks from Hell)

Originally published: New York: Crowell, 1974.

I'm Not Superwoman

Hell Hound (Paperbacks from Hell)

"Such are the thoughts of Baxter, a sociopathic bull terrier on the hunt for the perfect master, as he contemplates the demise of his first victim."--

The family business. 6

A scientific researcher and a disgraced chemist become pawns in a power grab by a billionaire contraband smuggler targeting Paris Duncan and her family, a situation that is further complicated by an assassin lover's return from the dead.

The family business. 5

Vegas, Junior, and Rio uncover devastating secrets while working to clear their father's name, while Paris discovers clues that Niles Monroe might still be alive.

The Dreadful Duke by Burrowes, Grace
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
The Dreadful Duke

Daddy Cool by Goines, Donald
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
Daddy Cool

The Auctioneer (Paperbacks from Hell)

John Moore's peaceful life in rural New Hampshire is changed forever after the arrival of an evil, magnetic stranger who runs a series of auctions in the town.

The winged tiara - a novel

"Diamonds and danger dazzle in Ciesielski's latest enchanting romp through post-war Europe as estranged spouses and jewel thieves hunt an elusive Valkyrie tiara"--

The Wildes - a novel in five acts

"Oscar Wilde, his wife, Constance, and their two sons deal with the aftermath of the famous playwright's imprisonment for homosexuality, told against the backdrop of Victorian England and World War I"--

Society of Lies by Brown, Lauren Ling
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Society of Lies

A world of hurt - a novel

"When someone dies to save your life, how do you ever forgive them? Kara Johnson always knew she'd die young and violently. It didn't matter who delivered the final blow, she would deserve it-her years spent running drugs and spreading violence would guarantee it. But death doesn't always go as planned. When her girlfriend sacrifices herself to save Kara's life, Kara is left grieving and adrift. She doesn't know why she's alive until the DEA shows up and offers her a choice: go to prison or turn

We love the nightlife

"A dazzling and dark page-turner about a toxic female friendship finally coming to a head, set amidst the backdrop of London's exclusive nightclub scene. But these girls have an extraordinary history between them - they're vampires. London 1979. Two womenwith a deep love for disco meet one fateful night on the dance floor, changing the course of both their lives forever. Nicola, a beautiful and brooding vampire for nearly two centuries, can't resist fun-loving and feisty Amber from America, ulti

Vampires never say die

"Meet Carrie Adams: Serious. Disciplined. Focused. But as an aspiring actress, she's at the mercy of casting directors who barely glance at her headshot before making snap judgments about her talent based solely on her looks. She feels powerless...until one night she goes from snarling at her obnoxiously attractive coworker (musician-slash-bartender Nick Stokes) to wanting to kill him. Literally. Turns out Nick has become LA's latest vampire and she is his chosen Slayer...a decidedly unwelcome j

Through the midnight door

"The Finch sisters once spent long, hot summers exploring the dozens of abandoned properties littering their dying town-until they found an impossible home with an endless hall of doors...and three keys left waiting for them. Curious, fearless, they stepped inside their chosen rooms, and experienced horrors they never dared speak of again. Now, years later, youngest sister Claire has been discovered dead in that old, desiccated house. Haunted by their sister's suicide and the memories of a past

Rip Tide by Mckeegan, Colleen
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Rip Tide

Quarterlife by Rege, Devika
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024

The palace of Eros

"A bold retelling of the traditional Greek myth of Psyche and Eros through a queer and feminist lens, grappling with the complex and thorny questions of how to harness the power of female and queer joy and cultivate freedom in a world that seeks to cage us"--

Miranda in retrograde

"In this romantic comedy, a physics professor--after getting passed over for tenure and having her life completely upended--decides to throw caution to the wind and live by her horoscope predictions for a year"--

Our narrow hiding places - a novel

"For fans of All the Light We Cannot See and The Nightingale: an elderly woman recounts her Dutch family's survival during the final years of Nazi occupation, shedding new light on old secrets that rippled through subsequent generations. Eighty-year-old Mieke Geborn's life is one of quiet routine. Widowed for many years, she enjoys the view from her home on the New Jersey shore, visits with friends, and tai chi at the local retirement community. But when her beloved grandson, Will, and his wife,

The night guest

"Hildur Knu´tsdo´ttir's The Night Guest is an eerie and ensnaring story set in contemporary Reykjavi´k that's sure to keep you awake at night. Iðunn is in yet another doctor's office. She knows her constant fatigue is a sign that something's not right, but practitioners dismiss her symptoms and blood tests haven't revealed any cause. When she talks to friends and family about it, the refrain is the same - have you tried eating better? exercising more? establishing a nighttime routine? She tries

Murder Island

When professor turned crime-fighter Brandt "'Doc'" Savage and his girlfriend Kira Sunlight land on a desert island in the middle of the Atlantic, they think they've found a perfect utopia. An escape from their tumultuous pasts. But they don't have long to enjoy their newfound peace before they are violently separated and dragged to opposite ends of the Earth. Doc's search for Kira takes him from the coast of Brazil to northern Europe and the jungles of the Congo, and he discovers they are entang

Mina's matchbox - a novel

"In the spring of 1972, twelve-year-old Tomoko leaves her mother behind in Tokyo and boards a train alone for Ashiya, a coastal town in Japan, to stay with her aunt's family. Tomoko's aunt is an enigma and an outlier in her working-class family, and her magnificent home-and handsome, foreign husband, the president of a soft drink company-are symbols of that status. The seventeen rooms are filled with German-made furnishings; there are sprawling gardens and even an old zoo where the family's pygm

Magical Meet Cute by Meltzer, Jean
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Magical Meet Cute

Madwoman by Bieker, Chelsea
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024

Lies he told me - she's in love - with a liar

An attorney and mother of two discovers her husband's secret life—and it might cost them all their lives. Everyone in Hemingway Grove, Illinois, knows David and Marcie Bowers. David owns the local pub. Marcie is a former big-city lawyer who practices family law. When David jumps into Cotton River to save a drowning stranger, he’s celebrated as a hero. His muscled physique, shaved head, and piercing blue eyes are broadcast on every news outlet. For most people, newfound fame is

If only by Hjorth, Vigdis, author.
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
If only

"What happens when passion is mistaken for love? Vigdis Hjorth's novel documents a decade of destruction in a woman's life when she makes just such a mistake"--

Freedom Is a Feast

Interpretations of love

"From the acclaimed author of the "trail-blazing" (Oprah Daily) collection of stories Cat Brushing comes a profound and entertaining debut novel about the ways we experience, perceive, and misunderstand love. When Jane Campbell published Cat Brushing in her eightieth year, the debut was lauded as an "excellent, pathbreaking collection" (New York Times Book Review). Blending unique insight with a wry sense of humor, Jane Campbell brought a fresh and much-needed perspective to a generation of wome

The hypocrite

"From a fiercely talented writer poised to be a new generation's Rachel Cusk or Deborah Levy, a novel set between the London stage and Sicily, about a daughter who turns her novelist father's fall from grace into a play, and a father who increasingly fears his precocious daughter's voice. August 2020. Sophia, a young playwright, awaits her father's verdict on her new show. A famous author whose novels haven't aged as gracefully into the modern era as he might hope, he is completely unaware that

The house on Blueberry Lane

"The biggest mistake of Jaye Colfax's life was letting Velvet Spencer leave. For three years, they were together exclusively and it was great--at least for Jaye. But Velvet wanted more...Tired of waiting, Velvet left him without so much as a goodbye. Onlythen did Jaye realize he'd been too proud to admit he loved her...It took Jaye two years to find where Velvet had gone. Now, he's come to Catalina Cove to prove his love and win back her heart. He'll do whatever it takes, even buy the local bank

The Divide by Richter, Morgan
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
The Divide

American Narcissus

Adam & Yves by Cone, Ed
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Adam & Yves

The liar's lullaby by Gardiner, Meg.
Date added:
Jun 17, 2024
The liar's lullaby

The ex-wife of the President of the United States, Tasia McFarland is killed in front of her adoring fans. Video can't prove that the shot came from Tasia's gun. Authorities call in Jo Beckett, as she sifts through the facts more questions are found, did Tasia kill herself or were the lyrics she was singing a warning form a woman in danger...

Bring Me Sunshine by Brown, Alex
Date added:
Jun 17, 2024
Bring Me Sunshine

Tell me everything - a novel

"With her "extraordinary capacity for radical empathy" (The Boston Globe), remarkable insight into the human condition, and silences that contain multitudes, Elizabeth Strout returns to the town of Crosby, Maine, and to her beloved cast of characters as they deal with a shocking crime in their midst; fall in love and yet choose to be apart; and grapple with the question, as Lucy Barton puts it: What does anyone's life mean? It's autumn in Maine, and the town lawyer Bob Burgess has become enmeshe

No more secrets

"Carter Pierce isn't interested in being fixed up. This wounded ex-soldier just wants to enjoy the peace and quiet of his quirky small town. Too bad that solitude is about to be interrupted by big-city, workaholic journalist, Summer Lentz. Sprung on him by his own mother, she's there to write a story about his family farm. Thanks, Mom. Carter sees the interruption as a barely tolerable irritation. The town sees it as the perfect matchmaking opportunity. Under the watchful eyes of every Blue Moon

The great state of West Florida - a novel

"It's 2026, and Rally is thirteen years old. The long, hot Louisiana summer looms before him like a face-melting stretch of blacktop, and the country is talking civil war while his adoptive family acts more vicious than ever. Rally spends his days wondering about his dead father's people, the Woolsacks of West Florida, who long ago led a failed rebellion to carve their own state from the swamp and sugar-sand of the coast. That family might have been his too--if his mother and a crew of vigilante

Fall into temptation

"Beckett Pierce is the most eligible bachelor in the nosiest small town in upstate New York. But after his last girlfriend handcuffed herself to his porch and set his welcome mat on fire when he broke up with her, he's not looking for any more romance. Even if it lands right in his backyard. Gianna Decker has her hands full. With two kids, a useless ex, and a brand new yoga studio, the last thing on her mind is finding a man who'll cause her more problems. Dating her broody landlord? Yeah, that

Last dance  - a Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez thriller

Amid the pulsating beats of an upscale strip club in San Francisco's historic North Beach, a chilling crime unfolds. Ex-cop Ce´sar Ochoa stands accused of brutally stabbing the club's star dancer, Chloe Carson. The evidence is damning, but Ce´sar maintains his innocence. In a desperate bid for justice, Ce´sar turns to Public Defenders Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez. As they delve into the shadows of the club, they unearth a web of sex, drugs, infidelity, and hidden pasts involving the city's eli

Zero stars do not recommend - a novel

"White Lotus meets Kevin Wilson in this whip-smart social satire about a man who finds himself trapped on an island resort after the sun literally explodes, and suddenly must choose whether to save himself from the chaos, or help the fellow guests make itoff the island alive... Vacation Checklist: Pack swim trunks. Apply sunscreen. Survive the (maybe) apocalypse Professional underachiever Dan Foster is finally taking a vacation. Sure, his life has been average at best and, yeah, he has never qui

Zan by Ehtesham-zadeh, Suzi
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

The Year of What If

Wish I were here

"For type-A mathematician Catherine Lipton, growing up with a free-spirited single dad was more than a little stressful. So as an adult, everything in her life is ordered, from her lists to her lesson plans at her new job as a college professor. Catherine's carefully calculated life goes awry, though, when the university's human resources system rejects her employment paperwork. Soon after, her credit card is declined. At the social security office, Catherine makes a shocking discovery-she's dis

Until our time comes - a novel of World War II Poland

"The German invasion of Poland derails Adia Kensington's plans to learn from the greatest breeders of Arabian horses in the world, but brings a British spy to her aid. Amidst the Blitzkrieg and a tense occupation, the two clash over everything--except their efforts to save the horses."--

The Third Realm

Switched by Ready, Sarah
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

A witty, charming romantic comedy where love defies the laws of physics by award winning author Sarah Ready.

The Story Collector by Woods, Evie
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Story Collector

The son of man

"From the author of the "extraordinary" Animalia (Sunday Times), winner of the Republic of Consciousness Prize, and finalist for the Lambda Literary Award and Best Translated Book Award, a blazing new novel exploring nature, family, and violence, set on ahostile and glorious mountainside haunted by transgressions of the past. In the soft morning light, a man, a woman, and a child drive beyond the borders of a sleepy French post-industrial town into the forested mountains beyond. After several ye

Side Effects Are Minimal

Shred sisters - a novel

"From Betsy Lerner, celebrated author of The Bridge Ladies, comes a wry and riveting debut novel about family, mental illness, and a hard-won path between two sisters. It is said that when one person in a family is unstable, the whole family is destabilized. Meet the Shreds. Olivia is the sister in the spotlight, but when her stunning confidence morphs into something erratic and unpredictable, she becomes a hurricane leaving the Shred family wrecked in her wake. Put simply, she has no brakes. Yo

Shock Induction by Palahniuk, Chuck
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Shock Induction

The Seventh Floor by Mccloskey, David
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Seventh Floor

The Sequel by Korelitz, Jean Hanff
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Sequel

Season of the swamp - a novel

"New Orleans, 1853. A young exile named Benito Jua´rez disembarks at a fetid port city at the edge of a swamp. Years later, he will become the first indigenous head of state in the postcolonial Americas, but now he is as anonymous and invisible as any other migrant to the roiling and alluring city of New Orleans. Accompanied by a small group of fellow exiles who plot their return and hoped-for victory over the Mexican dictatorship, Jua´rez immerses himself in the city, which absorbs him like a s

Saved by the Matchmaker

A run at love

"Piper McKinney dreams of her horse winning the Kentucky Derby, and with the help of her best friend, horse trainer Tucker Hale, that hope starts to become reality. Then her parents are embroiled in a scandal, and Piper is implicated. She and Tuck will have to survive the onslaught to find their way to the winner's circle--and each other"--

The scenic route

"Felicity Pax loves her job. She craves excitement, and being a bounty hunter gives her that in spades. So when her estranged mother disappears with a small fortune in tow, Felicity chases her like she would any other skip. Too bad she didn't barter on having increasingly infuriating (and infuriatingly hot) PI Bennett Green on her tail. Bennett's got a job to do, and if that means shadowing Felicity...well...he's had worse assignments. Even if he's 99% sure the increasingly intriguing bounty hun

Quincas Borba

A satirical tale of a young man flush with newfound wealth who promptly gets swindled, Quincas Borba is an inspired critique of nineteenth-century Brazil.

The Puzzle Box by Trussoni, Danielle
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Puzzle Box

Polostan by Stephenson, Neal
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

Our Evenings by Hollinghurst, Alan
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Our Evenings

The night we lost him - a novel

"When the patriarch of a famed hotel empire dies under suspicious circumstances, his daughter and her estranged brother join forces to find out what happened, unraveling a larger mystery about who their father really was. From the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller and Reeses Book Club Pick The Last Thing He Told Me comes a riveting mystery wrapped in an epic love story"--

The naturalist's daughter

"Two fearless women--living a century apart--find themselves entangled in the mystery surrounding the biggest scientific controversy of the nineteenth century: the classification of the platypus"--

Name your price - a novel

"Sparks and dishware fly as a pair of broke exes get locked in a house together on a reality show for a chance to win a million dollars, a second chance romance that perfectly captures the absurd sincerity of made-for-TV love"--

My three dogs

"My Three Dogs is a charming and heartfelt new novel from the #1 bestselling author of A Dog's Purpose, about humankind's best, most loyal friend, and a wonderful adventure of love and finding home. When a tragic accident separates three dogs from their human, they find themselves up for adoption -- separately. But Riggs, an Australian Shepherd with a heart of gold, refuses to see his family torn apart. After the exuberant and fun-loving doodle Archie and quick-witted jack russell Luna are taken

The Modern Fairies by Pollard, Clare
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Modern Fairies

Midwestern Gothic by Thomas, Scott
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Midwestern Gothic

The Merry Matchmaker

The merriest misters

"The Santa Clause meets Husband Material in this delightful holiday novel! Patrick Hargrave and Quinn Muller have been married for less than a year, but their passionate romance is cracking under the pressures of domestic life and a cumbersome mortgage. That's until Christmas Eve when Patrick wakes Quinn up with: "I think I've killed a man." Quinn realizes the "burglar" Patrick knocked out is none other than Mr. Claus himself. Instructed by a harried elf to don the red suit and take the reins of

Matters of the heart

"He's the community's jokester auctioneer. She's the serious caregiver for her siblings who also works at the local plant nursery. What future could they have together?"--

Masquerade by Fu, Mike
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

Make the season bright

"Two exes find themselves stuck at the same house for Christmas in this holiday romance by Ashley Herring Blake, USA Today bestselling author of Iris Kelly Doesn't Date. It's been five years since Charlotte Donovan was ditched at the altar by her ex-fiance´e, and she's doing more than okay. Sure, her single mother never checks in, but she has her strings ensemble, the Rosalind Quartet, and her life in New York is a dream come true. As the holidays draw near, her ensemble mate Sloane persuades Ch

Love you a latke

"Love comes home for the challah-days in this sparkling romance. Snow is falling, holiday lights are twinkling, and Abby Cohen is pissed. For one thing, her most annoying customer, Seth, has been coming into her cafe´ every morning with his sunshiny attitude, determined to break down her carefully constructed emotional walls. And, as the only Jew on the tourism board of her Vermont town, Abby's been charged with planning their fledgling Hanukkah festival. Unfortunately, the local vendors don't u

The love script

"Hollywood hair stylist and makeup artist Neveah loves making those in the spotlight look their best. But when the spotlight is on her after a photo of her and Hollywood heartthrob Lamont goes viral for all the wrong reasons, they suddenly find themselvesin a fake relationship to save their careers. In a world where nothing seems real, can Neveah be true to herself...and her heart?"--

The Lost Bookshop by Woods, Evie
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Lost Bookshop

Pre-order Evie Wood's stunning new book The Story Collector now! The Echo of Old Books meets The Lost Apothecary in this evocative and charming novel full of mystery and secrets.

