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Tom Clancy's Op-Center- Fallout

As fears of a dangerous nuclear confrontation between China and the US escalate, China targets individual members of the Black Wasp team.

On Writing (And Writers)

A definitive collection of wisdom on every style of writing and a celebration of the transformative power of the written word from one of the most influential writers and thinkers of the modern age, C. S. Lewis, the beloved author of the Chronicles of Narnia series, Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, and other revered classics.

Near Miss by Woods, Stuart author.
Date added:
Mar 17, 2023
Near Miss

Yellowface by Kuang, R. F. author.
Date added:
Mar 17, 2023

Authors June Hayward and Athena Liu were supposed to be twin rising stars. But Athena's a literary darling. June Hayward is literally nobody. Who wants stories about basic white girls, June thinks. So when June witnesses Athena's death in a freak accident, she acts on impulse: she steals Athena's just-finished masterpiece, an experimental novel about the unsung contributions of Chinese laborers during World War I. So what if June edits Athena's novel and sends it to her agent as her own work? So

Weyward by Hart, Emilia author.
Date added:
Mar 17, 2023

2019: Under cover of darkness, Kate flees London for ramshackle Weyward Cottage, inherited from a great aunt she barely remembers. With its tumbling ivy and overgrown garden, the cottage is worlds away from the abusive partner who tormented Kate. But she begins to suspect that her great aunt had a secret. One that lurks in the bones of the cottage, hidden ever since the witch-hunts of the 17th century. 1619: Altha is awaiting trial for the murder of a local farmer who was stampeded to death by h

The Levee

An audio original novella from the best selling author of Ordinary Grace and This Tender Land, this is a powerful, captivating story of a family, a storm, a complicated rescue, and the true cost of survival.

Identity by Roberts, Nora author.
Date added:
Mar 17, 2023

Good Boundaries and Goodbyes

Lysa TerKeurst helps listeners stop the dysfunction of unhealthy relationships by showing them biblical ways to set boundaries, and, when necessary, say goodbye, without losing the best of who they are.

Femina by Ramirez, Janina author.
Date added:
Mar 17, 2023

A groundbreaking reappraisal of medieval femininity, revealing why women have been written out of history and why it matters.

Tom Clancy's Flash Point

Jack Ryan, Jr., is a man of action, and when he uncovers a terrorist plot to kill innocents he jumps in to thwart the evil plan. However, it turns out this attack was just a piece of a larger, more insidious plot designed to deceive the United States and paint President Jack Ryan into a political corner. Jack Jr. isn't about to let that happen, but his options are almost as narrow as his chances of getting out of this alive.

Romantic Comedy

Sally Milz is a sketch writer for The Night Owls, the late-night live comedy show that airs each Saturday. With a couple of heartbreaks under her belt, she's long abandoned the search for love, settling instead for the occasional hook-up, career success, and a close relationship with her stepfather to round out a satisfying life. But when Sally's friend and fellow writer Danny Horst begins dating Annabel, a glamorous actress who guest-hosted the show, he joins the not-so-exclusive group of talen

Rogue Justice

Avery Keene is back, trying to get her feet on solid ground after unraveling a conspiracy that took down the President of the United States in While Justice Sleeps. But as the sparks of impeachment hearings and political skirmishes swirl around her, Avery is approached at a legal conference by Preston Davies, an unassuming young man and fellow law clerk to a federal judge in Idaho. Davies believes his boss, Judge Francesca Whitner, was being blackmailed in the days before she recently took her o

The Old Lion by Shaara, Jeff author.
Date added:
Mar 17, 2023
The Old Lion

In one of his most accomplished, compelling novels yet, acclaimed New York Times bestseller Jeff Shaara accomplishes what only the finest historical fiction can do. He brings to life one of the most consequential figures in U.S. history, Theodore Roosevelt, peeling back the many-layered history of the man, and the country he personified. From the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, from the waning days of the rugged frontier of a young country to the emergence of a modern, ind

The Last Secret of the Secret Annex

Anne Frank's life has been studied by many scholars, but the story of Bep Voskuijl has remained untold, until now. As the youngest of the five Dutch people who hid the Frank family, Bep was Anne's closest confidante during the 761 excruciating days she spent hidden in the Secret Annex. Bep, who was just twenty-three when the Franks went into hiding, risked her life to protect them, plunging into Amsterdam's black market to source food and medicine for people who officially didn't exist under the

The Joy of Politics

An intimate and revelatory memoir on personal challenges, political turmoil, and the state of American democracy from one of the most effective voices in politics, Amy Klobuchar. In her candid, honest, and at times bitingly funny memoir, the pragmatic senator shares insider stories from historic moments, while also inviting readers into her personal life. At the crux of these stories is a narrative of resilience, of personal resilience and the resilience of a nation, and, improbably, joy.

The Death of Learning

The former president of St. Johns College reveals why 2,500 years of learning in the West is of inestimable value to all of us, and why its trashing is a crime of monumental proportions.

Common Sense by Paine, Thomas author.
Date added:
Mar 17, 2023
Common Sense

Paine's work stands as the most widely read and most influential document written during the crucial years of 1775-1776. When Paine wrote that 'we have it in our power to begin the world over again,' he both captured the imaginations of colonists who yearned for unfettered freedom and sensed that the American Revolution could be an event of transcendent historical importance.

Butcher's Crossing

Inspired by famed philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, Will Andrews drops out of Harvard in 1870 to discover his relation to nature. Eventually drifting to the small Kansas town of Butcher's Crossing, Will befriends a poacher and joins a hunting caravan. However, when he is turned off by the senseless slaughtering of animals, he returns to Butcher's Crossing a changed man.

Independence Square

It's June 2021, and Arkady knows that Russia is preparing to invade and subsequently annex Ukraine as it did Crimea in 2014. He is, however, preoccupied with other grievances. His longtime lover, Tatiana Petrovna, has deserted him for her work as an investigative reporter. His corrupt boss has relegated him to a desk job. And he is having trouble with his dexterity and balance. A visit to his doctor reveals that these are symptoms for Parkinson's Disease. This is an ingenious autobiographical co