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Tobacco Road

The Depression has hit the depleted farmlands of Augusta, Georgia, hard. For the Lester family, grinding poverty has become a way of life. Trapped by ignorance and selfishness, the Lesters are torn between surrendering to their hunger and sexual longings, and the fear that they may be slipping even lower than they already are in society's eyes.

The snows of Kilimanjaro

A drama about a successful but disillusioned writer who, near death from a hunting wound in Africa, reviews his amorous intrigues and his experiences as hunter and world traveler.

Only the dead - a thriller

With the US divided, a secret cabal of global elites are ready to assume control. With the odds stacked against him, former SEAL James Reece is on a mission generations in the making.

Lucky Jim by Amis, Kingsley, author.
Date added:
May 18, 2023
Lucky Jim

This is the story of Jim Dixon, a hapless lecturer in medieval history at a provincial university. The story leads the listener through a gallery of emphatically English bores, cranks, frauds, and neurotics with whom Dixon must contend in one way or another in order to hold on to his cushy academic perch and win the girl of his fancy.

The third policeman

The Third Policeman is Flann O'Brien's comic novel about the nature of time, death, and existence. Told by a narrator who has committed a botched robbery and brutal murder, the novel follows him and his adventures in a two-dimensional police station where, through the theories of the scientist/philosopher de Selby, he is introduced to "Atomic Theory" and its relation to bicycles, the existence of eternity (which turns out to be just down the road), and de Selby's view that the earth is not round

The shepherd of Guadaloupe - a western story

A soldier returns home to find his parents displaced and their property stolen in this classic Western. He leaned propped against the rail of the great ship, in an obscure place aft, shadowed by the life-boats. It was the second night out of Cherbourg and the first time for him to be on deck. The ridged and waved Atlantic, but for its turbulence, looked like the desert undulating away to the uneven horizon. The roar of the wind in the rigging bore a faint resemblance to the wind in the cottonwoo

Dream story

Fridolin, a doctor, is summoned to the bedside of a dying man, whose daughter he finds attractive and vaguely sensual. So begins a series of involvements throughout the night in increasingly dangerous and deviant sexual adventures for Fridolin, who, taken by a friend to a 3secret4 party, is forced to make more choices that seemingly are beyond his control.

Around the world in eighty days

Phileas Fogg, intrepid Victorian gentleman-about-town, accepts a wager that he cannot travel around the world in eighty days. Naturally, he immediately sets off, accompanied by his French manservant Passepartout.

All the days of summer - a novel

A woman's second act on the beautiful island of Nantucket delivers much more than she expected in this hopeful novel by New York Times best selling author Nancy Thayer.

Rogue justice

Avery Keene is back, trying to get her feet on solid ground after unraveling a conspiracy that took down the President of the United States in While Justice Sleeps. But as the sparks of impeachment hearings and political skirmishes swirl around her, Avery is approached at a legal conference by Preston Davies, an unassuming young man and fellow law clerk to a federal judge in Idaho. Davies believes his boss, Judge Francesca Whitner, was being blackmailed in the days before she recently took her o


Ovid's poem brings together an array of mythological tales, ingeniously linked by the idea of transformation, often as a result of love or lust, in which men and women find themselves magically changed into new and sometimes extraordinary beings. Beginning with the creation of the world and ending with the deification of Augustus, Ovid interweaves many of the best known myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome, including Daedalus and Icarus, Pyramus and Thisbe, Pygmalion, Perseus and Androme

Little Dorrit

Little Amy Dorrit was born in debtor's prison, the youngest child of William Dorrit, an aristocrat by birth who has been an inmate of the Marshalsea for twenty years. Earning meager wages as a seamstress to support her family, Amy is befriended by her employer's son, Arthur, who wants to help. When Arthur uncovers an unknown inheritance due to Mr. Dorrit, the family is finally freed from prison. Newly wealthy, they travel to Italy, where the proud Mr. Dorrit instructs his children to sever old c

The joy of politics - surviving cancer, a campaign, a pandemic, an insurrection, and life's other unexpected curveballs

An intimate and revelatory memoir on personal challenges, political turmoil, and the state of American democracy from one of the most effective voices in politics, Amy Klobuchar. In her candid, honest, and at times bitingly funny memoir, the pragmatic senator shares insider stories from historic moments, while also inviting readers into her personal life. At the crux of these stories is a narrative of resilience, of personal resilience and the resilience of a nation, and, improbably, joy.

Identity - a novel

"Former Army brat Morgan Albright has finally planted roots in a friendly neighborhood near Baltimore. Her friend and roommate Nina helps her make the mortgage payments, as does Morgan's job as a bartender. But after she and Nina host their first dinner party--attended by Luke, the flirtatious IT guy who'd been chatting her up at the bar--her carefully built world is shattered. The back door glass is broken, cash and jewelry are missing, her car is gone, and Nina lies dead on the floor. Soon, a

The double

"Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, a minor government official, one day meets his "double"--a man with the same name, face, and background. Initially charmed by the coincidence, Golyadkin soon notices a discernable cooling in the reaction of his friends and colleagues, while his double seems to grow in popularity. Unable to escape the relentless presence of the double, Golyadkin finds that even the most ordinary activities begin to take on a terrifying significance."--Container.

The 23rd midnight

Detective Lindsay Boxer put serial killer Evan Burke in jail. Reporter Cindy Thomas wrote a book that put him on the bestseller list. An obsessed maniac has turned Burke's true-crime story into a playbook. And is embellishing it with gruesome touches all his own. Now Lindsay's tracking an elusive suspect, and the entire Murder Club is facing destruction.

A Soul of Ash and Blood

New York Times number one bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout revisits the first novel in her phenomenal Blood and Ash series. But this time, it's Hawke's turn to tell the story.

The Collector

Legendary art restorer and spy Gabriel Allon joins forces with a brilliant and beautiful master-thief to track down the world's most valuable missing painting but soon finds himself in a desperate race to prevent an unthinkable conflict between Russia and the West.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The story begins in Hamburg, 1863. The brilliant Professor Lidenbrock, inspired by an ancient, encoded manuscript, decides to take his reluctant nephew Axel on a seemingly insane mission: to travel down volcanic tunnels to the very center of the earth. With Hans, their intrepid Icelandic guide, they descend deeper and deeper, encountering terrifying prehistoric animals and passing through unimaginably beautiful landscapes. Will Axel ever again see his beloved fiancee Grauben?

Jackie- Public, Private, Secret

Based on hundreds of interviews with friends, family, and lovers over a 30-year period, as well as previously unreleased material from the JFK Library, Kennedy historian J. Randy Taraborrelli paints an unforgettable new portrait of a woman whose flaws and contradictions only serve to make her even more iconic. 'I have three lives,' Jackie told a former lover, 'public, private, and secret.' In this revealing biography, listeners will become intimately familiar with all three.