A Long Walk from Gaza

The love elixir of Augusta Stern - a novel

"It's never too late for new beginnings. On the cusp of turning eighty, newly retired pharmacist Augusta Stern is adrift. When she relocates to Rallentando Springs-an active senior community in southern Florida-she unexpectedly crosses paths with Irving Rivkin, the delivery boy from her father's old pharmacy-and the man who broke her heart sixty years earlier. As a teenager growing up in 1920's Brooklyn, Augusta's role model was her father, Solomon Stern, the trusted owner of the local pharmacy

Love can't feed you - a novel

"A beautiful, tender yet searing debut novel about intergenerational fractures and coming of age, following a young woman who immigrates to the United States from the Philippines and finds herself adrift between familial expectations and her own burning desires Love Can't Feed You is a stunning, heartbreaking, and compressed look at coming of age, shifting notions of home, and the disintegration of the American dream. It asks us: What does it mean to be of multiple cultures without a road map fo

The last one at the wedding - a novel

"From the bestselling author of Hidden Pictures comes a breathtaking work of suspense about a father trying to save his daughter from a life-altering decision that will put everything he loves on the line. Frank Szatowski is shocked when his daughter, Maggie, calls him for the first time in three years. He was convinced that their estrangement would become permanent. He's even more surprised when she invites him to her upcoming wedding in New Hampshire. Frank is ecstatic, and determined to final

Just the way you are

"She may be strong, but she's not unbreakable. July Tate is a force to be reckoned with-a big, strong blond with a heart the size of her whole town--but beneath her capable exterior lie the scars of a devastating lost love. To July, love equals vulnerability, and she can't afford either. Joe Anderson knew from the first moment he saw her that July was The One. Now, after years apart, he's back, driven by the need to explain his disappearance. In search of the girl who filled his teenage dreams,

If we ever get there - a novel

"When her nineteen-year marriage ends, stay-at-home mom Effie Baker takes the first step into her new life with an extreme makeover. She assumes she'll wake up with a renewed sense of confidence, not a vision of country music icon Patsy Cline telling hershe needs to "set things right." But like everything else lately, the last thing Effie expected is exactly what she gets. Although the message is cryptic, Effie is certain it must have something to do with her grandmother, Lolly, who idolized the

If I stopped haunting you

""If you're in the mood for a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance but also a chilling haunted-house horror, GET YOU A BOOK THAT CAN DO BOTH! I blazed through this book in one sitting because I just couldn't wait to find out what would happen next!" - AliciaThompson, USA Today bestselling author of With Love, from Cold World An enemies to lovers romance with a spooky twist where two feuding writers end up on a writers retreat together at a haunted castle in Scotland It's been months since horror aut

Hidden in the night

"Rare book collector Ivy Elliott's trip to retrieve a long-lost Jack London manuscript takes an unexpected turn when she learns the artifact isn't where it's supposed to be. Her search for answers reunites her with Alaska State Trooper Nolan Long, and they join forces to solve a decades-old mystery found hidden beneath the ice"--

I did something bad

"In this smart and swoony adventure rom-com, a journalist and a movie star find themselves teaming up to cover up a murder...and falling for each other in the process. When freelance journalist Khin Hlaing is assigned by Vogue to get a scoop on Tyler Tun,Hollywood's hottest movie, she's determined to succeed. Tyler has returned home to Myanmart to shoot his latest film, and if Khin's able to get an exclusive, there may well be a permanent position waiting for her at Vogue Singapore. Tyler has a

How does that make you feel, Magda Eklund? - a novel

"For fans of Less comes a wry, moving novel about love, loss, and new beginnings found on an unlikely road trip. Most days, Magda is fine. She has her anxious therapy patients, who depend on her to cure their bad habits, and her longtime colleagues Boomerand Theo, whose playful bickering she mediates. She successfully avoids all discussion of her upcoming 70th birthday and has even brokered a tentative truce with her late best friend Sara's widower, Fred. Magda has her routines. She has other pe

Hate Follow by Quinn-kong, Erin
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Hate Follow

Glory Days by Rich, Simon
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Glory Days

Ghosted by Ready, Sarah
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

A witty, charming romantic comedy where love reaches the "other side" by award winning author Sarah Ready.

The five year lie

When she receives a disturbing text message from the only man she's ever loved who died five years ago, Ariel Cafferty, with the more questions she asks, the more sinister answers she gets, must, to safeguard herself and her son, find the truth before itfinds her.

Fated by Ready, Sarah
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

She meets the man of her dreams in her dreams.

Fake It Till You Make It

"When Amarie Walker goes for something, she goes big--including starting over. Leaving her cheating ex and entire D.C. life in the rearview, she crash lands in a small town with no plan, no money, and no job. An opening at the animal clinic is the only gig for miles, no surprise considering the vet is a certified grump. If Eli Calvary ever cracked a smile, Amarie might faint on sight from shock. At least his adorable golden retriever appreciates her fabulousness... and shares her love of daily t

Exposure by Emerson, Ramona
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

The Drowned by Banville, John
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Drowned

Don't Be a Stranger by Minot, Susan
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Don't Be a Stranger

The drowning house

"A violent storm washes a mysterious house onto a rural Pacific Northwest beach, stopping the heart of the only woman who knows what it means. Her grandson, Simon Culpepper, vanishes in the aftermath, leaving two of his childhood friends to comb the small, isolated island for answers - but decades have passed since Melissa and Leo were close, if they were ever close at all. Now they'll have to put aside old rivalries and grudges if they want to find or save the man who brought them together in t

Double apex

"Phaedra Morgan is one of the best race engineers in Formula 1. She's a math prodigy with dazzling skill, cutting wit, and no patience for matters of the heart. Of course, her job would be a lot easier if she didn't keep butting heads with their team's cocky and infuriatingly hot new driver. Cosmin Ardelean is intense and committed, but as famous for his off-track romantic exploits as his on-track wizardry. Yet his devil-may-care fac¸ade conceals a haunted past. When the pair strikes up a secret

The default world

"The Default World is a novel about a trans woman who sets out to exploit a group of wealthy roommates, only to fall under the spell of their hedonistic lifestyle"--

The December Market

Cross the Line by Soltani, Simone
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Cross the Line

Colored television

"A brilliant dark comedy about second acts, creative appropriation, and the racial identity-industrial complex Jane has high hopes her life is about to turn around. After years of living precariously, she, her painter husband, Lenny, and their two kids have landed a stint as house sitters in a friend's luxurious home high in the hills above Los Angeles, a gig that coincides magically with Jane's sabbatical. If she can just finish her latest novel, Nusu Nusu, the centuries-spanning epic Lenny ref

Clean - a novel

"A young girl has died and the family's maid is being interrogated. She must tell the whole story before arriving at the girl's death"--

The Boyfriend by Mcfadden, Freida
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Boyfriend

Bodies to Die for by Brand, Lori
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
Bodies to Die for

The Blue Hour by Hawkins, Paula
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024
The Blue Hour

The Blooming of Delphinium- A Moonberry Lake Novel

Charismatic flower shop owner Delphinium Hayes is known for her sharp intuition, especially when it comes to matchmaking and enchanting everyone who comes into her store. But when two different men start to make her head spin, she begins to see she's been overlooking an important truth . . . about herself.

Christmas Eve love story

"New York City window dresser, Annie Jones, focuses on her job but doesn't really know her colleagues or any of her neighbors in her six-unit Brooklyn walk-up. When her Christmas window display gets upended by some kids on Christmas Eve, she has to startover, not knowing that she's also destined to repeat that day. The store Santa gives her a decorating tip and the friendly store security guard, Braden Tate, offers to help her, warming her heart. As a series of Christmas Eves repeats itself, Ann

A Christmas duet - a novel

"A solo holiday trip inspires one woman to rediscover her passion-and remember that, sometimes, duets are more fun-in this romantic Christmas novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber. Hailey Morgan's life has always revolved aroundmusic. She once had big dreams of composing her own songs, but the reality of life has led her to working as an assistant high school band teacher in Portland, Oregon. As the holidays approach, Hailey dreads the annual tradition of Christmas with

Brothersong by Klune, TJ, author.
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

"In the ruins of Caswell, Maine, Carter Bennett learned the truth of what had been right in front of him the entire time. And then it--he--was gone. Desperate for answers, Carter takes to the road, leaving family and the safety of his pack behind, all inthe name of a man he only knows as a feral wolf. But therein lies the danger: wolves are pack animals, and the longer Carter is on his own, the more his mind slips toward the endless void of Omega insanity. But he pushes on, following the trail l

The book of George - a novel

"From the author of the critically acclaimed Laura & Emma comes a The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. for our times: Kate Greathead's razor-sharp but big-hearted excavation of millennial masculinity, The Book of George. If you haven't had the misfortune of dating a George, you know someone who has. He's a young man brimming with potential but incapable of following through; noncommittal to his long-suffering girlfriend, Jenny; distant from but still reliant on his mother; funny one minute, sullenly

Blue light hours - a novel

"From the National Book Award-winning translator, an atmospheric and wise debut novel of a young Brazilian woman's first year in America, a continent away from her lonely mother, and the relationship they build over Skype calls across borders. In a smalldorm room at a liberal arts college in Vermont, a young woman settles into the warm blue light of her desk lamp before calling the mother she left behind in northeastern Brazil. Four thousand miles apart and bound by the angular confines of a Sky

Beautiful villain

"Seven years ago, I lost him for good. Now he's back, but is he still the Jay Gatsby I used to know...or is he something more? Something...darker. Daisy Finnegan is looking forward to the endless golden freedom of summer. She doesn't want to think about life after college, or the newly awakened power of her voice, which has a way of making people do frightening things. But when her cousin goes missing at an exclusive house party, Daisy confronts the mysterious host...only to discover the wealthy

Sparrow in a Tin Can by Turner, C. K.
Date added:
Jun 10, 2024
Sparrow in a Tin Can

Your Dark Secrets by Marr, Elle
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Your Dark Secrets

You are here - a novel

When a persistent mutual friend and some very unpredictable weather conspire to toss Michael and Marnie together on the most epic of 10-day hikes, neither of them can think of anything worse, until, of course, they discover exactly what they've been looking for.

The Woman Who Lied

Where are you, Echo Blue? - a novel

"A smart, juicy, and page-turning adult debut about celebrity, fandom, and the price of ambition following a journalist's obsessive search for a missing Hollywood starlet"--

The wilds by Pearse, Sarah, author.
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The wilds

"Detective Elin Warner unravels the mystery behind the disappearance of a young woman in a propulsive new thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Sanatorium Since the dark events that scarred her childhood, Kier Templer escaped her hometown to live life on the road. She and her twin have never lost contact until, on a trip to a Portuguese national park, Kier vanishes without a trace. Detective Elin Warner arrives in the same park ready to immerse herself in its vast wilderness

Viscount in Love by James, Eloisa
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Viscount in Love

The vacation rental - a novel

Renting her country home for the month of August, Georgia and her family head to the Connecticut shore where she can take a break from an increasingly ill-fated relationship with her lover, but as the weeks wear on, no one can shake the feeling somethingis about to go terribly wrong.

The unforgettable Loretta Darling - a novel

"The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo meets Killing Eve in this addictive debut novel about a makeup artist turned feminist vigilante killer It's 1950 and Loretta Reynolds is newly arrived in Hollywood, fresh off a con that brought her from England to the sunny shores of California. She's running away from rumors and towards her ambition to become a makeup artist to the stars. But when her new aspiring-actor husband takes her to a sex-fueled Hollywood party on their wedding night hoping to trade he

Undercover baby rescue

"A dangerous organization is kidnapping and trafficking newborns-and Officer Justin Leacock's nephew is their latest victim. To save the stolen baby, Justin will have to go undercover as a married couple with his former fiancaee, Detective Violet Jones. Except finding the boy isn't enough. Now they must outwit the kidnappers on their tail and survive the ruthless icy wilderness, too..."--

Tracking the Truth by Mentink, Dana
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Tracking the Truth

Things don't break on their own - a novel

"Four couples gather at a dinner party. Some are ex-lovers, some are old friends, and two have a secret that threatens to undo all of their carefully crafted illusions before dessert is served in this thrilling suspense debut"--

The thirteenth husband

"Tearing through millions of dollars, four continents, and a hearty collection of husbands, real-life heiress Aimee Crocker blazed an unbelievable trail of public notoriety, private pain, and the kind of strong independent woman the 1880s had never seen.Her life was stranger than fiction and brighter than the stars, and she whirled through her days as if she was being chased by something larger than herself. Greer Macallister brilliantly takes us into her world and spins a tale that you won't so

A Taste for More

Targeted for elimination

"After discovering a dead body in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Detective Jen Blackwell is ambushed-until federal park ranger Tyler Cade comes to the rescue. And when the culprit sets their sights on Jen's father, it's clear that someone is targeting them. She has no choice but to team up with her ex-boyfriend. Only Tyler's hiding something...and old secrets could cost them their lives"--

Swap and smell the roses

A burned-out musician, Willow Moore, trading her Brooklyn apartment for two months in the Connecticut countryside, is unable to stay away from her grumpy landlord, former chef Reid Harrell, and produces a plan to revive both their careers-and their hearts.

Strange Folk by Dyer, Alli
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Strange Folk

Sand, Sequins & Silicone by Mia, Pia
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Sand, Sequins & Silicone

Romancing Miss Stone

The road trip rewind

"When up-and-coming screenwriter Beatrix and an A-list actor-and the man who had once jilted her-get into a car accident right outside the famed Roxy Theater, they are transported back to 1999 where they must work together to correct their old mistakes without altering their future selves"--

The Protector

Shielding the innocent target

"After witnessing her boss's murder, Paige Walsh must trust Deputy US Marshal Lucas Cavendish to bring her to safety. But when a notorious assassin targets her and her son, Lucas's short-term assignment turns into a dangerous cross-country mission. For Paige to identify her boss's killer, Lucas must get the family into witness protection. Except the hit man knows their every move...and trusting the wrong person could get them killed"--

Rocky Mountain survival

"Narrowly escaping death after being attacked, photojournalist Kylie Robertson flees to the mountains with her ex, former navy SEAL Josh Harvath. She doesn't know who's after her-or why they want the flash drive of photos she took. Together, they must piece together the mystery behind the pictures. But with killers running them down, will tackling a dangerous conspiracy become a second chance they won't survive?"--

Quickly, while they still have horses - stories

"Humorous and horrifying, tender and absurd, the stories in Quickly, While They Still Have Horses offer a fresh, irreverent look at life in post-conflict Northern Ireland. From first loves to strained relationships, the thrills and terrors of growing up to the dangers and challenges of parenthood, Carson infuses all her stories with empathy, dark wit, and a surreal edge. In "A Certain Degree of Ownership," a distracted couple on a beach fail to notice their baby crawl perilously toward the sea.

People will talk

"When the Frank family throws their annual clambake at their gorgeous beachside home on Cape May, the seafood is always delivered to white-clothed tables on fine bone china. And Peter Frank, the beloved son and perennial heartbreaker, will make the rounds, charming every woman on the guest list. Top of that list this year are Maya, his tennis star girlfriend just coming off the high of winning Wimbledon; Catherine, his high school sweetheart turned wildly successful wedding planner and influence

Pearly Everlasting

Paul Celan and the trans-Tibetan angel

"Patrik, who sometimes calls himself "the patient," is a literary researcher living in present-day Berlin. The city is just coming back to life after lockdown, and his beloved opera houses are open again, but Patrik cannot leave the house and hardly manages to get out of bed. When he shaves his head, his girlfriend scolds him, "What have you done to your head? I don't want to be with a prisoner from a concentration camp!" He is supposed to give a paper at a conference in Paris, on the poetry col

Only big bumbum matters tomorrow - a novel

"A twenty-year-old Nigerian woman decides to make over her life after her father's death by getting plastic surgery and moving to Lagos"--

One last chance

"As an Air One rescue swimmer, Axel Mulligan will do anything to save lives - including sacrifice his own. When wildlife researcher Flynn Turnquist enters his life, he falls hard and fast. But is she really who he thinks she is?"--

A Novel Summer by Brenner, Jamie
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
A Novel Summer

Not You Again by Pierce, Ingrid
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Not You Again

No Road Home by Fram, John
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
No Road Home

One big happy family

""An unputdownable and gripping thriller with nonstop twists and turns!" -Freida McFadden, New York Times bestselling author of The Housemaid The next riveting summer suspense by the bestselling author of THE BLOCK PARTY, Jamie Day. Could this reunion bethe death of them? The Precipice is a legendary, family-owned hotel on the rocky coast of Maine. With the recent passing of their father, the Bishop sisters--Iris, Vicki, and Faith--have come for the weekend to claim it. But with a hurricane loom

Off the books - a novel

"A captivating debut following a cross-country road trip that will make you believe in the goodness of people, Off the Books sheds light on the power in humanity during the most troubled of times. Recent Dartmouth dropout Mei, in search of a new directionin life, drives a limo to make ends meet. Her grandfather convinces her to allow her customers to pay under the table, and before she knows it, she is working as a routine chauffeur for sex workers. Mei does her best to mind her own business, bu

Not another love song

"Two string players fight their attraction for each other as they compete for center stage in this spicy and emotional romance. Gwen Jackson and Xander Thorne are both musical prodigies, but each has had very different paths to success. Xander was born into classical music royalty, while Gwen had a natural ear for music that was nurtured by a kind shop owner. After Gwen performs at his friend's wedding, she's mortified when she realizes Xander has no clue who she is - despite having worked toget

My parents' marriage - a novel

"Acclaimed children's author Nana Brew-Hammond makes her highly anticipated return with this soaring and profound story about love and understanding told through three generations of one Ghanaian family"--

The Most by Anthony, Jessica
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The Most

Montana Witness Chase

Money devils 1 - a cartel novel

"From the New York Times bestselling authors of The Cartel series comes a new chapter in a world that only Ashley and JaQuavis know how to bring to life. The LaCroixs are four beautiful Haitian American women bound by money and blood. On the surface The LaCroix Group is a venture capitalist company, but underneath it's so much more. The four sisters run long cons, targeting wealthy, prominent business figures. They have a system. Find the perfect mark, create the problem, then present the soluti

Money devils - a cartel novel. 2

"The LaCroix sisters return in this exciting new installment set in the world of the New York Times bestselling series The Cartel"--

Meeting Her Match by Turano, Jen
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Meeting Her Match

Missing in Montana

"After being forced off the road while biking, forensic accountant Holly Nichols is sure of one thing: someone wants her dead. Injured and terrified, she runs into the last person she expects to see-her high school sweetheart, Seth Montgomery. Vowing to protect her, Seth takes Holly and her daughter back to his family ranch. But with danger stalking them, untangling the mystery behind the attacks could be the last thing they do..."--

Love at first knight

"Daisy Hastings has always thought she was born in the wrong era. So when she bags a summer job at the Tower of London helping to run their Knight school, it feels like a step in the right direction. Theodore 'Teddy' Fairfax is a loose cannon. A disgraceddistant relative of the royal family, he's tall, dark and now (begrudgingly) helping with the Tower of London's summer programme - and there's nowhere he'd like to be less. When Teddy's oath to be an obstruction almost gets Daisy fired, she decl

Libby lost and found - a novel

"Libby Lost and Found is a book for people who don't know who they are without the books they love. It's about the stories we tell ourselves and the chapters of our lives we regret. Most importantly, it's about the endings we write for ourselves. Meet Libby Weeks, author of the mega-best-selling fantasy series, The Falling Children-written as "F.T. Goldhero" to maintain her privacy. When the last manuscript is already months overdue to her publisher and rabid fans around the world are growing im

Liar's point

When a killer targets her beloved hometown of Lost Beach, Texas, detective Nicole Lawson, with no one believing her theories, puts aside her feelings for Emmet Davis, her fiercest rival-and the man she's been secretly in love with for years-to work together to solve this case.

