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"A" is for alibi by Grafton, Sue. "A" is for alibi

The wife of a hated divorce lawyer becomes the main suspect in his murder and hires private detective Kinsey Millhone to find the real killer.

Nov 21, 2017
"K" is for killer by Grafton, Sue. "K" is for killer

Investigating a murder after dark only makes the case spookier for Kinsey Mihone, Sue Grafton's savvy private investigator. But she's got little choice. Her client, the victim's mother, works the graveyard shift. And the victim, it turns out, led a secret life as a lady of the night. So the normally spunky and sunny Kinsey visits mostly with night people to find clues to Lorna Kepler's death. But she also follows leads at a water district office where Kepler had a day job. The sleep loss dulls K

Nov 21, 2017
25 Days by Logan, Drew. 25 Days

Celebrity trainer and cast member of NBC's Strong Drew Logan shows listeners how to rewrite their neurological patterns and break the habits that prevent them from losing weight and living a healthy life.

Nov 18, 2017
A Crown of Wishes by Chokshi, Roshani. A Crown of Wishes

Gauri, the princess of Bharata, has been taken as a prisoner of war by her kingdom's enemies. Faced with a future of exile and scorn, Gauri has nothing left to lose. Hope unexpectedly comes in the form of Vikram, the cunning prince of a neighboring land and her sworn enemy kingdom. Unsatisfied with becoming a mere puppet king, Vikram offers Gauri a chance to win back her kingdom in exchange for her battle prowess. Together, they'll have to set aside their differences and team up to win the Tourn

Nov 18, 2017
A place at our table by Clipston, Amy, author. A place at our table

The first book in the Amish Homestead series, this invites listeners to a quiet community in Lancaster County where love burns brightly no matter the cost.

Nov 21, 2017
All American Boys by Reynolds, Jason. All American Boys

Two teens grapple with the repercussions of a single violent act that leaves their school, their community, and, ultimately, the country bitterly divided by racial tension.

Nov 18, 2017
Asking for It by O'Neill, Louise. Asking for It

A powerful novel about the devastating effects of rape and public shaming, told through the awful experience of a young woman whose life is changed forever by an act of violence.

Nov 18, 2017
Bang by Lyga, Barry. Bang

Sebastian Cody did something horrible, something no one, not even Sebastian himself, can forgive. At the age of four, he accidentally shot and killed his infant sister with his father's gun. Now, ten years later, Sebastian has lived with the guilt and horror for his entire life. With his best friend away for the summer, Sebastian has only a new friend, Aneesa, to distract him from his darkest thoughts. But even this relationship cannot blunt the pain of his past. Because Sebastian knows exactly

Nov 18, 2017
Be fierce - stop harassment and take your power back by Carlson, Gretchen, 1966- author, narrator. Be fierce - stop harassment and take your power back

After the former Miss America, mother of two, and star news anchor at Fox stood up, walked out, and spoke out, women all over the world began to take back their lives, careers and dignity, and she became a voice for the voiceless. Gretchen Carlson shares her experience and includes stories from the many women who have reached out to her. Since making the decision to speak up against sexual harassment, she single-handedly sparked an international conversation about the pervasiveness of the issue

Nov 18, 2017
Billionaire at the barricades - the populist revolution from Reagan to Trump by Ingraham, Laura. Billionaire at the barricades - the populist revolution from Reagan to Trump

Laura Ingraham details how Trump remade the Reagan Revolution in his own image, attracting a new coalition of voters who were angry and disgusted with the corporatist agenda of GOP elites. With an insider's access and knowledge, Ingraham reveals previously unreported details behind Trump's victory and the possible pitfalls that lay ahead for his ambitious populist agenda.