Left Behind by Sala, Sharon
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Left Behind

Kidnapping cold case

"Ten years ago, forensic artist Jacy Urban escaped her abductor with no memory of that night. Now two teenage girls are missing, and all signs indicate that the same kidnapper is back on the hunt. When Jacy is attacked, it's clear she's the assailant's next target. Only Detective Cash Rawson is there to rescue her-again. Can Cash help Jacy recover her memories before she's silenced for good?"--

Kidnapped in Montana

"Believing he's tracked down his missing informant in a gem-smuggling investigation, FBI agent Ryan McCloud unwittingly leads deadly assassins to Catherine Reed's mountain hideout. As the informant's identical twin, and already hiding from her abusive ex-husband, Catherine now has two threats to her life. With danger at every turn, can Ryan protect Catherine and find her missing sister...before it's too late?"--

A Jewel in the Crown by Lewis, David
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
A Jewel in the Crown

Into the starlight

"With her career as a concert pianist at an end, Joanna Vaughn comes home to Sweetwater Crossing, widowed and unsure what the future holds when the arrival of a pair of newcomers stirs up a decades-old mystery, a shocking revelation, and the chance for true love"--

The infiltrator

Working with the FBI to eradicate a domestic terrorist group known as Autumn's Tithe, Derek Harrington is on a collision course with ex-FBI Special Agent Hannah Kittle, aka Sarah, who leads the group, when events set the stage for a confrontation that will bring Autumn's Tithe right to his doorstep.

It had to be you

"Two contract killers, each with a hit out on the other, must fight their growing attraction as they face off in an epic game of love and murder across Western Europe. When Eva and Jonathan hook up on the sleeper train from Florence to Paris, they think they'll never see each other again. Which is too bad, because neither has ever felt a spark like this for another person. But love isn't on the agenda in their line of work. Six months later, they run into each other in the Hall of Mirrors in Ver

If We Ever Meet Again by Huang, Ana
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
If We Ever Meet Again

If the Sun Never Sets by Huang, Ana
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
If the Sun Never Sets

If Love Had a Price by Huang, Ana
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
If Love Had a Price

The husband list

Sensible Lady Madeline Vivers reconsiders her reasonable goals when Mr. Harry Stern, an ambitious man determined to make his mark in Parliament, sets his sights on her, using his power of persuasion to convince her she's his perfect match.

The Hudson Collection

How Like a God by Stout, Rex
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
How Like a God

Hidden mountain secrets

"Antique dealer Brielle Holt uncovers more than just priceless relics when she overhears a secret that puts a target on her back. Caught in the crosshairs of a deadly family feud, Brielle has nowhere safe to hide...until CSI agent Lucas Scott steps in toprotect her. With assailants following their every move, Lucas and Brielle must stay one step ahead of someone desperate to hide the truth...and bury them with it "--

Hidden in the Canyon

The Groom List by Quinn, Ella
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The Groom List


Accepting a job at her father's factory to get the inheritance she needs to help her single mother, Cecelia Horner is drawn in by her new supervisor, Sean, who lures her into a world of sex, lies and secrets

Filthy Rich Fae by Lee, Geneva
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Filthy Rich Fae

Face the fire

Heads will roll

"After sitcom star Willow tweeted herself into infamy and had to be dragged blind-drunk out of a swimming pool, her agent shipped her off to the woodsy and wonderfully anonymous confines of Camp Castaway. Willow is relieved to find that her fellow campersseem okay. But the peaceful vibe is shattered when a terrifying woman pops shrieking from the wardrobe in Willow's room. Soon after, one of the campers vanishes. Is Willow about to get cancelled all over again, this time for good? Soon, terror g

Fake flame by Buck, Adele, author.
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Fake flame

"To an observer, hauling a baby grand piano onto a college quad to publicly serenade an ex might seem like a romantic gesture. To literature professor Eva Campbell, it's the latest manipulative move by a cheating jerk who won't take a hint. Plus, she never liked that song anyway. Setting the piano on fire might be an overreaction, but Eva's at the end of her rope, at least until hot young firefighter Sean Hannigan talks her down. And that's not all Sean does. Soon he's offering to be Eva's fake

Eye of the Beholder by Bamford, Emma
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Eye of the Beholder

The Ex Vows by Joyce, Jessica
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The Ex Vows

Do Me a Favor by Yardley, Cathy
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Do Me a Favor

Disappearance in Pinecraft

"When Adina Maas arrives in Pinecraft to find her missing sister, she's blindsided by abductors who attempt to kidnap her. To her surprise, Nathan Kohr, a familiar face from her past, is there to save her. And it's clear that whatever trouble Adina's sister is in, Adina is now a target, too. But with Nathan's help, can they find out who's after the Maas sisters before Adina is the next to disappear?"--

Deadly mountain escape

"A search for a missing young woman becomes a nightmare for K-9 deputy Charlotte Walker when she stumbles on a trafficking ring and is captured. Death seems certain until she's rescued by rancher Jonas Knowles. Together, they take shelter in the Amish community he left behind. But they can't hide forever-not when the criminals are still after them and countless girls are at risk..."--

Cold case target

"Interrupting an attempted murder-and leaving with incriminating evidence-makes Sissy Spencer a serial killer's next target. With a flash drive in her possession containing disturbing proof of multiple murders, Sissy has no choice but to trust her ex-boyfriend, private investigator Beau Brighton, to keep her safe. But can they unravel the clues and track down a killer...before he catches them first?"--

The Cliffs by Sullivan, J. Courtney
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The Cliffs

Cicada summer - a novel

Isolating during the pandemic summer of 2020 in a lakeside cabin with her ailing grandfather and her ex-girlfriend who arrives without explanation, Husha confronts grief, past relationships and unsettling short stories written by her mother in a strange book.

The Caricaturist by Lock, Norman
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The Caricaturist

Call it what you want - a novel

"A situationship, a heartbreak, a mistake-you can call it what you want. But was it love? It's 2016, and Sloane Hart's senior year of college is bound to be the best one yet. Her nights consist of drinking cheap vodka and singing along to The Chainsmokerswith her friends, and her days are spent writing as she prepares for the post-grad life in New York City she's always dreamed of. The last thing she needs is for a guy to get in the way of her goals. With graduation so close, she just needs to f

Bright objects - a novel

"A young widow grapples with the arrival of a once-in-a-lifetime comet and its tumultuous consequences, in a debut novel that blends mystery, astronomy, and romance, perfect for fans of Emma Cline's The Girls and Ottessa Moshfegh's Death in Her Hands"--

The Book of Bill by Hirsch, Alex
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The Book of Bill

The body in the backyard

"Her spray-tanned, self-absorbed morning news anchor ex-husband careening back into her life in a bullet-ridden car begging for help was not on Riley Thorn's bingo card. However, her hot private investigator boyfriend Nick Santiago refusing to take the job is... well, less of a surprise. Too bad for Nick that his octogenarian business partner, Mrs. Penny, overrules him and decides to take the lead on the case. Riley's almost murdered ex worms his way into their caseload when a dead body makes it

Body Friend by Brabon, Katherine
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Body Friend

The Bitter Truth

Bitter and sweet

"From the beloved author of The Thing About Home comes a dual timeline tale of family, grief, secrets, and the sweet redemption that lies within the bonds of sisterhood"--

Best of Luck by Clayborn, Kate
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
Best of Luck

Beep - a novel

"An ebullient, funny novel about the friendship between a brilliant young girl and a perceptive squirrel monkey, the power of youth, and the way forward for a planet in crisis"--

The Bang-bang Sisters by Youers, Rio
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The Bang-bang Sisters

The Astrology House by Jade, Carinn
Date added:
Jun 7, 2024
The Astrology House

54 miles

"A page-turning look at race and violence in 1960s America that showcases Pitts's gift for telling emotionally wrenching and relevant stories"--

Wings of Sorrow by Sfetsos, Yolanda
Date added:
Jun 6, 2024
Wings of Sorrow

Drawing upon the atmospheric backdrop of a cliffside house, Sfetsos intricately weaves a tale where the line between passion and peril is razor-thin.

Within Arm's Reach

"Follows three generations of an Irish-American Catholic family who are jarred into crisis by an unexpected pregnancy. This [debut] novel is told through six different points of view, including those of the unmarried, pregnant Gracie, a local advice columnist; and her grandmother, the matriarch, who is struggling with her commitments to both the living and the dead. Within Arm's Reach is a ... reminder of how interconnected our lives are with those we love, how much more we inherit than wills de

Theo of Golden by Levi, Allen
Date added:
Jun 6, 2024
Theo of Golden

The Sluts by Cooper, Dennis
Date added:
Jun 6, 2024
The Sluts

Set largely on the pages of a website where gay male escorts are reviewed by their clients, and told through the postings, emails, and conversations of several dozen unreliable narrators, "The Sluts" chronicles the evolution of one young escort's date with a satisfied client into a metafiction of pornography, lies, half-truths, and myth. Explicit, shocking, comical, and displaying the author's signature flair for blending structural complexity with direct, stylish, accessible language, "The Slut

Hoodtown by Faust, Christa.
Date added:
Jun 5, 2024

The unmothers

"Marshall, a journalist, is sent to a small town to look into an improbable rumor that a horse has given birth to a human baby. As she investigates, she discovers evidence of a murder and becomes drawn into an even deeper and stranger mystery than she expected"--

Ruby's Redemption by Kiernan, Edwina
Date added:
Jun 3, 2024
Ruby's Redemption

The orchids of Ashthorne Hall

"A ghostly estate. A handsome caretaker hiding a secret. And the intrepid Hyacinth Bell who is set on solving the mystery of both. 1887, the Cornwall coast. For years, rumors have flown through the village of Suttonsbury about Ashthorne Hall-that its occupants hoard pirate treasure, that a ghost walks its halls-but botanist Hyacinth Bell only cares about the estate's extensive, one-of-a-kind orchid collection. As an independent woman, she is eager to focus on her career, even if it means waiting

Molly Sand Must Die by Snider, Laura
Date added:
Jun 3, 2024
Molly Sand Must Die

Her Pretty Lies- An absolutely gripping psychological thriller

The paramedics tell me I'm in shock as they load the body bag into the ambulance.

Caroline's Heart by Chant, Austin
Date added:
Jun 3, 2024
Caroline's Heart

A queer Weird West romance by the author of Peter Darling. New expanded edition.

Blood Like Mine by Neville, Stuart
Date added:
Jun 3, 2024
Blood Like Mine

Highcliffe house

"The daughter of a wealthy investor and a handsome young businessman clash in this enemies-to-lovers romance from the author who brought you Lakeshire Park. 1813, Brighton, England When Anna Lane offered her heart to Alexander Lennox, she did not expect to learn he had secretly promised his suit to another. Hurt and embarrassed, Anna begs her father to take her to the seaside where she can escape the gossip of the ton and recover, but her father insists they remain in London so he can attend to

Five-star stranger - a novel

"Would you hire someone to be the best man at your wedding? Your stand-in brother? Your husband? In Kat Tang's exciting and resonant debut, a "Rental Stranger"-a companion hired under various guises-walks the line between personal and professional in surprising new ways. Five-Star Stranger follows a man who is a top-rated performer on the "Rental Stranger" app, where users can hire a pretend fiancae, Referred to only as Stranger, the narrator navigates New York City under the guise of the charac

Wake me most wickedly

"Solomon Weiss has little interest in power, but to repay the half-brother who raised him, he pursues money, influence, and now--a respectable wife. That is, until outcast Hannah Moses saves his life, and Sol finds himself helplessly drawn to the beautiful pawnshop owner"--

Truth Truth Lie by McGowan, Claire
Date added:
May 31, 2024
Truth Truth Lie


Three little wishes

"Willow Rosetti loves her job as a meteorologist - even if her part-time hours at Channel 5 leave her struggling to pay her bills. She would never leave her family, friends, and the tight-knit community of Sunshine Bay. But she may not have a choice if the rumor at work is true - that Bennett Broadcasting Group is divesting their assets, including her TV station. Panicked at the thought, Willow tells her coworkers she is related to a famous actress and can bring her in as the first guest on Good

Smothermoss - a novel

"In 1980s Appalachia, sisters Sheila and Angie couldn't be more different. While their mother works long shifts at the nearby asylum, Sheila does her best to care for their home and keeps to herself, even when enduring relentless bullying from classmates.Her rambunctious, fearless younger sister, Angie, is more focused on fighting imaginary zombies, and creating tarot-like cards that seem to have a mind of their own. When the brutal murder of two female hikers on the nearby Appalachian Trail stu

Once More from the Top

Never Date a Roommate

The ornithologist's field guide to love

"Rival ornithologists hunt through England for a rare magical bird in this historica--fantasy rom-com reminiscent of Indiana Jones but with manners, tea, and helicopter parasols. Beth Pickering is on the verge of finally capturing the rare deathwhistler bird when Professor Devon Lockley swoops in, capturing both her bird and her imagination like a villain. Albeit a handsome and charming villain, but that's beside the point. As someone highly educated in the ruthless discipline of ornithology, Be

The nude

"Art historian, Elizabeth Clarke, is sent to a remote island in Southern Greece to acquire a rare female nude sculpture for a Los Angeles collection. Disoriented by time zones, migraines, and suspicious details surrounding the figure's discovery, she's dependent on her flirtatious but guileless translator. The last thing she expects is to be so pulled to his wife, Theo, a subversive artist who has amassed a small following for her provocative self-portraits, which seek to deconstruct the objecti

Mourning a breast by Xi, Xi, author.
Date added:
May 31, 2024
Mourning a breast

"By Xi Xi, part of the first generation of writers raised in Hong Kong, a wise and amiably written book of autobiographical fiction on the author's experience with breast cancer-from diagnosis to treatment to recovery-and her passage from a life lived through the mind into a life lived through the body. In 1990, the Hong Kong cult classic writer Xi Xi was diagnosed with breast cancer and began writing in order to make sense of her diagnosis and treatment. Mourning a Breast, published two and a h

Hate to fake it to you

"A waitress masquerading as an influencer and a wildlife photographer are on a collision course with romance-and chaos-in Hate to Fake It to You, a zany modern twist on a screwball comedy classic about figuring out what you really want-by pretending to besomeone you're not. Everyone gets a glow-up on social media, but Libby Lane's online persona is the fakest of fakes. Cooked up as a joke by Libby and her best friends, Lillibet is the affluent, healthier-than-thou opposite of her glam-free life

Fog & Car by Lim, Eugene, author.
Date added:
May 31, 2024
Fog & Car

"Long out of print, Eugene Lim's wry and haunting debut novel returns to shelves with a new introduction from Renee Gladman and a fresh, reversible cover. Reconciling life after divorce, Jim secludes himself in the Midwest, living in an aimless nostalgia,while Sarah runs headfirst through New York in an attempt to bypass the grief of her dissolved marriage. Mystically connected by an old friend and the effects of his actions, they both attempt to chase him down - the resulting unexplained coinci

Daughters of Olympus by Lynn, Hannah
Date added:
May 31, 2024
Daughters of Olympus

The design of us

"One little lie leads to a weeklong ruse of fake dating in this destination wedding rom-com by Sajni Patel, author of Isha, Unscripted. There's only one person who can bring UX designer and sunshine incarnate Bhanu down: Sunny with the Denzel voice, aka her work nemesis and all-around killjoy. She hoped to get a reprieve from him while visiting her sister in Hawaii with family, but then she ran into the grump at the hotel. Not only is he there, but his ex-girlfriend is, too. But when Sunny's ex

Concerning the future of souls - 99 Stories of Azrael

"Concerning the Future of Souls balances the extraordinary and the humble, the bizarre and the beatific, as Azrael-transporter of souls and the most troubled and thoughtful of the angels-confronts the holy impossibility of his task, his uneasy relationship with Death, and his friendship with the Devil. Over the course of these ninety-nine illuminations, a collection of connected and disparate beings--ranging from ordinary folk to grand, known figures such as Jung, Nietzsche, Pythagoras, Bach, an

Last dance by Siegel, Sheldon
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May 30, 2024
Last dance

Home is where the bodies are

"After their mother passes, three estranged siblings reunite to sort out her estate. Beth, the oldest, never left home. She stayed with her mom, caring for her until the very end. Nicole, the middle child, has been kept at arm's length due to her ongoing battle with a serious drug addiction. Michael, the youngest, lives out of state and hasn't been back to their small Wisconsin town since their father ran out on them seven years before. While going through their parents' belongings, the siblings

Falling for Alaska

"As the oldest of three brothers, former pro-football player Xavier Stone is no stranger to making tough calls. Like returning to his small hometown of Moose Falls, Alaska to help run his grandmother's hard cider company and gastro pub. He agrees to keep an open mind, but between working with his estranged father and confronting heavy childhood memories with his brothers, Xavier's ready to rush back to civilization. Even the stunning woman who runs his grandmother's restaurant seems to instantl

Ask for Andrea by Ihli, Noelle W.
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May 30, 2024
Ask for Andrea

The Winner by Baldacci, David
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May 30, 2024
The Winner

The wicked and the dead - the hair-raising tale of Hack Long and his outlaw gang

When Hack Long and his outlaws break out of jail and split up to escape, they each find themselves scrabbling along a desolated landscape, heading for Texas to reclaim their stolen gold, while being hunted by lawmen, Comanches and violent gang who also want their ill-gotten gains.

The skunks - a novel

"From the outside, Isabel doesn't seem to have much going on. It's the summer after college graduation and she's moved back to her hometown, where she spends her days house-sitting, babysitting, working the front desk at a yoga studio, and hanging out with her childhood friend Ellie. But on the inside, Isabel's mind is always running, always analyzing, and right now, she's trying hard to not let her thoughts give weight to boys. So when Isabel spots three baby skunks in the yard, their presence

The perfect marriage

"Sarah Morgan is a successful and powerful defense attorney in Washington D.C. As a named partner at her firm, life is going exactly how she planned. The same cannot be said for her husband, Adam. He's a struggling writer who has had little success in hiscareer and he tires of his and Sarah's relationship as she is constantly working. Out in the secluded woods, at the couple's lake house, Adam engages in a passionate affair with Kelly Summers. But one morning everything changes. Kelly is found b

Loyally, Luke - a novel

"Sometimes love means embracing the good, the bad . . . and even the impossible"--

The Jensen dynasty

"Two epic sagas of the Jensen brothers and their unique brand of justice include "Smoke Jensen: The Beginning," in which Smoke's early years, shaped by violence, are brought to life, and "Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter," in which Luke, when fate takes a tragic turn, becomes the greatest bounty hunter who ever lived"--

The Infinite Light of Dust

Against nature

"Joris-Karl Huysmans's cult classic of deviance and decadence that inspired Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray, now in a new translation"--

Vicious by Shen, L. J.
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May 23, 2024

Serendipity by Chalsen, Becky
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May 23, 2024

Seraphim by Perry, Joshua
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May 23, 2024

Wild Love by Silver, Elsie
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May 23, 2024
Wild Love

Forbes may have labeled Ford Grant the World's Hottest Billionaire, but all he cares about is escaping the press and opening a recording studio in gorgeous small town Rose Hill. Something that comes to a screeching halt when he ends up face-to-face with a young girl who claims he's her biological father. Now, he spends his days balancing business with parenting a sullen twelve-year-old, all while trying desperately to keep his hands the hell off his best friend's sister, Rosie Belmont. After liv

Weird black girls - stories

"From Philip K. Dick Award finalist Elwin Cotman, an irresistibly unnerving collection of stories that explore the anxieties of living while Black--a high-wire act of literary-fantastical hybrid fiction. A rural town finds itself under the authoritarian sway of a tree that punishes children. A pair of old friends navigate their fraught history as strange happenings escalate in a Mexican restaurant. A pair of narcissistic friends wreak havoc on an activist community. An aloof young man finds hims

Things I Want Back From You

Elizabeth Stix's debut story collectionSet in the fictional California town of San Encanto--a place where suburban angst coexists with the astonishing - a lonely wife finds her oppressive husband has become a dirigible who follows her from the sky, a neglected boy spends his summer unwinding a parasitic Guinea worm from his little sister's belly, and an aspiring life coach attends a self-actualization seminar that goes wildly off the rails. In THINGS I WANT BACK FROM YOU, Elizabeth Stix's hilari

Something about tomorrow

"In "The Heart of Devin MacKade," Sheriff Devin MacKade has always known his destiny was to serve and protect the small town of Antietam, Maryland. And for a long while he thought that future would include Cassie Connor-the woman he's known, and loved, forever. But when Cassie married the wrong man, Devin did the honorable thing and kept his feelings to himself. Now that Cassie's divorced, Devin can finally follow his heart. The question is, can Cassie?; and in "The Fall of Shane MacKade," Shane

Ninetails - nine tales

"A "smart and deft" fabulist debut collection of stories re-imagining the nine-tailed fox spirit of Asian folklore (C. Pam Zhang). A fox spirit avenges a teen girl by seducing her abuser. A shapeshifting woman finds herself chased through the woods by foxhunters; meanwhile, an assassination plot called Operation Fox Hunt unfolds against the last Queen of Korea. Chinese migrants hoping to make new lives as "paper children" in America find their pasts--and their hopes for the future--embodied in t

Mouth by Ghosh, Puloma
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May 23, 2024

Just one taste

"Fresh-caught squid, handmade pasta, and the salt of the Sicilian summer breeze might just give a jaded food critic the long-lost ingredients for la dolce vita in this hilarious romance"--

Joe Hustle by Lange, Richard
Date added:
May 23, 2024
Joe Hustle

Ne'er duke well

"In this steamy Regency romp, Lady Selina is determined to find the Duke of Stanhope the perfect wife-the only problem is she's starting to think that might be her. Peter Kent-newly inherited Duke of Stanhope and recently of New Orleans, Louisiana-must become respectable. Between his radical politics and the time he interrupted a minor royal wedding with a flock of sheep-not his fault!-he's developed a scandalous reputation at odds with his goal of becoming guardian to his half siblings. For hel

Irish secrets - Skin deep and Irish rose - two novels in one

"In Irish Rose, Burke Logan came to Ireland looking for horses, not for Erin McKinnon. But unable to get her out of his mind, Burke offers her a bookkeeping position back in America. Erin jumps at the chance to leave her small town and get to know her handsome employer. Their initial attraction grows stronger, but Burke is keeping Erin at arm's length--to protect her from a secret that could destroy their love. In Skin Deep, Chantel O'Hurley makes box office gold with every role. But fame and fo

House of shades - a novel

"Set amid the bustle of Victorian London, an irresistible story of an ambitious young Black actress, an orphan from the slums who has finally achieved a dubious stardom as "The Great Amazonia, a savage African queen"-but everything she has fought for depends on hiding the secret of her own identity"--

Her soul for revenge

"Juniper. After a cult tried to sacrifice me to their wicked God, I went on the run, doing whatever was necessary to survive. Until a demon offered me a deal: give him my soul and he'll help me claim the vengeance I seek. Blood will be spilled, and the monsters I once ran from will soon be running from me. But damning my soul was just the beginning-it's my heart the demon wants next. Zane. I've been hunting souls for centuries, but she's the ultimate prize-vicious and feral with a broken soul as

The green man by Amis, Kingsley.
Date added:
May 23, 2024
The green man

Gap Creek - a novel

A novel on the harsh life in the Appalachian Mountains at the turn of the century. The heroine is Julie Harmon whose work load includes hauling water, butchering a hog, rendering lard, plucking a turkey, baking and preserving--all described in detail.

Flood tide by Cussler, Clive.
Date added:
May 23, 2024
Flood tide

Familiaris by Wroblewski, David
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May 23, 2024

The Expat by Shi, Hansen
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May 23, 2024
The Expat

Don't be scared / Tears of Pride / Devil's Gambit

Contains two classic stories of danger and desire, in one of which, "Devil's Gambit," Tiffany Rodes, after tragedy hits her horse breeding farm, is forced to consider selling it a mysterious stranger who holds devastating secrets about the past.

Everything we never knew

"A dazzling and heartwarming novel from Emmy Award winner Julianne Hough and Rule author Ellen Goodlett. When the stars align, anything can happen. On stage at an awards banquet is the last place Lexi Cole expected to drown. But as she accepts the award for top-seller at her realty firm, something unusual catches Lexi's eye: a man surrounded by a dark haze. Then she hears a woman screaming for help, and the taste of saltwater overwhelms her. Just as Lexi's throat begins to close, the man leaves

An elevator in Saaai Gaon

"A young Vietnamese woman living in Paris travels back to Saigon for her estranged mother's funeral. Her brother had recently built a new house in Saigon, and staged a grotesquely lavish ceremony for their mother to inaugurate what was rumored to be the first elevator in a private home in the country. But shortly after the ceremony, in the middle of the night, their mother mysteriously fell down the elevator shaft, dying in an instant. After the funeral, the daughter becomes increasingly fascina

Desperation reef

"Jen Stonebreaker hasn't entered into a big-wave surfing competition since witnessing her husband's tragic death twenty-five years ago at the Monsters of the Mavericks. Now, Jen is ready to tackle those same Monsters with her twin sons Casey and Brock, who have become competitive surfers in a perilous sport. When he's not riding waves, modeling for surfing magazines, or posting viral content for his many fans, Casey Stonebreaker spends his days helping with the family restaurant - catching fish

The Deading by Belardes, Nicholas
Date added:
May 23, 2024
The Deading

By any other name - a novel

"A captivating novel about two women, centuries apart, fighting to be heard - one of whom may be the real author of Shakespeare's plays - from the New York Times bestselling author of Wish You Were Here. As an undergraduate, Melina Green had a rare opportunity to have one of her first plays judged by famous theater critic Jasper Tolle, only to be publicly humiliated by a harsh and biased critique. Ten years later, her confidence as a playwright has never recovered, although she has just complete

Burn it all - a novel

Ostracized by her fiancae and friends after a drunken mistake, Marley Henderson investigates a string of arsons that point to her best friend Thea, uncovering dark secrets about the town and her past.

The book of elsewhere - a novel

"An epic from Keanu Reeves and China Miaeville, inspired by the world of the BRZRKR comic books"--

Banal Nightmare by Butler, Halle
Date added:
May 23, 2024
Banal Nightmare

The Backtrack by La Rosa, Erin
Date added:
May 23, 2024
The Backtrack

The anarchist's wife by Laurie, Margo
Date added:
May 23, 2024
The anarchist's wife

All friends are necessary - a novel

"Chino Flores, a queer Latino in his late thirties, was a beloved middle school biology teacher with an adoring wife and a child on the way until a devastating loss dramatically changed his life and he relies on his coterie of new and old friends and lovers in this anthem to queer and platonic love"--

We Could Be Heroes by Ellis, Philip
Date added:
May 20, 2024
We Could Be Heroes

Tongueless by Yee-Wa, Lau, author.
Date added:
May 20, 2024

"Tongueless follows two rival teachers at a secondary school in Hong Kong who are instructed to switch from teaching in Cantonese to Mandarin-or lose their jobs"--

Talk Talk by Boyle, T. C.
Date added:
May 20, 2024
Talk Talk

Bestselling author and PEN/Faulkner Award-winner Boyle recasts the battle of good and evil as an identity theft suspense story. As the tension mounts, Boyle drops crumbs of wisdom in his signature style, leading readers along a mysterious trail.

Pink Whales by Shukla, Sara
Date added:
May 20, 2024
Pink Whales

Think twice

"A man presumed dead is suddenly wanted for murder in this thriller of secrets, lies, and dangerous conspiracies that threaten to cover up the truth ... Three years ago, sports agent Myron Bolitar gave a eulogy at the funeral of his client, renowned basketball coach Greg Downing. Myron and Greg had history: initially as deeply personal rivals, and later as unexpected business associates. Myron made peace and moved on--until now, when two federal agents walked into his office, demanding to know w

Taken by the Shawnee

"A most unusual portrait of early America based on a rare family document, in which a young mother's years in captivity with the Shawnee prove to be the best years of her life. It's 1779 and a young white woman named Margaret Erskine is venturing west from Virginia, on horseback, with her baby daughter and the rest of her family. She has no experience of Indians, and has absorbed most of the prejudices of her time, but she is open-minded, hardy, and mentally strong, a trait common to most of her

The pig goes to hog heaven

In this third installment of the series, Pig trilogy, disappeared characters rematerialize, romances that seemed dead burst back to ardent life, and even Taddy and Brid, Castle Kissanes comely spirits, find new meaning as they resolve themselves into much-longed-for conclusions.

The Paris affair

"Fin Tighe is clinging to respectability by his nail-bitten fingers. He may be the illegitimate son of an English earl, but he hasn't spoken to his father in a decade, and his engineer's salary is barely enough to support him and his cousin Aurelie. A dancer in the corps de ballet, Aurelie is at constant risk from groping, leering men who assume any dancer is a prostitute in training. And Fin's evenings spent in the clandestine gay community may be legal through a loophole in the Napoleonic Code

I'm a fool to want you - stories

"These dazzling stories from the internationally acclaimed author of Bad Girls erase the fine line between fantasy and reality, and establish her as an impressive literary voice. In the 1990s, a woman makes a living as a rental girlfriend for gay men. Ina Harlem den, a travesti gets to know none other than Billie Holiday. A group of rugby players haggle over the price of a night of sex, and in return they get what they deserve. Nuns, grandmothers, children, and dogs are never what they seem... T

Adrift - a novel

"The truth doesn't always set you free... Ess wakes up alone on a sailboat in the remote Pacific Northwest with no memory of who she is or how she got there. She finds a note, but it's more warning than comfort: Start over. Don't make yourself known. Don't look back. Ess must have answers. She sails over a turbulent ocean to a town hundreds of miles away that, she hopes, might offer insight. The chilling clues she uncovers point to a desperate attempt at erasing her former life. But why? And som

What katy did by Coolidge, Susan
Date added:
May 16, 2024
What katy did

The Unselected Journals of Emma M. Lion- Vol. 7

The Year is 1884 and Emma M. Lion has, at long last, gained her majority. Entering a golden age of friendship with Pierce, Islington, and Hawkes, Emma is confident she will manage whatever comes her way. It is The Season she must help Arabella secure a husband, while navigating the threat of Aunt Eugenia, the unflagging adoration of Charles Goddard, and the amusing unpredictability of St. Crispian's. But the secrets of her trusted friends are what might very well bring about disaster.

The Unselected Journals of Emma M. Lion- Vol. 6

"The year is 1884 and Emma M. Lion has, at long last, gained her majority. Entering a golden age of friendship with Pierce, Islington, and Hawkes, Emma is confident that she will manage whatever comes her way. It is the season she must help Arabella secure a husband, while navigating the threat of Aunt Eugenia, the unflagging adoration of Charles Goddard, and the amusing unpredictability of St. Crispian's. But the secrets of her trusted friends are what might very well bring about disaaster"--pr

The Unselected Journals of Emma M. Lion- Vol. 5

"The Year is 1883 and Emma M. Lion has returned to her London neighborhood of St. Crispian's. But Emma's plans for a charmed and studious life are sabotaged by her eccentric Cousin Archibald, her formidable Aunt Eugenia, and the slightly odd denizens of St. Crispian's. Emma M. Lion offers up her Unselected Journals, however self-incriminating they may be, which comprise a series of novella-length volumes. Armed with wit and a sideways amusement, Emma documents the curious realities of her life a

The Rustlers of Pecos County

Texas Rangers were as wild and reckless as the desperados they were meant to control, so the state legislature decides to abolish them. Just before the bill is signed, two men ask for a delay so they can clean up the rustlers terrorizing Pecos County.

Riders of the Silences by Brand, Max
Date added:
May 16, 2024
Riders of the Silences

The pale criminal

Bernhard Gunther, a private investigator in Germany in 1938, is hired by a rich widow to discover who has been blackmailing her, and by the Berlin police to track down a serial killer, and runs into bizarre psychotherapy and medicinal practices and Nazi occultism.

Into the Cauldron by Jackson, Lee
Date added:
May 16, 2024
Into the Cauldron

Home from the storm

When the husband who abandoned her returns to their Amish community, new mother Rhoda Lambright, since her church forbids divorce and requires forgiveness, lets Caleb back into their home but is unsure if she can ever let him back into her heart.

A German requiem by Kerr, Philip.
Date added:
May 16, 2024
A German requiem

In the wreckage of postwar Berlin, PI Bernie Gunther--in his third appearance--accepts coal for payment and reluctantly takes on a case for Russian Col. Palkovich Poroshin, one of the despised "Ivans." Asked to prove black marketeer Emil Becker innocent of the death of U.S. Counterintelligence Corps Capt. Edward Linden, Gunther leaves Berlin (and his unfaithful wife) for Vienna, where the incarcerated Becker insists he had been set up while delivering SS files to Linden at the behest of a strang

The Europeans by James, Henry
Date added:
May 16, 2024
The Europeans

Courage in the storm

"Since witnessing the murder of her beloved parents, Miriam Hochstedler suffers from paralyzing anxiety and a deep-seated fear of the Englisch. Unwilling to venture beyond her family's Tennessee farm, she forms a close bond with a badly injured gelding. Like Miriam herself, the traumatized animal seems unlikely to recover--until skilled horse whisperer Reuben Brenneman arrives. A survivor of an abusive childhood, Reuben understands fear better than most. He'll do whatever it takes to help a terr

A Country Doctor

Black Jack by Brand, Max
Date added:
May 16, 2024
Black Jack

Allan Quatermain by Haggard, H. Rider
Date added:
May 16, 2024
Allan Quatermain

Go to hell Ole Miss


Zero option

"Dick Canidy races to stop an assassin from disrupting a vital conference that will shape the course of World War II in the latest electrifying entry in W.E.B. Griffin's New York Times bestselling Men at War series"--

Whoever you are, honey - a novel

"In Santa Cruz, every house is as flawless as the people inside. Not so for Mitty and her elderly roommate Bethel. For ten years, Mitty has found refuge in their quiet existence after a traumatic relationship that marked her adolescence. Now, they're theoddball pair in the dilapidated bungalow-the last vestiges of a town taken over by the tech elite. And when a new couple moves in next door, all four of them are about to be irrevocably changed. Because in Silicon Valley, nothing is off-limits, a

Until next summer

"Two former best friends each find love at an adults-only summer camp in this romantic and nostalgic novel that proves "once a camp person, always a camp person." Growing up, Jessie and Hillary lived for summer, when they'd be reunited at Camp Chickawah.The best friends vowed to become counselors together someday, but they drifted apart after Hillary broke her promise and only Jessie stuck to their plan, working her way up to become the camp director. When Jessie learns that the camp will be sol

The Unraveling by Keeland, Vi
Date added:
May 13, 2024
The Unraveling

Toward Eternity by Hur, Anton
Date added:
May 13, 2024
Toward Eternity

This Used to Be Us by Carlino, Renee
Date added:
May 13, 2024
This Used to Be Us

This great hemisphere - a novel

"From the award-winning and bestselling author of Black Buck: A speculative novel about a young woman-invisible by birth and relegated to second-class citizenship-who sets off on a mission to find her older brother, whom she had presumed dead but who is now the primary suspect in a high-profile political murder"--

State of paradise - a novel

"A heart-racing fun house of uncanniness hidden in Florida's underbelly, from a reality-warping storyteller"--

A thousand times before - a novel

"A heartrending family saga following three generations of women connected by a fantastic tapestry through which they inherit the experiences of those that lived before them, sweeping readers from Partition-era India to modern day Brooklyn. Ayukta is finally sitting down with her wife Nadya to respond to a question she's long avoided: Should they have a child? The decision is complicated by a secret her family has kept for centuries, one that Ayukta will be the first to share with someone outsid

Take me home - a novel

"Hazel Elliot never looks back. If a door closes, she burns the whole house down. But when she's invited to her father's wedding, she's forced to return to Lockett Prairie, Texas, for the first time since she fled for college. Ash Campbell has been in love with Hazel since she dated his best friend in high school. Now, Ash and Hazel's relationship is limited to playful feuding over the best chair in their favorite coffee shop, but his attraction to the prickly girl from home has only grown stron

The Summer pact - a novel

"Four freshmen arrive at college from completely different worlds: Lainey, a California party girl with a flair for drama; Tyson, a brilliant scholar and law school hopeful from D.C.; Summer, a recruited athlete and perfectionist from the Midwest; and Hannah, a mild-mannered southerner who is content to quietly round out the circle of big personalities. Soon after moving into their shared dorm, they strike up a conversation in a study lounge, and the seeds of friendship are planted. As their col

The sirens of Soleil City - a novel

"West Palm Beach, 1999. A phone call summons fifty-eight-year-old Cherie Anderson from the frozen tundra of her Minnesota home to help her two mothers--Dale, the mother who left her when she was five and is facing eviction from her budget apartment complex, and Marlys, the mother who raised her from that moment on and who's dying, but won't tell her daughter. Cherie needs a reason to stay in town long enough to give Dale the help she's finally asked for and Marlys the help she won't admit she ne

Our Kind of Game by Copeland, Johanna
Date added:
May 13, 2024
Our Kind of Game

The Next Best Fling

Lo fi by Riggs, Liz, author.
Date added:
May 13, 2024
Lo fi

"In the sweaty music clubs and late-night house parties of Nashville, an aspiring songwriter tries to make friends, find love, and write songs-without losing herself"--

Humor Me by Shook, Cat
Date added:
May 13, 2024
Humor Me

The Heart in Winter by Barry, Kevin
Date added:
May 13, 2024
The Heart in Winter

Grown women - a novel

"A novel about four generations of Black women contending with motherhood and daughterhood, generational trauma and the deeply ingrained tensions and wounds that divide them as they redefine happiness and healing for themselves"--

Finding you by Clipston, Amy, author.
Date added:
May 13, 2024
Finding you

"Both of them want a relationship - but is beginning it a big mistake?"--

Let the games begin

"Set against a sizzling-hot Greek summer filled with sunshine and souvlaki, Rufaro Faith Mazarura's Let the Games Begin is a page-turning debut rom-com about two strangers at the top of their game. Athens, 2024. Olivia Nkomo has always been ambitious, smart, and an overall go-getter. Now that she's graduated from university, she's willing to do whatever it takes to land her dream job at the Summer Games. The first step? Securing her new internship, which will put her in the center of all the act

LaRose - a novel

"North Dakota, late summer, 1999. Landreaux Iron stalks a deer along the edge of the property bordering his own. He shoots with easy confidence -- but when the buck springs away, Landreaux realizes he's hit something else, a blur he saw as he squeezed the trigger. When he staggers closer, he realizes he has killed his neighbor's five-year-old son, Dusty Ravich. The youngest child of his friend and neighbor, Peter Ravich, Dusty was best friends with Landreaux's five-year-old son, LaRose. The two