Nov 20, 2017
Bitter medicine by Paretsky, Sara. Bitter medicine

Chicago private eye V.I. Warshawski knows from the start that Consuelo Alvarado's baby is going to be trouble. Consuelo is sixteen, a diabetic, and the daughter of a friend. When she goes into labor too early, even V.I.'s wild drive to get her to the hospital can't save either Consuelo or her child. Soon V.I. is investigating possible malpractice at the emergency room, and falling for a doctor who works there.

Nov 20, 2017
Blood brothers - the story of the strange friendship between Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill by Stillman, Deanne, author. Blood brothers - the story of the strange friendship between Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill

The little known story of the unlikely friendship of two famous figures of the American West; Buffalo Bill Cody and Sitting Bull, told through their time in Cody's Wild West show in the 1880s. It was in Brooklyn, New York, in 1883 that William F. Cody, known across the land as Buffalo Bill, conceived of his Wild West show, an 'equestrian extravaganza' featuring cowboys and Indians. The idea took off. For four months in 1885 the Lakota chief Sitting Bull performed in the show. The story of these

Nov 18, 2017
Blood shot by Paretsky, Sara. Blood shot

While helping a childhood friend find the father she never knew, V.I. stumbles into a web of corporate deception.

Nov 21, 2017
Body of evidence by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Body of evidence

Someone is after Beryl Madison-- spying on her, making threatening phone calls. Terrified, she flees to Key West. When she comes back home it's not harassment that's waiting-- it's murder. Someone kills her, someone she trusted enough to open her door to.

Nov 18, 2017
Body of lies by Johansen, Iris. Body of lies

Eve Duncan, a forensic sculptor, reconstructs victims of violent crime. When she is called to Baton Rouge to work on a skelton, her life is threatened and puzzling questions plague her work.

Nov 24, 2017
Bonfire - a novel by Ritter, Krysten, 1981- author. Bonfire - a novel

It has been ten years since Abby Williams left home and scrubbed away all visible evidence of her small town roots. Now working as an environmental lawyer in Chicago, she has a thriving career, a modern apartment, and her pick of meaningless one-night stands. But when a new case takes her back home to Barrens, Indiana, the life Abby painstakingly created begins to crack. Tasked with investigating Optimal Plastics, the town's most high-profile company and economic heart, Abby begins to find stran

Nov 21, 2017
Cockroaches by Nesbo, Jo. Cockroaches

When the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand is found dead in a Bangkok brothel, Inspector Harry Hole is dispatched from Oslo to help hush up the case. But once he arrives Harry discovers that this case is about much more than one random murder. There is something else, something more pervasive, scrabbling around behind the scenes. Or, put another way, for every cockroach in a hotel room, there are hundreds behind the walls. Surrounded by round-the-clock traffic noise, Harry wanders the streets of

Nov 18, 2017
Creation in death by Robb, J. D., 1950- Creation in death

The serial killer known as "The Groom" has resurfaced in New York City nine years after his first murder. This time Lieutenant Eve Dallas is determined to finish him once and for all.

Nov 20, 2017
Darkest fear by Coben, Harlan, 1962- Darkest fear

In his seventh Myron Bolitar thriller, Edgar Award winner Harlan Coben brings us his most astonishing—and deeply personal—novel yet. And it all begins when Myron’s ex tells him he’s a father . . . of a dying thirteen-year-old boy. A surprise visit from an ex-girlfriend is unsettling enough. But Emily Downing’s news brings Myron to his knees. Her son Jeremy is dying and needs a bone marrow transplant from a donor who has vanished without a trace. Then comes the real shocker: Jeremy is Myron’s son

Nov 21, 2017
Divided in death by Robb, J. D., 1950- Divided in death

When a security agent for Roarke Enterprises, Reva Ewing, is framed for the murder of her husband, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is assigned to the case. Dallas believes in Ewing's innocence, due to various clues at the crime scene and beyond, and begins searching for the real killer. In the midst of her investigation, Dallas discovers a computer virus on the victim's hard drive that might pose a greater danger than anyone can imagine.

Nov 20, 2017