Ladykiller - a novel

"The estranged best friend of a missing heiress races to unravel the secrets behind her disappearance-with the only clues left behind in a manuscript detailing her possible last days-in this gripping psychological thriller. Abby and Gia have been friendssince they were thirteen, when Abby's mom came to work for Gia's billionaire family as a chef. Five years later, the two were forever bound by tragedy when Gia saved Abby from an attack by Gia's stalker, killing him in the process. In the afterma

The Hollywood assistant

"Cassidy Foster is heartbroken, stuck in life, and getting a little too obsessed with plants. Then when a well-connected friend becomes sick of Cassidy's moping and gets her a gig with famous Hollywood couple, Marisol and Nate Sterling, Cassidy jumps at the chance to move to sunny L.A. The Sterlings are warm and welcoming. A perfect couple. All Cassidy has to do is be available a few hours a week for errands. In return, she has access to luxury. Designer clothes. A sparkling pool. Great pay. Whe

The history of sound - stories

"A stunning collection of interconnected stories, set mostly in New England, exploring how the past is often misunderstood and how history, family, heartache, and desire can echo over centuries In twelve luminous stories set across three centuries, The History of Sound examines the unexpected ways the past returns to us and how love and loss are entwined and transformed over generations. In Ben Shattuck's ingenious collection, each story has a companion story, which contains a revelation about t

The game changer

"A hockey player and a baker shoot their shot in this steamy new romantic comedy by Lana Ferguson, USA Today bestselling author of The Nanny. When a very public breakup becomes a PR nightmare for Ian Chase's team, he hopes to focus on his game, but that suddenly seem less likely than a hat trick. With his career and the team's image in jeopardy, Ian is surprised to find a solution through none other than Delilah Baker, his best friend and teammate's little sister...who isn't so little anymore. D

The Family Experiment by Marrs, John
Date added:
May 13, 2024
The Family Experiment

A Death in Cornwall by Silva, Daniel
Date added:
May 13, 2024
A Death in Cornwall

The Confidence Games by Amy, Tess
Date added:
May 13, 2024
The Confidence Games

The Coin by Zaher, Yasmin
Date added:
May 13, 2024
The Coin

Bury your gays

"Bury Your Gays is a heart-pounding new novel from USA Today bestselling author Chuck Tingle about what it takes to succeed in a world that wants you dead. Misha knows that chasing success in Hollywood can be hell. But finally, after years of trying to make it, his big moment is here: an Oscar nomination. And the executives at the studio for his long-running streaming series know just the thing to kick his career to the next level: kill off the gay characters, "for the algorithm," in the upcomin

The Briar Club - a novel

"The New York Times bestselling author of The Diamond Eye and The Rose Code returns with a haunting and powerful story of female friendships and secrets in a Washington, DC, boardinghouse during the McCarthy era"--

The Art of Pretend by Kuhl, Lauren
Date added:
May 13, 2024
The Art of Pretend

Anyone's ghost - a novel

"An extraordinary debut novel in which the transforming love and friendship between two young men that erupts during one unforgettable teenage summer in rural New England follows them into adulthood. It took three car crashes to kill Jake. Theron David Alden was there for the first two: the summer they meet in rural New Hampshire, when he's fifteen and Jake's seventeen; then seven years later in New York City, those too-short, nearly sleepless days and nights that change both their lives and end

The Anthropologists by Savas, Ayseg?l
Date added:
May 13, 2024
The Anthropologists

All This and More by Shepherd, Peng
Date added:
May 13, 2024
All This and More

Perfume & pain - a novel

When she finally gets a chance to resurrect her dying career, controversial queer LA author Astrid Dahl finds her worst vice rearing its ugly head-the Patricia Highsmith, a blend of Adderall, alcohol and cigarettes, resulting in blackouts and a disturbingseries of events.

Nothing's Ever the Same

The fire between high & lo

"Logan Francis Silverstone and I were complete opposites. I danced, and he stood still. He was quiet, while I ran my mouth. He struggled to find a smile, and I refused to frown. The night I saw the darkness that truly lived inside of him, I couldn't lookaway. We were broken together, yet somehow whole. We were wrong together, but always right. We were the stars that burned across the night sky, searching for a wish, praying for better tomorrows. Until the day I lost him. He threw us away with on

You Are the Snake by Escoria, Juliet
Date added:
May 10, 2024
You Are the Snake

The wings of Poppy Pendleton

"1907. On the eve of her fifth birthday, Poppy Pendleton is tucked safely in her bed, listening to her parents entertain New York's gilded society in their Thousand Islands castle; the next morning, she is gone, and her father is found dead in his smokingroom. 1992. Though Chloe Ridell lives in the shadows of Poppy's castle, now in ruins, she has little interest in the mystery that still captivates tourists and locals alike. She is focused on preserving the island she inherited from her grandpa

What the mountains remember

In 1913, Belle Newbold is asked to research and write about the unfinished Grove Park Inn and finds, by watching a wonder rise from ordinary hands and mountain stone, she can finally find the strength to piece together the long-destroyed path toward who she was meant to be.

Trail of Promises by Craft, Susan F.
Date added:
May 10, 2024
Trail of Promises

To love the brooding baron

"Opposites attract and sparks fly when the vivacious Arabella falls for a baron who lives under the shadow of a scandalous family secret. 1815, London Arabella Latham is a free spirit who longs to feel the spark of true love, but few men can match her passion for Shakespeare or her zest for life. Though her prospects seem slim, Arabella knows she can always count on the handsome but stoic Lord Henry Northcott, dubbed "The Brooding Baron" by the ton, to be willing to engage in intelligent convers

Tiananmen Square by Wen, Lai
Date added:
May 10, 2024
Tiananmen Square

The Sisters K by Maureen, Sun
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May 10, 2024
The Sisters K


"A first novel about a day in the life of a young student who experiences her thoughts, her fantasies, her wishes, as she writes about-or tries to write about- Shakespeare's sonnets"--

Pointe of Pride by Angyal, Chloe
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May 10, 2024
Pointe of Pride

Over the Edge by Bryant, Kathleen
Date added:
May 10, 2024
Over the Edge

Old King by Loskutoff, Maxim
Date added:
May 10, 2024
Old King

My body is paper - stories and poems

"This recently discovered treasure is a stunning portrait of sex, family, religion, culture of origin, and the betrayals of the body. Tender and blistering, erotic and spiritual - Cuadros dives into these complexities which we grapple with today, showingus how to survive these times, and beyond"--

Love's Winding Road

Looking for love in all the haunted places

"Love brings the house down in this charming romance from the acclaimed author of The Romantic Agenda. Lucky Hart has a special affinity for the supernatural, but almost no one takes parapsychology seriously. She's estranged from her family, lost her friends, and has been rejected from graduate school. Twice. But her big break finally arrives when she gets insider info about a troubled production company. Every actor on their new show mysteriously quits after spending three nights inside Henness

The Location Shoot by Leavy, Patricia
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May 10, 2024
The Location Shoot

Inside the Mirror by Kapur, Parul
Date added:
May 10, 2024
Inside the Mirror

Visionary twin sisters aspire to become artists in 1950s India, confronting a society hostile to women claiming their place in the world.

In tongues

"A young gay man upends the lives of a powerful art-world couple in this steamy novel of self-discovery"--

How It Works Out by Lacroix, Myriam
Date added:
May 10, 2024
How It Works Out

The Helper by Dewil, M. M.
Date added:
May 10, 2024
The Helper

Happy Harbor by Hanna, Rachel
Date added:
May 10, 2024
Happy Harbor

Grim Root by Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo
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May 10, 2024
Grim Root

Embark on a darkly humorous journey of reality TV meets the macabre. On the set of The Groom, a group of women must compete for the heart of Midwestern bachelor Tristan by spending a week in a haunted house.


"When World War I breaks out, a young architecture student in Munich does everything in his power to avoid being enlisted into the German military in this perceptive, wickedly humorous novel by a prominent twentieth-century writer, journalist, and film critic. Siegfried Kracauer's Ginster is the great World War I novel you've never heard of. Here, the sheer horrors are kept offstage, as in Greek tragedy, and merely reported from time to time. The setting is the German home front. Its Chaplinesqu

From Sun to Sun by Wishnia, Kenneth
Date added:
May 10, 2024
From Sun to Sun

Frederick Douglass

The forgotten names - a novel

"Based on the true story of one ordinary woman who risked everything to reunite Jewish children with the true names they hadn't even realized they'd lost"--

Early sobrieties - a novel

"Early Sobrieties is a second coming-of-age story that offers an existential trek into the enigma of sobriety itself and follows the eloquent confessional of an addict who is lost and found, then lost again"--

The charmed friends of Trove Isle

"Ten years after she left her hometown of Trove Isle, NC, Melody Palmer is back to receive an unexpected inheritance-her great aunt's thrift store, Hidden Treasures. There, in a glass case beneath the register, Melody spies the long-lost charm bracelet she shared with her high school friends, Liz and Bri, and her younger sister, Alyssa. After a devastating prom night accident, it disappeared, and the girls' friendship evaporated with it. Slipping the bracelet on her arm for safekeeping, Melody s

Blood rubies

"Seven days are all it takes for Rune Sarasin's life to completely derail. It starts with a routine heist: lifting a pouch of rubies from the Bangkok hotel room of wealthy smuggler Charles Lemaire. Rune nearly gets caught when Lemaire's goons give chase,but she manages to escape with her boyfriend Kit. Then Kit delivers some terrifying news: his teenage sister Madee has gone missing. They track her cell phone to the dangerous Khlong Toei slum, but the trail ends there. The night gets even worse

Beneath a crescent shadow

"A devastating battle claimed the lives of Konstantin's father, uncle, and most of their Serb army, leaving him to rule as a vassal of the Ottoman sultan, a role he is wholly unprepared for. Between war, famine, and a persistent band of brigands, Konstantin is nearly bankrupt. He will need to find a wealthy bride to marry if he is to have any hope of saving his lands and securing his future. A betrothal to Suzana, the daughter of a prosperous merchant, is soon arranged, and upon meeting her, Kon

The abyss

"The novel tells about the demise of a crumbling house in Medellain, Colombia. Fernando, a writer, visits his brother Daraio, who is dying of AIDS. Recounting their wild philandering and trying to come to terms with his be-loved brother's inevitable death, Fernando rants against the political forces that cause so much suffering. Vallejo is the heir to Caeline, Thomas Paine, and Machado de Assis. He hurls vitriolic, savagely funny insults at his country ("I wipe my ass with the new Constitution o

Southern-Fried Woolf

How to Read a Book by Wood, Monica
Date added:
May 9, 2024
How to Read a Book

What once we loved - a sisterhood of friendship and faith

A circle of courageous women discovers the meaning of independence, forgiveness, and love, as they learn that God heals old wounds and prepares a way for those who seek him, call his name, and give themselves over to his service.

Stay over by Ryan, Kaylee, author.
Date added:
May 6, 2024
Stay over

"Overhearing my cousin's best friend confessing that she's never been satisfied wasn't my fault....but offering to help her change that definitely was."---- " I never dreamed having by crush overhear my most embarrassing confession would land me in is bed...or that I would want to stay there."-- back cover

The book of beginnings

"Jo Sorsby is hiding from her past when she agrees to run her uncle's beloved stationery shop. Glimpsing the lives of her customers between the warm wooden shelves, as they scribble little notes and browse colourful notebooks, distracts her from her bruised heart. When she meets Ruth, a vicar running from a secret, and Malcolm, a septuagenarian still finding himself, she suddenly realizes she isn't alone. They each have a story that can transform Jo's life... if only she can let them in."--Publi

Women's Hotel by Lavery, Daniel M.
Date added:
May 3, 2024
Women's Hotel

The husky and his white cat Shizun = Erha he ta de bai mao Shizun

"Cruel tyrant Taxian-jun killed his way to the throne and now reigns as the first ever emperor of the mortal realm. Yet somehow, he is unsatisfied. Left cold and bereft, abandoned by all he held dear, he takes his own life...only to be reborn anew. Awakening in the body of his younger self-Mo Ran, a disciple of the cultivation sect Sisheng Peak-he discovers the chance to relive his life. This time, he vows to attain the gratification that once eluded him: all who defied him will fall, and never

Archangel's lineage

When the earth beneath the Refuge begins to tremble, endangering their most innocent, Elena, battling grief over the loss of her father, and Raphael, searching for a missing archangel, soon discover the worst is yet to come as new cataclysmic threat arises.

The witches of Bellinas - a novel

The newest arrivals in Bellinas, a reclusive, creative community along the coast of northern California run by her husband's cousin, a famous model, Tansy grows more and more suspicious of Bellinas and increasingly desperate to save her already-fragile marriage, wanting to believe in what may only be a beautiful lie.

The world after Alice - a novel

"When Morgan and Benji invite their families to their wedding in Maine, they know the news will come as a shock after keeping their relationship secret. Twelve years have passed since the stunning loss of Benji's sixteen-year-old sister Alice, who was also Morgan's best friend, and no one is quite the same. But the young couple decide to leap headfirst into marriage and have asked their fractured families to finally come together, marking the first time their parents and loved ones will be gathe

What we hide

"The only hope they've got is each other, and they're going to have to put their past behind them if they're going to stay alive long enough to uncover all that's hidden"--

The Villain Edit by Devore, Laurie
Date added:
May 2, 2024
The Villain Edit

What's in a kiss?

"This is not how Liv wanted to see Jake Glasswell for the first time in ten years. Once her high school rival and the prom date who humiliated her, now a successful TV personality, he's more attractive than he has any right to be. And he's her Lyft passenger. Since the prom night kiss that never was, Liv's life has not gone to plan. She deferred Julliard to be with her mom during a crisis, and now swears she's happy as a recently furloughed drama teacher going on no-strings dates. This weekend s

Welcome to glorious Tuga - a novel

"Passionate about conservation and fleeing an argument with her mother, newly qualified London vet Charlotte Walker has taken up a fellowship on the tiny South Atlantic island of Tuga de Oro to study the endangered Gold Coin tortoises in the jungle interior. She can claim the best of reasons for this year in paradise-What better motivation than to save a species?-but the reality is more complex. For Charlotte has secretly come to believe that she has her own connection to this remote and eccentr

Under Your Spell by Wood, Laura
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Under Your Spell

Triple Sec by Alexander, T. J.
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Triple Sec

The Townsend family recipe for disaster

"Mae Townsend has always dreamed of connecting with her estranged Black family in the South. She grew up picturing relatives who looked like her, crowded dinner tables, bustling kitchens. And, of course, the Townsend family barbecue, the tradition that kept her late father flying to North Carolina year after year, despite the mysterious rift that always required her to stay behind. But as Mae's wedding draws closer, promising a future of always standing out among her white in-laws, suddenly not

Toward the Dawn by Connealy, Mary
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Toward the Dawn

This skin was once mine and other disturbances

The Bram Stoker Award-nominated and Splatterpunk Award-winning author presents four brand-new horror stories, including This Skin Was Once Mine, in which Jillian Finch, after her father dies under mysterious consequences, discovers it's only natural to hurt the ones you love as a dark secret threatens to undo everything she has ever known.

This girl - a novel

Tell me who you are - a novel

"The Silent Patient meets Gone Girl in this sharp psychological thriller about a psychiatrist with a shocking past and her dangerous new patient"--

Tell it to me singing - a novel

"A Cuban American family is sent into a tailspin when the ailing matriarch confesses the first of several shocking secrets to her daughter before undergoing heart surgery in this tender and twisty debut novel"--

Swift River by Chambers, Essie
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Swift River

Swan Song by Hilderbrand, Elin
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Swan Song

Tehrangeles - a novel

"From the critically-acclaimed novelist and essayist, the hilarious, heartwarming story of the Milanis-an Iranian American family who live in wealth and whose recent foray into the spotlight will force them to divulge long-kept family secrets and bring them closer than ever before When Ali and Homa Milani first immigrated from Iran to the United States, they struggled to make ends meet. Now multimillionaires and self-proclaimed American Fast-Food Moguls, they've established a name for themselves

Teddy - a novel

"Lessons in Chemistry meets Mad Men in this wildly entertaining debut novel, set in glamorous Rome in the late 1960s, which follows the free-spirited wife of an American diplomat as she desperately tries to contain a scandal of her own making. It is the summer of 1969 and Rome is awash with glamour and intrigue: the stars of Cinecittaa are drinking and dancing along the paparazzo-lined Via Veneto, where royalty, American expats, and the occasional Russian spy rub shoulders. Teddy Huntley Carlyle

The Summer Escape by Shalvis, Jill
Date added:
May 2, 2024
The Summer Escape

Stuart Woods' Smolder

"When he is drawn into a case involving a ring of art thieves, which has links to his own mother's paintings, Stone Barrington must draw out a familiar enemy and face down his most vindictive threat yet"--

Storm warning

"A man living on a Florida barrier island must protect his family from both an approaching hurricane and a relentless killer. Jacob Powell is racing to get off the island as a hurricane approaches. When he finds his friend Collins, the building manager, dead from a blow to the skull, Jacob realizes there's more than the hurricane to fear. The murderer is likely still on the island, maybe even inside the nearly abandoned building. Collins had repeatedly run afoul of the wealthy owners of the buil

Storm child

"The mystery of Evie Cormac's background has followed her into adulthood. As a child, she was discovered hiding in a secret room where a man had been tortured to death. Many of her captors and abusers escaped justice, unseen but not forgotten. Now, on a hot summer's day, the past drags Evie back as she watches the bodies of seventeen migrants wash up on a Lincolnshire beach. There is only one survivor, a teenage boy, who tells police their small boat was deliberately rammed and sunk. Psychologis

Soldier Sailor by Kilroy, Claire
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Soldier Sailor

Small Town Horror by Malfi, Ronald
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Small Town Horror

Seven Summer Weekends

The Same Bright Stars

Shelterwood - a novel

"Oklahoma 1909. Eleven-year-old Olive Augusta Radley knows that her stepfather doesn't have good intentions toward the two Choctaw girls boarded in their home as wards. When the older girl disappears, Ollie flees to the woods, taking six-year-old Nessa with her. Together they begin a perilous journey to the rugged Winding Stair Mountains, the notorious territory of outlaws, treasure hunters, and desperate men. Along the way, Ollie and Nessa form an unlikely band with others like themselves, stru

Rules for second chances

"Brimming with heart and heat, Rules for Second Chances explores the hardest relationship question of all: can true love happen twice...with the same person? Liz Lewis has tried everything to be what people want. But she's always been labeled different from everyone else in the boisterous world of wilderness expeditions-that is, if anyone notices her at all. Her marriage to popular adventure guide Tobin Renner-Lewis is a sinkhole of toxic positivity where she's the only one saying no. In a mount

The rom-commers

"She's rewriting his love story. But can she rewrite her own? Emma Wheeler desperately longs to be a screenwriter. She's spent her life studying, obsessing over, and writing romantic comedies-good ones! That win contests! But she's also been the sole caretaker for her kind-hearted dad, who needs full-time care. Now, when she gets a chance to re-write a script for famous screenwriter Charlie Yates-The Charlie Yates! Her personal writing god!-it's a break too big to pass up. Emma's younger sister

The roads we follow

"Aspiring writer Raegan Farrow learns about a tell-all on her famous mother's life that could tear their family apart but keeps it a secret as they embark on a cross-country road trip. While trying to uncover who's behind it, she learns their handsome driver has his own connection to her mother's past, and all their lives will be changed by journey's end"--

The road to the salt sea - a novel

"As wrenching and luminous as Omar El Akkad's What Strange Paradise and Mohsin Hamid's Exit West, a searing exploration of the global migration crisis that moves from Nigeria to Libya to Italy, from an exciting new literary voice"--

The road to the country - a novel

"At first the vision is grainy-like something seen through wet glass. But slowly it clears, and there appears the figure of a man. When Kunle's younger brother disappears as his country explodes in civil war, Kunle must set out on an impossible rescue mission behind enemy lines. Set in Nigeria in the late 1960s, The Road to the Country is the epic story of a shy, bookish student haunted by long-held guilt and shame who must go to war to free himself. Kunle's search for his brother becomes a jour

The Piano Teacher

Our Little Secret by Jackson, Lisa
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Our Little Secret

One-star Romance by Hankin, Laura
Date added:
May 2, 2024
One-star Romance

The outlaw Noble Salt - a novel

"When infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy decides to go straight, he discovers that too many of the powerful men he crossed won't let bygones be bygones. To have a chance at a new life, he'll have to become someone else entirely. A brief, fateful encounter with the celebrated singer Jane Touissant on the eve of his escape offers a glimpse of what might have been, but Butch disappears, leaving her behind, until their paths unexpectedly converge again in Paris. Despite having discovered his true identi

One last summer

"Clara Millen's life is spiraling out of control: her dream job is a nightmare, she's resoundingly single, and it's been years since she's taken some time off. Thankfully, the last problem she can fix - this year she'll join her friends on their annual summer vacation to their beloved childhood sleepover camp for a much-needed escape. But when Clara arrives at Pine Lake Camp, she faces yet another unwelcome change: the owners are retiring and selling the property. The news turns her plans for re

The night the river wept - a novel

"Arlene has lived in a small town on the edge of nowhere Georgia her whole life. Now married to her long-time high school sweetheart, Tommy, Arlene is itching to start a family and become the mother she always dreamed of being. But that's proving more difficult than she thought, and Arlene is desperate to find something to do to keep her mind off things-and get some distance from her husband, who is increasingly getting on her nerves. As the summer gives way to a chilly, lonesome fall up in the

The night of Baba Yaga

"Tokyo, 1979. Yoriko Shindo, a workhorse of a woman who has been an outcast her whole life, is kidnapped and dragged to the lair of the Naiki-kai, a branch of the yakuza. After she savagely fends off a throng of henchmen in an attempt to escape, Shindo isonly permitted to live under one condition: that she will become the bodyguard and driver for Shoko Naiki, the obsessively sheltered daughter of the gang's boss. Eighteen-year-old Shoko, pretty and silent as a doll, has no friends, wears strange

The Night Ends With Fire

The next Mrs. Parrish - a novel

"Daphne and Amber Parrish are thrust back into one another's lives upon the resurgence of a long-forgotten threat, forcing a vicious game of cat and mouse where everything is on the line, in this thrilling sequel to the million-copy-bestselling Reese's Book Club Pick The Last Mrs. Parrish. Amber Patterson Parrish has come a long way from being an invisible wallflower. Her hard work and immaculate planning have paid off now that she's a prominent socialite, but that doesn't mean she's had it easy

Moral injuries - a novel

"From the bestselling author of The Language of Kindness comes a high-stakes literary thriller following three women who have been best friends since medical school, whose twenty-five-year-old secret threatens to blow open when their teenaged children find themselves in an eerily similar situation"--

Misrecognition by Newbound, Madison
Date added:
May 2, 2024

Midnight Rooms by Coles, Donyae
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Midnight Rooms

Match me if you can - a novel

"A young magazine writer in Mumbai must prove her matchmaking skills-and contend with growing feelings for her close family friend-in this debut romance Jia Deshpande, the ever-confident stylish fashionista, is a writer with Mimosa, Mumbai's top women's magazine, where she begrudgingly writes clichae articles about finding "the one." Out of the office, Jia writes the messy truth of real love on her anonymous blog while balancing competitive family game nights and growing feelings for her childho

The match - a novel

"From the New York Times bestselling author of Practice Makes Perfect comes The Match-a charming romance novel about second chances and the healing power of love, with a never-before-seen chapter Sometimes, love finds you when you least expect it.."--


"Set in a wonderfully reimagined 15th century West Africa, Masquerade is a dazzling, lyrical tale exploring the true cost of one woman's fight for freedom and self-discovery, and the lengths she'll go to secure her future. "A bewitching, thrilling and vibrant novel that had me enthralled with every twist and turn." -Jennifer Saint, New York Times bestselling author. aOdaodao's hometown of Timbuktu has been conquered by the warrior king of Yoraubaaland. Already shunned as social pariahs, living c

The marijuana chronicles by
Date added:
May 2, 2024
The marijuana chronicles

"Like film, literature has been no stranger to marijuana and hashish, going back to Charles Baudelaire's 1860 Artificial Paradises, in which the French poet not only describes the effects of hashish but postulates it could be an aid in creating an ideal world. The pleasures, pains, and complexities of marijuana are more than hinted at in works by William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Henry Miller, Hunter S. Thompson, and Thomas Pynchon, to name just a few, and I hope this anthology

Margo's got money troubles - a novel

"A bold, laugh-out-loud funny, and heartwarming story about one young woman's attempt to navigate adulthood, new motherhood, and her meager bank account in our increasingly online world-from the PEN/Faulkner finalist and critically acclaimed author of TheKnockout Queen"--

Malas - a novel

"A novel with alternating timelines in which the consequences of one old woman's questionable curse reverberate through the generations of a Tejano family"--

Making It by Kay, Laura
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Making It

Made for You by Satterthwaite, Jenna
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Made for You

The Love Shack by Foster, Lori
Date added:
May 2, 2024
The Love Shack

The lifeline by Page, Libby
Date added:
May 2, 2024
The lifeline

Let Us March on by Moon, Shara
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Let Us March on

The love of my afterlife

"A recently deceased woman meets "the one" in the afterlife waiting room, scoring a second chance at life (and love!) if she can find him on earth before ten days are up... If she wasn't dead already, Delphie would be dying of embarrassment. Not only didshe just die by choking on a microwaveable burger, but now she's standing in her 'shine like a star' nightie in front of the hottest man she's ever seen. And he's smiling at her. As they start to chat, everything else becomes background noise. Th

A love like the sun

"Lifelong best friends spend a fateful summer discovering what might happen if they were to be something more in this radiant, heart-clenching adult debut. Laniah Thompson is a homebody who craves privacy. Issac Jordan is internet famous and spends his days followed by paparazzi. She runs a small business with her mom in her hometown. He runs an international brand. And they've been best friends since childhood. When Issac comes home to Providence for the first time in months and discovers Lania

Looking for a sign - a novel

"Gray has only been in love once, but things fell apart when she and her ex realized they didn't want the same things out of life. With her twenty-ninth birthday approaching, Gray feels her biological clock ticking and is determined to meet someone, settle down, and build the loving, accepting family she's always wanted-and didn't grow up with. But having just moved to New Orleans for a new job working for a demanding boss, and with her last first date a decade in the past, Gray has no idea how

Leather & Lark by Weaver, Brynne
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Leather & Lark

The last sane woman - a novel

"Nicola is a few years out of a fine arts degree, listless and unenthusiastically employed in London. At a university archive dedicated to women's art, she discovers one side of a correspondence beginning in 1976 and spanning a dozen years, written from one woman-a ceramics graduate, uncannily like Nicola-to her friend, who is living a contrasting and conventionally moored life. As she reads on, an acute sense of affinity turns into obsession, and she abandons one job after another to make time

Just some stupid love story

"A rom-com screenwriter who doesn't believe in love or soulmates and a hopelessly romantic divorce attorney who doesa are forced together at their high school reunion fifteen years after their messy breakup and who, during a charged exchange, make a bet on the outcome of five relationships-including their own-over the next five years with the winner to be declared the ultimate authority on true love"--

Just Playing House by Heron, Farah
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Just Playing House

In the Hour of Crows

Hot summer - a novel

"Sparks fly when a young woman finds herself cast on a Love Island-inspired reality show and has to choose between her heart and her strategy in this sizzling new queer romantic comedy from the beloved author of Wanderlust"--

Isabel and the rogue

"When a daring Mexican heiress defies Victorian society to protect her country a British war hero makes it his new mission to protect her... Isabel Luna Valdaes has long since resigned herself to being the "forgotten" Luna sister. But thanks to familial connections to the Mexican ambassador in London, wallflower Isabel is poised to unearth any British intelligence hidden by the ton that might aid Mexico during the French Occupation. Though she slips easily from crowded ballrooms into libraries a

Horror Movie by Tremblay, Paul
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Horror Movie

The haters

"Camryn Hart is living her dream. After years of struggle and rejection, her first novel has finally been published. Her editor is happy; her fiancae, Matt, is supportive; and her friends are all excited for her. She's on top of the world--until she receives a disturbing email from an unfamiliar address. Rattled by the accusations she finds there, Camryn swallows the sick feeling in her stomach and resolves to put the email out of her mind. But then she checks her ratings on a popular book site

Godwin by O'Neill, Joseph
Date added:
May 2, 2024

The God of the Woods by Moore, Liz
Date added:
May 2, 2024
The God of the Woods

Flashpoint by Coulter, Catherine
Date added:
May 2, 2024

First light by Kerin, Liz, author.
Date added:
May 2, 2024
First light

Haunted by her mother's blood-thirsty past, Mia hunts the man who sparked it, infiltrating a secret network of fugitive monsters and finding herself snared in a web of unsettling truths, in the sequel to Night's Edge.

Facial Recognition by Peel, Jennifer
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Facial Recognition

Evenings and Weekends

The Entire Sky by Wilkins, Joe
Date added:
May 2, 2024
The Entire Sky

Enlightenment by Perry, Sarah
Date added:
May 2, 2024

Experienced - a novel

"A fresh, sexy romantic comedy about a newly-out lesbian finding herself, finding her tribe, and finding her partner-in that order. Bette is in love for the first time in her life. When she turned thirty, she realized she likes women and fell for Mei. Finally, everything makes sense. Until, out of the blue, Mei suggests they take a break so that Bette can go and do all the exploring she missed out on in her twenties - for her to plunge into the queer dating scene and return to Mei clearer about

Curvy Girl Summer by Allen, Danielle
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Curvy Girl Summer


"From Gretchen Felker-Martin, the acclaimed author of Manhunt, comes a vicious new novel about a group of teens who must stay true to themselves while in a conversion camp from hell. "A soaring, boundless ode to queer survival. It's flat-out mesmerizing."-Paul Tremblay, author of The Pallbearers Club Something evil is buried deep in the desert. It wants your body. It wears your skin. In the summer of 1995, seven queer kids abandoned by their parents at a remote conversion camp came face to face

The coast road - a novel

"A poignant debut novel about the lives of women, set in a claustrophobic coast town. How can they find independence in a society that seeks to limit it?"--

Cash Delgado is living the dream - a novel

"A small-town bartender juggles motherhood and a sexual awakening in this heartwarming queer friends-to-lovers romance"--


"Gabriela Menchaca and Edwin Saucedo are hardworking, undocumented employees at the Detmer Foods chicken plant in Springdale, Arkansas, just a stone's throw away from the trailer park where they've lived together for seven years. While dealing with personal tragedies of their own, the young couple endures the brutal, dehumanizing conditions at the plant in exchange for barebones pay. When the plant manager, Luke Jackson, fires Edwin to set an example for the rest of the workers-and to show the h

The bride of Blackfriars Lane

Detective Jackson Forge can hardly wait to marry the street-sly swindler who's turned his life upside down. Kit Turner is equally excited to wed the handsome detective, and what better way to show her love than providing him with a gift any man of the law would love? She determines to bring to justice the men who years ago maimed his brother--despite Jackson's warning to leave the past in the past. As she digs into the mystery of what happened, she unwittingly tumbles into her own history and en

Breaking the dark - a Jessica Jones crime novel

"#1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jewell launches the Marvel Crime program with an original story of Jessica Jones investigating a case about a mother who fears her children have been replaced"--

Body Check by Kennedy, Elle
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Body Check

Big in Sweden by Franson, Sally
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Big in Sweden

Beyond Summerland by Lecoat, Jenny
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Beyond Summerland

Blood in the cut

""Blood in The Cut brims with dangerous energy in the face of existential entropy. A fantastic story." -S. A. Cosby, New York Times bestselling author of All the Sinners Bleed Iggy Guerra is out of prison, but his homecoming is anything but smooth. His beloved mother is gone, his grief-stricken father Armando is deep in debt, and they are about to lose the butcher shop that has been in their family for generations. Iggy must earn his father's lost trust in order to save La Carniceraia Guerra fro

Birding with benefits

"Newly-divorced, almost-empty-nester Celeste is finally seeking adventure and putting herself first, cliches be damned. So when a friend asks Celeste to "partner" with his buddy John for an event, Celeste throws herself into the role of his temporary girlfriend. But quiet cinnamon roll John isn't looking for love, just birds-he needs a partner for Tucson's biggest bird-watching contest if he's ever going to launch his own guiding business. By the time they untangle their crossed signals, they've

Becoming Ted by Cain, Matt
Date added:
May 2, 2024
Becoming Ted

Assassins anonymous

"Mark was the most dangerous killer-for-hire in the world. But after learning the hard way that his life's work made him more monster than man, he left all of that behind, and joined a twelve-step group for reformed killers. When Mark is viciously attacked by an unknown assailant, he is forced on the run. From New York to Singapore to London, he chases after clues while dodging attacks and trying to solve the puzzle of who's after him. All without killing anyone. Or getting killed himself. For a

Cooking for Picasso - a novel

"For readers of Paula McLain, Nancy Horan, and Melanie Benjamin, this captivating novel is inspired by a little-known interlude in the artist's life. The French Riviera, spring 1936: It's off-season in the lovely seaside village of Juan-les-Pins, where seventeen-year-old Ondine cooks with her mother in the kitchen of their family-owned Cafe Paradis. A mysterious new patron who's slipped out of Paris and is traveling under a different name has made an unusual request--to have his lunch served to

Mystic Tea by Martin, Rea Nolan
Date added:
Apr 26, 2024
Mystic Tea

"A community of quirky, mismatched, and endearing women struggle to find meaning and purpose on a ramshackle monastery in upstate New York. Having spent their lives in service to a church that seems to no longer serve them, they are confused about their own futures and the future of the entire monastery. Led by Mike, the practical no-nonsense prioress, and Augusta, the grand ancient mystic hermit, they are joined by Gemma, a self-punishing novice, and Arielle, a firebrand jailhouse conversion wh

The shadows of London

The damage caused by the Great Fire still overshadows the capital. When a man's brutally disfigured body is discovered in the ruins of an ancient almshouse, architect Cat Hakesby is ordered to stop restoration work. It is obvious he has been murdered, and Whitehall secretary James Marwood is ordered to investigate. It's possible the victim could be one of two local men who have vanished - the first, a feckless French tutor connected to the almshouse's owner; the second, a possibly treacherous em


"A granddaughter and grandmother, alienated from their community, live among various sombras, shadows of the dead with whom they alone can pray and commune. When the mysterious disappearance of a young boy draws the unwanted attention of locals, the womencombine forces with the spirits that haunt them in pursuit of something that resembles justice"--

What We'll Burn Last

The wedding people - a novel

"A propulsive and uncommonly wise novel about one unexpected wedding guest and the surprising people who help us start anew"--

Under the Palms by Rouda, Kaira
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Under the Palms

Troubled waters - a novel

"In heartfelt, lyrical prose, celebrated author Mary Annai¨se Heglar weaves an unforgettable, distinctly Southern story of the enduring power of family, Black resistance, and the rising climate crisis"--

They Dream in Gold by Sennaar, Mai
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
They Dream in Gold

Tangled Up in You

Summer After Summer by Bailey, Lauren
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Summer After Summer

That prince is mine - a novel

"A love-averse Korean royal court cuisine instructor is waylaid by a gorgeous professor-and prince in disguise-who will do anything to prove to her that love and happily ever after can be theirs. Emma Yoon dreams of opening her very own culinary school inLos Angeles. She's saving up for it by teaching young ladies the art of Korean royal court cuisine, a prerequisite to marrying into the exclusive upper crust Korean families. Thanks to her godmother, a renowned Korean matchmaker, business is boo

Stories from the center of the world - new fiction from the Markaz Review

"Short stories from 25 emerging and established writers of Middle Eastern and North African origins, a unique collection of voices and viewpoints that illuminate life in the global Arab/Muslim world. Stories from the Center of the World gathers new writing from the Greater Middle East, a vast region that stretches from Southwest Asia, through the Middle East and Turkey, and across Northern Africa. The 25 authors included here are either native to the region, or part of a diasporic community, a d

Someone Like Us by Mengestu, Dinaw
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Someone Like Us

Some Doubt About It by Mcnabb, Marion
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Some Doubt About It

Slow Dance by Rowell, Rainbow
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Slow Dance

A shore thing

"Former painter and unreformed rake Kit Griffith is forging a new life in Cornwall, choosing freedom over an identity that didn't fit. He knew that leaving his Sisterhood of women artists might mean forfeiting artistic community forever. He didn't realizehe would lose his ability to paint altogether. Luckily, he has other talents. Why not devote himself to selling bicycles and trysting with the holidaymakers? Enter Muriel Pendrake, the feisty New-York-bound botanist who has come to St. Ives to c

Shadow of Doubt by Thor, Brad
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Shadow of Doubt

The rush by Prak, Michelle, author.
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The rush

In the Australian outback, during a punishing storm, Quinn sees a body dumped by the side of the road, while her boss Andrea answers the door to a biker seeking shelter and two young couples, alone, angry and afraid in unfamiliar surroundings discover thestorm isn't the only threat bearing down on them.

Role play

"Set in the world of art, money, and privilege in Brazil, Vivian is an image-obsessed curator at the beginning of a dark and delirious spiral into her own narcissism"--

Road Trip to Miracles by Pugh, Sueann
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Road Trip to Miracles

Primal mirror

"The next riveting novel in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series by New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh"--

Prickly Company by Johnson, Kitty
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Prickly Company

Queens of Themiscyra

"In ancient Themiscyra, Hippolyte rules as queen of the Amazons with her sister Penthesilea at her side. Feared throughout Greece, their skills on the battlefield are unrivalled. But when a ship lands on their shores, it brings something more dangerous than the threat of war. It brings Theseus, the legendary king of Athens... Swept away by a love unlike any she's ever known, Hippolyte leaves her people and, in her stead, Penthesilea leads the Amazons with a ferocity and impulsiveness that spread

A professional Lola - and other stories

"Professional Lola is a collection of short stories that blend literary fiction with the surreal to present the contemporary Filipino American experience and its universal themes of love, family, and identity. A family hires an actress to play their beloved grandmother at a party; a couple craving Filipino food rob a panaderya; a coven of Filipino witches cast a spell on their husbands; a Lolo transforms into a Lola. These are just a few of the stories in the collection that represent its roster

Pink Glass Houses by Elias, Asha
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Pink Glass Houses

Pearce Oysters by Takacs, Joselyn
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Pearce Oysters

An ocean of courage and fear

"Based on survivor accounts, this gripping novel opens days after the attack on Pearl Harbor and details three years of sea battles that spanned between Hawaii and the shores of Okinawa with the crew of one of the most decorated ships of the Pacific War.Onboard the heavy cruiser USS Salt Lake City, Lieutenant Commander Justin Collier was 230 miles west of Pearl Harbor accompanying the USS Enterprise on a secret mission when Japan attacked the United States. Upon his return to Honolulu, the gravi

Not in love

"Rue Siebert might not have it all, but she has enough: a few friends she can always count on, the financial stability she yearned for as a kid, and a successful career as a biotech engineer at Kline, one of the most promising start-ups in the field of food science. Her world is stable, pleasant, and hard-fought. Until a hostile takeover and its offensively attractive front man threatens to bring it all crumbling down. Eli Killgore and his business partners want Kline, period. Eli has his own re

Nice work, Nora November

"Now that Nora is not dead, only one question remains: what does she want to do with her life?"--

The mighty red - a novel

"In this stunning novel, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning author Louise Erdrich tells a story of love, natural forces and the tragic impact of big business"--

Midwestern Gothic by Thomas, Scott
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Midwestern Gothic

Nicked by Anderson, M. T., author.
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024

"The year is 1087, and a pox is sweeping through the Italian port city of Bari. When a lowly monk is visited by Saint Nicholas in his dreams, he interprets the vision as a call to action. But his superiors, and the power brokers they serve, have differentplans for the tender-hearted Brother Nicephorus. Enter Tyun, a charismatic treasure hunter renowned for "liberating" holy relics from their tombs. The six-hundred-year-old bones of Saint Nicholas rest in distant Myra, Tyun explains, and they're

My mother cursed my name - a novel

"Three generations of fiercely strong and stubborn Mexican American women face grief head-on as they attempt to shed generational trauma and discover the true meaning of home in this lyrical novel that features magical realism in the tradition of The Inheritance of Orquaidea Divina and The House of the Spirits. For generations, the Olivares women have sought to control their daughters' destinies, starting with their names. In life, Olvido constantly clashed with her carefree daughter. Then teena

Mary's Calico Hope

Maria - a novel of Maria von Trapp

"Maria von Trapp. You know the name and the iconic songs, but do you know her real story? This dramatic novel, based on the woman glamorized in The Sound of Music, brings Maria to life as never before. In the 1950s, Oscar Hammerstein is asked to write thelyrics to a musical based on the life of a woman named Maria von Trapp. He's fascinated to learn about this Catholic novice who was living quietly as an Austrian nun until her abbey sent her away to teach a widowed baron's children. When the ass

The Lucifer Cut by Hart, Matthew
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The Lucifer Cut

A Lovely Lie by Hendricks, Jaime Lynn
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
A Lovely Lie

Love letters to a serial killer

"Recently ghosted and sick of watching her friends fade into the suburbs with their husbands and children, thirty-something Hannah finds new community in an internet true crime forum that's on a mission to solve the murders of four women who were dumped in a ravine outside Atlanta. When a handsome lawyer named William is arrested for the killings, with evidence of his guilt piling up as quickly as the bodies, Hannah begins writing him letters as another outlet for both her frustration at her fai

Liars by Manguso, Sarah
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024

Lady Scandal by Guhrke, Laura Lee
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Lady Scandal

The lost boy of Santa Chionia

"Calabria, 1960. Francesca Loftfield, a twenty-seven-year-old, starry-eyed American, arrives in the isolated mountain village of Santa Chionia tasked with opening a nursery school. There is no road, no doctor, no running water or electricity. And thanks to a recent flood that swept away the post office, there's no mail, either. Most troubling, though, is the human skeleton that surfaced after the flood waters receded. Who is it? And why don't the police come and investigate? When an old woman be

Jewel Me Twice by Reid, Charish
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Jewel Me Twice

Jackpot summer

"The four Potter children were raised to respect the value of a dollar. Their mother reused tea bags and refused to pay retail; their father taught them to budget before he taught them to ride a bike. And yet, as adults, their financial lives--as well astheir personal lives--are in complete disarray. The siblings reunite when their newly widowed father puts their Jersey Shore home on the market. Packing up their childhood isn't easy, especially when they've all got drama brewing back home. Matth

The Irish Goodbye by Ewing, Amy
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The Irish Goodbye

Invaginies by Koch, Joe
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024

The Institution by Fields, Helen
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The Institution

The Horse by Vlautin, Willy
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The Horse

Gretel and the Great War

"A novel in twenty-six alphabetical chapters set in the dark side of early twentieth-century Vienna"--

The Grand Illusion by Moore, Syd
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The Grand Illusion

Ghostroots by Aguda, Pemi
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024

The Fiance Dilemma by Armas, Elena
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The Fiance Dilemma

The faculty lounge - a novel

"By the acclaimed author of Moxie, a funny, big-hearted adult debut that is at once an ode to teachers, a timely glimpse at today's pressing school-place issues, and a tender character study, following a sprawling cast of teachers, administrators, and staff at a Texas high school"--

The Days I Loved You Most

The Cliffs by Sullivan, J. Courtney
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The Cliffs


"More than simply a book, Cartoons proposes itself as a genre of imaginary writing in opposition to the realism of most contemporary U.S. fiction, aligning itself with the French symbolism and Latin American fabulism its author is known to translate. A giant cricket with a tiny Kit Schluter in a jar, The Girl Who Is a Piece of Paper, an umbrella who confuses the words porpoise and purpose in its quest for self-fulfillment, these are just a few denizens of its pages, suffused with a fairy tale-li

Calder Country by Dailey, Janet
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Calder Country

The borrowed hills - a novel

"A stunning debut novel set in the rugged, rural landscape of northwest England where two sheep farmers lose their flocks and decide to reverse their fortunes by stealing sheep from a rich farm in the south-for fans of Annie Proulx and Cormac McCarthy. Inearly 2001, a lethal disease breaks out on the hill farms of northern England, emptying the valleys of sheep and filling the skies with smoke as they burn the carcasses. Two neighboring shepherds lose everything and set their sights on a wealthy

Behind a Closed Door by Barker, J.d.
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Behind a Closed Door

Barely Even Friends by Bennett, Mae
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Barely Even Friends

Bad River by Cameron, Marc
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
Bad River

The Au Pair Affair by Bailey, Tessa
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The Au Pair Affair

The black bird oracle - a novel

"Diana Bishop journeys to the darkest places within herself--and her family history--in the highly anticipated fifth novel of the beloved #1 New York Times bestselling All Souls series Deborah Harkness first introduced the world to Diana Bishop, Oxford scholar and witch, and vampire geneticist Matthew de Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches. Drawn to each other despite long-standing taboos, these two other-worldly beings found themselves at the center of a battle for a lost, enchanted manuscript

The best lies - a novel

"Leo Balanoff is a diagnosed pathological liar with unthinkable skeletons in his family's closet. He's also a crusading attorney who seeks justice at all costs. When a ruthless drug dealer is found dead and Leo's fingerprints show up on the murder weapon,no one believes a word he says. But he might be the FBI's only shot at taking down the dealer's brutal syndicate. Risk his life going undercover for the Feds or head straight to prison for murder? Leo accepts the FBI's offer - but it comes with

The alone time by Marr, Elle, author.
Date added:
Apr 25, 2024
The alone time

"Fiona and Violet Seng were just children when their family's Cessna crash-landed in the Washington wilderness, claiming the lives of their parents. For twelve harrowing weeks, the girls fended for themselves before being rescued. Twenty-five years later,they're still trying to move on from the trauma. Fiona repurposes it into controversial works of art. Violet has battled addiction and failed relationships to finally progress toward normalcy as a writer. The estranged sisters never speak about

Joy by Steel, Danielle
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024

Hard to kill by Patterson, James
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Hard to kill

Youthjuice by Sathue, E. K., author.
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024

"From Sophia Bannion's first day on the Storytelling team at HEBE, a luxury skincare/wellness company based in New York City's glitziest neighborhood, it's clear something is deeply amiss. But Sophia, pushing thirty with plenty of skeletons in her closetnext to the designer knock-offs, doesn't care. Though she leads an outwardly charmed life, she aches for a deeper meaning to her flat existence-and a cure for her brutal nail-biting habit. She finds it all and more at HEBE, and with Tree Whitesto

You're Safe Here by Stephens, Leslie
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
You're Safe Here

You'll Never Find Me

The Year of What If

What Kingdom by Grabol, Fine
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
What Kingdom

"'I'm not inarticulate, but I leave language to the room around me,' says Fine Fine Greab2l 's nameless narrator as she dreams of furniture flickering to life in the room she occupies at a temporary psychiatric care unit for young adults. A chair that greets you, or shiny tiles of floor that follow a peculiar grammar of their own. Our narrator is obsessed with the way items rise up out of their thingness, assuming personalities and private motives. She also cannot sleep, and practices her daily

We Used to Live Here

Warrior King by Smith, Wilbur
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Warrior King

Trust Her by Berry, Flynn
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Trust Her

Some Murders in Berlin

Shanghai by Kanon, Joseph
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024

Sentinel by Greaney, Mark, author.
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024

"An African coup may force Josh Duffy to choose between his mission and his family in this intense thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Gray Man series. Josh Duffy lives by a simple code: Duty. Honor. Family. But sometimes it's hard to know what order the words go in. Josh Duffy and his wife, Nikki, are both working for the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service, providing protection for diplomats in the field. They and their two children have been posted to Ghan

Sandwich by Newman, Catherine
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024

Same As It Ever Was

Right where we left us - a novel

"Temperance Jean Madigan and Duncan Brady have never gotten it right. After one radiant, secret summer together when they were eighteen, they've been on-again off-again ever since. Now, despite red-hot chemistry and TJ's closeness with Duncan's family, they're virtually strangers, only capable of adversarial banter, awkward small talk-and the occasional messy hookup. When a wedding at the Bradys' vineyard lands TJ there for the summer, their mutual avoidance strategies prove impossible. The last

Proof by Michaels, Fern
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024

Molten death

"A glimpse of a quickly melting corpse at the foot of a volcano has amateur sleuth and food enthusiast Valerie Corbin shocked. But how can she investigate a murder, when there's no evidence the victim ever existed?"--

The Midnight Feast by Foley, Lucy
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
The Midnight Feast

Middle of the night - a novel

"In the latest jaw-dropping thriller from New York Times bestselling author Riley Sager, a man must contend with the long-ago disappearance of his childhood best friend-and the dark secrets lurking just beyond the safe confines of his picture-perfect neighborhood"--

The nature of disappearing - a novel

"Emlyn doesn't let herself think about the past. How she and her best friend, Janessa, barely speak anymore. How Tyler, the love of her life, left her half dead on the side of the road three years ago. Her new life is simple and safe. She lives alone in her Airstream trailer and works as a fishing and hunting guide in scenic Idaho. Her closest friends are the community's makeshift reverend and a handsome Forest Service ranger who took her in at her lowest. But when Tyler shows up with the news t

Meet me in Hawaii

''Malie Pukui doesn't believe in happy ever after. After a tragedy caused her to flee her family and friends in Devon she found a fresh start in Hawaii. Here, working at a surf school, she can give back to those in need and try to overcome the greatest loss in her life. Moved around foster homes throughout his childhood, Todd Masters has worked hard to be able to offer a brighter future to young disadvantaged children. Now he has his own charitable foundation working with a surf school in Hawaii

Market for Murder by Graham, Heather
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Market for Murder

Little rot by Emezi, Akwaeke, author.
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Little rot

"Aima and Kalu are a long-time couple who have just split. When Kalu, reeling from his loss, visits a sex party hosted by his best friend Ahmed, he makes a decision that will plunge them all into chaos, brutally upending their lives. Ola and Souraya, twoNigerian sex workers visiting from Kuala Lumpur, intersect with the three old friends as everything goes to hell. Sucked into the city's corrupt underworld, they're all looking for a way out of the trouble they've instigated, driven by loss and f

Iron star

"From his youth as a revolutionist to his time as a Deputy U.S. Marshal, aging lawman Iron St. John has become a larger-than-life figure-and in the process, the man has disappeared behind the myth. During his brief, unsuccessful political career, St. Johnpublished his memoirs-a sanitized version of his adventures to appeal to the masses. A generation later, the clouded truth of this giant of the Old West has been all but lost. Now, Buck Jones, a pioneering film star, is vying for a cinematic sto

The Imperial Uncle by Da Feng Gua Guo
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
The Imperial Uncle

In everyone's eyes, Prince Huai is a blight on the virtues of the imperial court. When others come to him to conspire for a coup, he takes this chance to prove his loyalty once and for all.

How the Light Gets in

Hey, Zoey by Crossan, Sarah
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Hey, Zoey

Hearts on Thin Ice by Kennedy, Katie
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Hearts on Thin Ice

How to make a horror movie and survive

"Max Maury should be on top of the world. He's a famous horror director. Actors love him. Hollywood needs him. He's making money hand over fist. But it's the 80s, and he's directing cheap slashers for audiences who only crave more blood, not real art. Notreal horror. And Max's slimy producer refuses to fund any of his new ideas. Sally Priest dreams of being the Final Girl. She knows she's got what it takes to score the lead role, even if she's only been cast in small parts so far. When Sally mee

God bless you, Otis Spunkmeyer

"After a deployment in the Iraq War dually defined by threat and interminable mundanity, Joseph Thomas is fighting to find his footing. Now a doctoral student at The University, and an EMS worker at the hospital in North Philly, he encounters round the clock friends and family from his past life and would-be future at his job, including contemporaries of his estranged father, a man he knows little about, serving time at Holmesburg prison for the statutory rape of his then-teenage mother. Meanwhi

The Glassmaker by Chevalier, Tracy
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
The Glassmaker

Four squares - a novel

"A tender, funny, and fresh novel about a gay writer in New York City whose life is irrevocably altered, and then again thirty years later"--

Flashback by Johansen, Iris, author.
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024

"When two sisters in their twenties go missing while investigating a series of brutal murders committed over two decades before, Kendra Michaels joins the search for the missing women. The sisters' mother was one of the victims, and police seem to have had little interest in actively pursuing the cold case. Armed with the box of photos, videos, police reports and notes gathered by the sisters over the years, Kendra's investigation takes her to nearby Catalina Island, a peaceful hamlet that may b

Finding Mr. Write

"Daphne McFadden is tired of rejection. After submitting her manuscript to dozens of agents, she's gotten rejection after rejection, and now it's time for something drastic. And so, Daphne submits her manuscript again... under a man's name. Imagine her surprise when it sells for big money at an auction and soon becomes a publicity darling. Only problem: she needs a man to play her super macho alter ego Zane Remington. Enter Chris Stanton, who absolutely looks the part of a survivalist and has a

Devil Is Fine by Vercher, John
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Devil Is Fine

Death in the Air by Murali, Ram
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
Death in the Air

Dead Letters from Paradise

Bear by Phillips, Julia
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024

15 Summers Later by Thayne, RaeAnne
Date added:
Apr 22, 2024
15 Summers Later

Lead and roses - love songs at the end of the world

" ... a new collection of tales exploring the irradiated post-apocalypse of the 23rd century and the worlds we've built up from the ashes."--

Wild Ground by Usher, Emily
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
Wild Ground

The Sons of El Rey by Espinoza, Alex
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
The Sons of El Rey

Young rich widows - a novel

"1985, Rhode Island. A private jet carrying four partners of a Providence law firm crashes outside New York City, killing all aboard but leaving behind more questions than answers and setting the stage for four widows to find the truth. Justine: a formerfashion model adjusting to suburban life. Camille: a beautiful, young second wife whom some suspect is a gold digger. Meredith: a stripper who was in a relationship with the firm's only female partner. Krystle: a founding partner's wife committed

Uncaged summer - a novel

"Avalie Monfared has a theory about saying "I Do"-that the magic ends there. After thirteen years of magic-free marriage to her high school sweetheart, she's discovered where it went: gambling and prostitutes. Now, Ava is on a quest to rediscover herself-and men. Her soul-searching finds her living on a succession of friends' and family's couches, which happen to be in some of the most luxurious zip codes in and around Los Angeles. What follows is an unpredictable summer full of shamans, attack

That night in the library - a novel

"On the night before graduation, seven students gather in the basement of their university's rare books library. They're not allowed in the library after closing time, but it's the perfect place for the ritual they want to perform--one borrowed from the Greeks, said to free those who take part in it from the fear of death. And what better time to seek the wisdom of ancient gods than in the hours before they'll scatter in different directions to start their real lives? But just a few minutes into

Summer romance

"Benefits of a summer romance: It's always fun, always brief, and no one gets their heart broken. Ali Morris is a professional organizer whose own life is a mess. Her mom died two years ago, then her husband left, and she hasn't worn pants with a zipper in longer than she cares to remember. No one is more surprised than Ali when the first time she takes off her wedding ring and puts on pants with hardware-overalls count, right?-she meets someone. Or rather, her dog claims a man for her in the sa

The Secret Keeper of Main Street - a novel

"From acclaimed African-American novelist Trisha Thomas comes the story of Bailey Dowery, a Black dressmaker in 1950s Oklahoma whose gift of "second sight" pulls her into a dangerous small-town scandal involving a society wedding, a murder, and shocking family secrets"--

Santa's Secret by Michaels, Fern
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
Santa's Secret

The Phoenix Ballroom by Hogan, Ruth
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
The Phoenix Ballroom

The Paris Widow by Belle, Kimberly
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
The Paris Widow

A Novel Love Story by Poston, Ashley
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
A Novel Love Story

Not How I Pictured It

The seaside sisters

"Brooklyn-based Hannah is a bestselling author struggling to write her second book after personal losses. Her older sister, Sara, still lives in Chatham, Cape Cod, where they grew up, and is married with four children. Once a dedicated librarian, Sara dreams of reviving her love affair with literature, but instead, she is stuck with too many family responsibilities and a fizzling marriage. When Hannah gets the chance to retreat to her aunt's oceanfront house in Chatham for the summer, it seems l

Pardon my Frenchie

"Ashanti Wright is ecstatic over the success of her dog boarding business, Barkingham Palace. In fact, it has become so successful that Ashanti has plans to expand her empire with a doggie bake shop. There's just one problem, the building she's had her eye on has just been sold to the surly grandson of one of her favorite customers. Thaddeus Sims is not a dog person. He's barely a person's person. But when his grandmother is transferred to a senior living facility that doesn't accept pets, the f

Out on a limb - a novel

"Winnifred "Win" McNulty has always been wildly independent and not one to be coddled for her limb difference. Win has spent most of her life trying to prove that she can do it all on her own. With some minor adjustments, she's done just fine. Then a one-night stand at a costume party with the incredibly charming Bo changes everything. Win finds herself pregnant--and decides to keep it. While Bo is surprisingly elated to step up to the plate, Win is unsure of whether she can handle this new chal

Out of office

"Genevieve Raymond was born an overachiever. After opening a hot new hotel chain location in Panama, she's on track for a major promotion. But first, she desperately needs a break, even if her overbearing mother doesn't approve. For two glorious weeks, Gen's giving herself permission to explore the beautiful beaches of Colaon-and the stimulating attraction she shares with her sexy-as-hell driver, Adriaan Nicolas. After a family tragedy, Adriaan's recently shifted his own focus to prioritizing th

Meet Me in Tahiti by Toffolo, Georgia
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
Meet Me in Tahiti

The material - a novel

"Can comedy be taught? Someone, at some point, seemed to think so. The Chicago Stand-Up program has enrolled young comedians for nearly a decade. Its teachers and students all know how bits work-in theory, at least. They know that there's a line between sharp and cruel, that sad becomes funny at the right angle, that the worst is the best, the truth is the worst, and any moment of your life that isn't a punchline will either get you to a punchline or force you to be one. They're all afraid to be

The Lions' Den

The Last Twelve Miles

Last summer on Sunset Lane - a novel

"A young woman discovers the love and family she has always longed for when she spends a life-changing summer at her grandparents' old house in North Carolina"--

A Is for Amish

Malibu summer by Gill, Libby, author.
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
Malibu summer

"Lose yourself in this enemies-to-lovers romance set on a sunny Malibu hillside Ivy Bauer is a young, bright environmental scientist, PhD candidate, and inventor of a game-changing organic irrigation system. She's on top of the world when, suddenly, her husband is killed in a biking accident. Needing space to grieve, she takes a summer job as a gardener in Malibu. Conrad Reed is a wealthy Hollywood has-been who, after the death of his young wife, feels overwhelmed by the care of his rambunctious

Jackie - a novel

""Three times that day someone pushed roses into her arms - yellow roses each time, until they reached Dallas. There, the roses were red." (November 22, 1963) And so begins Jackie, a spellbinding, deeply researched novel which goes back in time to imagineJacqueline Kennedy Onassis is telling us the first-person story of her life. At the center of this book is the love story of Jackie and Jack, beginning when Jackie is 21 and meets the charismatic Congressman at a dinner party in Georgetown. She

Honey by Banta, Isabel, author.
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024

"An addictive coming-of-age story that follows the meteoric rise of pop star Amber Young as she navigates fame and self-discovery in the late 90s and early 2000s It is 1997, and Amber Young has received a life-changing call. It's a chance thousands of girls would die for: the opportunity to join girl group Cloud9 in Los Angeles and escape her small town. She quickly finds herself in the orbits of fellow rising stars Gwen Morris, a driven singer-dancer, and Wes Kingston, a member of the biggest b


"A novel by a brilliant new voice, Hombrecito is a queer coming-of-age story about a young immigrant's complex relationships with his mother and his motherland"--

Holding out for a cowboy

Beauty school dropout Casey Walsh returns home to run her family's tavern and steer clear of mechanic Boone Murphy, the boy who once stole her heart, but fate has other plans when her car breaks down and he comes to her rescue on what's supposed to be hiswedding day.

Here One Moment by Moriarty, Liane
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
Here One Moment

The future was color - a novel

"As a Hungarian immigrant working as a studio hack writing monster movies in 1950s Hollywood, George Curtis must navigate the McCarthy-era studio system filled with possible communists and spies, the life of closeted men along Sunset Boulevard, and the inability of the era to cleave love from persecution and guilt. But when Madeline, a famous actress, offers George a writing residency at her estate in Malibu to work on the political writing he cares most deeply about, his world is blown open. So

The Forest of Lost Souls

Finally found my cowboy

Arriving in California to recover from a possible career-ending injury, dancer Beth Spence manages widower Eli Murphy's veterinary clinic while staying in his guest house, and despite their undeniable attraction, she has every intention of returning to New York and he has no intention of loving and losing again.

End of Active Service by Young, Matt
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
End of Active Service

Devil's kitchen

"This tight-knit, four-person unit has worked together to save countless lives and stop out of control fires before they cause major destruction. They've also stolen millions from banks, jewelry stores, and art galleries. Under the cover of saving the city, they've used their knowledge and specialist equipment to become the most successful heist crew on the East Coast. Andy Nearland is the newest member of the unit, and she's helping them prepare for their largest heist yet -- New York's largest

Daydream by Grace, Hannah
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024

Dad camp - a novel

"A heartwarming novel about a dad who whisks his 11-year-old daughter away to a week-long father-daughter camp to bond before he loses her to teenage girlhood entirely, and ends up reconnecting with the person he gave up to become a Super Dad"--

Counting Miracles by Sparks, Nicholas
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
Counting Miracles

Collide by Khabra, Bal, author.
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024

"She's an honors student with ambitious graduate school plans and he's a jock with only hockey on his mind, but once their worlds collide, their connection is hot enough to melt an ice rink. An ultimatum from Summer Preston's thesis advisor thrusts her into an unexpected collision with the hockey team's captain, Aiden Crawford. She's caught between conflicting desires of fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a sport psychologist and staying as far away as possible from the god-awful sport. A

The Christmas Cottage by Bunn, Davis
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
The Christmas Cottage

Caledonian Road by O'Hagan, Andrew
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
Caledonian Road

But How Are You, Really

Blessings - a novel

"Moonlight meets Purple Hibiscus in this gay coming-of-age novel from an astonishing young talent, set in post-military Nigeria and culminating in the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act of 2014. Obiefuna has always been the black sheep of his family-sensitive where his father, Anozie, is pragmatic, a dancer where his brother, Ekene, is a natural athlete. But when an intimate connection blossoms between Obiefuna and a boy from a nearby village, happiness is fleeting once his father catches them to

The Black Loch by May, Peter
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
The Black Loch

The ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye - a novel

"An epic, dazzling tale based on true events, The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye illuminates a woman of color's rise to power as one of the few purported female pirate captains to sail the Caribbean, and the forbidden love story that will shape the course of history"--

Bad tourists

"Three tight-knit friends embark on an extravagant divorce trip to the Maldives where they can unwind and celebrate a new chapter in midlife - until they realize the resort of their dreams is harboring a killer"--

Backwater Justice by Michaels, Fern
Date added:
Apr 19, 2024
Backwater Justice

Better by far - a novel

"A genre-bending story about love and loss, hope and heartbreak, and the healing to be found in life's little limbos, those in-between spaces where you're no longer who you were and not yet the person you will be. About her debut, Out of Love, Hazel Hayessaid, "The journey from writing horror to writing love stories was a short one. There is nothing more horrific than love." In her new novel, she sets out to prove it. This genre-defying, meta-modern novel is unlike anything you have ever read, a

Beautiful days - stories

"From New Yorker and Paris Review contributor and Wallace Stegner Fellow Zach Williams comes a staggering debut story collection that confronts parenthood, mortality, and life's broken promises. Parents awaken in a home in the woods, again and again, to find themselves aging as their infant remains unchanged. An employee is menaced by a conspiracy-minded security guard and accused of sending a sinister viral email. An aging tour guide leads a troublesome group to the site of a UFO, witnessing th

Assassin Eighteen - a novel

A retired hitman's quiet life explodes into a desperate game of cat and mouse with a ghost from his past and a young assassin holding the key to a truth that could shatter his world.

Ahoti - a story of Tamar

"A masterful and redemptive retelling of the biblical story of the princess Tamar and her determination to reclaim her life and God-given purpose. Ahoti brings to life the Old Testament story of the biblical princess Tamar, the daughter of David, King ofIsrael. Tamar's search to overcome humiliation and betrayal after being assaulted by her brother takes her away from her childhood home and forces her to navigate the machinations of royal courts and play a fateful role in the lives of far-off ki

The young lion hunter

A tale of the forest preserves in Utah, featuring Ken Ward.

When Cicadas Cry

A Talent for Murder by Swanson, Peter
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
A Talent for Murder

Such a bad influence

"Infamous social media influencer Evie Davis has spent her whole life online, since her mother shared a viral video of her at age five. When she suddenly disappears in the middle of a live stream, her older sister, Hazel, becomes determined to find Evie and the truth behind her disappearance"--

Sandy Wishes - The Sanderling Cove Inn Series, Book 2

Sometimes, wishes do come true... Brooke Weatherby is tired of being the dependable one, the boring one of everyone at Sanderling Cove. She agreed to come to the cove for the summer unaware her two cousins, Charlotte "Charlie" Bradford and Olivia "Livy" Winters, would also be there to help manage The Sanderling Cove Inn while her grandparents take a long road trip in Europe. More than anything, she wishes for independence from her role as a sometime caretaker of her mother, so she's free to fin

To & fro

"Ani, journeying across a great distance accompanied by a stolen kitten, meets many people along her way, but her encounters only convince her that she is meant to keep searching. Annamae, journeying from childhood to young adulthood alongside her mother,older brother, and the denizens of her Manhattan neighborhood, never outgrows her yearning for a friend she cannot describe. From their different worlds, Annamae and Ani reach across the divide, perhaps to discover--or perhaps to create--each ot

One of our kind - a novel

"When Jasmyn and King Williams move their family to the planned Black utopia of Liberty, California, they hope to find a community of like-minded people, a place where their growing family can thrive. King settles in at once, embracing the Liberty ethos,including the luxe wellness center at the top of the hill, which proves to be the heart of the community. But Jasmyn struggles to fit in. She expected to find liberals and social justice activists striving for racial equality, but Liberty residen

Not a River by Almada, Selva
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
Not a River

My Fair Katie by Galen, Shana
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
My Fair Katie

Mood Swings by Barnet, Frankie
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
Mood Swings

Middletide by Crouch, Sarah
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024

Lenny Marks gets away with murder

"Lenny Marks is excellent at not having a life. She bikes home from work at exactly 4pm each day, buys the same groceries for the same meals every week, and owns thirty-six copies of The Hobbit (currently arranged by height). The closest thing she has toa friendship is playing Scrabble against an imaginary Monica Gellar while watching Friends reruns. And Lenny Marks is very, very good at not remembering what happened the day her mother and stepfather disappeared when she was still a child. The d

The King and Vi by Galen, Shana
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
The King and Vi

The Incorrigibles by Jaeger, Meredith
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
The Incorrigibles

Incidents around the house - a novel

"A horror novel about a haunting, told from the perspective of a young girl whose troubled family is targeted by an entity she calls "Other Mommy.""--

The Husky and His White Cat Shizun- Erha He Ta de Bai Mao Shizun (Novel) Vol. 4

Chu Wanning has slumbered for five years since Mo Ran rescued his soul from the underworld. He wakes to find the world changed--and the greatest change of all is to his disciple Mo Ran. Now grown up, Mo Ran is nothing like the callow youth he remembers, and Chu Wanning finds himself drawn to his disciple with a force he never anticipated. Meanwhile, Mo Ran has at last set aside the misunderstandings of two lifetimes. When his hatred for his teacher falls away, he finds the feelings beneath are n

The Husky and His White Cat Shizun- Erha He Ta de Bai Mao Shizun (Novel) Vol. 3

"Cruel tyrant Taxian-jun killed his way to the throne and now reigns as the first ever emperor of the mortal realm. Yet somehow, he is unsatisfied. Left cold and bereft, abandoned by all he held dear, he takes his own life...only to be reborn anew. Awakening in the body of his younger self-Mo Ran, a disciple of the cultivation sect Sisheng Peak-he discovers the chance to relive his life. This time, he vows to attain the gratification that once eluded him: all who defied him will fall, and never

Husbands & lovers - a novel

"Connecticut, 2022. Mallory Dunne has spent her life trying to be a good mother to her son, Sam. Raising him alone is hard, even with the help of her sister. Two years ago, Sam ingested a toxic mushroom and fell into a coma. Now recovered, he needs a newkidney to live a normal life, forcing Mallory to track down his father in the hope that they're a match. Her journey to find him again transports her back to the summer they spent on the paradise of Winthrop Island - a time of music, porch cockta

Double Tap by Dees, Cindy
Date added:
Apr 15, 2024
Double Tap

The art of hearing heartbeats - a novel

When a successful New York lawyer suddenly disappears without a trace, neither his wife nor his daughter Julia has any idea where he might be--until they find a love letter he wrote many years ago to a Burmese woman they have never heard of. Intent on solving the mystery and coming to terms with her father's past, Julia decides to travel to the village where the woman lived. There she uncovers a tale of unimaginable hardship, resilience, and passion that will reaffirm the listener's belief in th

Amaerica del Norte

"Sebastiaan lived a childhood of privilege in Mexico City. Now in his twenties, he has a degree from Yale, an American girlfriend, and a slot in the University of Iowa's MFA program. But Sebastiaan's life is shaken by the Trump administration's restrictions on immigrants, his mother's terminal cancer, the cracks in his relationship with his American girlfriend, and his father's forced resignation at the hands of Mexico's new president. As he struggles through the Trump and Laopez Obrador years,

The crown of gilded bones

"Poppy never dreamed she would find the love she's found with Prince Casteel. She wants to revel in her happiness but first they must free his brother and find hers. It's a dangerous mission and one with far-reaching consequences neither dreamed of. Because Poppy is the Chosen, the Blessed. The true ruler of Atlantia. She carries the blood of the King of Gods within her. By right the crown and the kingdom are hers. The enemy and the warrior... Poppy has only ever wanted to control her own life

Rosie by Lamott, Anne.
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024

If Elizabeth Ferguson had her way, she'd spend her days savoring good books, cooking great meals, and waiting for the love of her life to walk in the door. But it's not a man she's waiting for, it's her daughter, Rosie-her wild-haired, smart-mouthed, and wise-beyond-her-years alter ego. With Rosie around, the days aren't quite so long, but Elizabeth can't keep the realities of the world at bay, and try as she might, she can't shield Rosie from its dangers or mysteries. As Rosie grows older and m

The quilt room secret

"As they took turns pushing each other on the swing that hung from a large tree, the mature-for a five-year-old-Jacob Lantz asked Trini Sutter to marry him. The nine-year-old thoughtfully responded that she'd consider his proposal when they were older. Nearly two decades later, the Amish farmer returns to the beautiful countryside of Arthur, Illinois, to take the independent owner of The Quilt Room up on her promise. Quiet, handsome Jacob is truly in love with the spirited list maker, and Trini

Midnight Creed- (Book 8 Ryder Creed K-9 Mystery Series)

Ryder Creed's top priority keep his scent dogs safe. That's why he's avoided nighttime searches. When a boy goes missing, Creed must put aside his fears and navigate the risks his dogs will face after dark.

Joe Jones - a novel by Lamott, Anne.
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024
Joe Jones - a novel

Hard laughter - a novel

Crooked little heart by Lamott, Anne.
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024
Crooked little heart

The story of a teenage tennis star in a small town in northern California. She is Rosie, 13, and she has problems. Her mother is a recovering alcoholic still beset by grief over the early death of her first husband, Rosie's tennis partner is experimenting with sex and Rosie is attracted to a middle-aged man.

A clockwork orange

"In Anthony Burgess's influential nightmare vision of the future, where the criminals take over after dark, the story is told by the central character, Alex, a teen who talks in a fantastically inventive slang that evocatively renders his and his friends'intense reaction against their society. Dazzling and transgressive, A Clockwork Orange is a frightening fable about good and evil and the meaning of human freedom"--

Charming Billy

When the late Billy Lynch's relatives and friends gather together to keep his memory alive, stories are woven and memories relived detailing his life in the close Irish-American community and the intricate feelings that resurface.

The Black Farm by Witherow, Elias
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024
The Black Farm

After the loss of a child along with a slew of agonizing misfortunes, Nick and Jess decide to end their lives. But nothing could prepare him for the nightmares he found...nothing could prepare him for The Black Farm.

At weddings and wakes

"Pulitzer Prize finalist At Weddings and Wakes is "a brilliant, highly complex, extraordinary piece of fiction" (Chicago Tribune)"--

All New People by Lamott, Anne
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024
All New People

Final justice

The women of the Sisterhood need to get Martine Connor into the White House in order to win their promised presidential pardon, and so they help her campaign against an opponent backed by Ruben Rumson, owner of Info Corp.

The kiss of a stranger - a novel

When Crispin, Lord Cavratt, thoroughly and scandalously kisses a serving woman in the garden of a country inn, he assumes the encounter will be of no consequence. But he couldn't be more mistaken--the maid is not only a lady of birth, she's the niece of a very large, exceptionally angry gentlemen, who claims Crispin has compromised his niece beyond redemption. The dismayed young lord has no choice but to marry Miss Catherine Thorndale, who lacks both money and refinement and assumes all men are

Where I end by White, Sophie
Date added:
Apr 4, 2024
Where I end

A touch of chaos

"The gods are at war, the Titans have been released, and Hades and Persephone must fight tooth and nail for their happy ending. Persephone, Goddess of Spring, never guessed that a chance encounter with Hades, God of the Underworld, would change her life forever-but he did. Now embroiled in a fight for humanity and battles between the gods, Persephone and Hades have entered a world they never thought they would see. To end the chaos, Persephone must draw upon her darkness and embrace who she's be

Shogun by Clavell, James
Date added:
Apr 4, 2024

Lorie's heart

"Welcome back to Wells Landing, Oklahoma, the tranquil Amish community where still waters run deep and a brave young woman sets out to discover her faith, her family, and herself. . . Lorie Kauffman is grief-stricken when her father passes away unexpectedly. But her heartache quickly turns to bewilderment when she discovers he'd been leading two lives--one of simplicity and hard work in Wells Landing, and one fraught with painful ordeals in Tulsa. As she starts digging into her family's past, Lo

Long Island compromise

"In 1983, a wealthy businessman named Carl Fletcher is kidnapped from his driveway in the nicest part of Long Island, brutalized, and held for ransom. He is returned to his wife and kids less than a week later, only slightly the worse for wear, and the family begins the hard work of trying to move on with their lives and resume their prized places in the saga of the American dream, coming to understand that though their money may have been what put them in danger, it is also what guaranteed them

I Love You More by Finz, Stacy
Date added:
Apr 4, 2024
I Love You More

High plains tango - a novel

A young drifter with a passion for solitude and carpentry, Carlisle McMillan purchases some land near Wolf Butte, South Dakota, a region considered sacred by the Sioux, and sets out to build a life for himself among the locals.

Broker of Lies by James, Steven
Date added:
Apr 4, 2024
Broker of Lies

In ascension

"An astonishing novel about a young microbiologist investigating an unfathomable deep vent in the ocean floor, leading her on a journey that will encompass the full trajectory of the cosmos and the passage of a single human life. Leigh grew up in Rotterdam, drawn to the waterfront as an escape from her unhappy home life and volatile father. Enchanted by the undersea world of her childhood, she excels in marine biology, traveling the globe to study ancient organisms. When a trench is discovered i

The Breaking Point by Bolden, Marci
Date added:
Apr 4, 2024
The Breaking Point

Border Music by Waller, Robert James
Date added:
Apr 4, 2024
Border Music

From the celebrated author of the phenomenal bestsellers The Bridges of Madison County, Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend, and Old Songs in a New Cafe comes a moving, poignant, unforgettable novel of love and life. Border Music is the tale of Texas Jack Carmine, a man who inspires others to take risks and reach beyond the borders of their lives--while his own life is chained to the past and a tragedy he cannot overcome.

Annie Dunne by Barry, Sebastian
Date added:
Apr 4, 2024
Annie Dunne