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Out of the ordinary by Turano, Jen, author. Out of the ordinary

"Miss Gertrude Cadwalader hoped her position as the paid companion to Mrs. Davenport would be easy. But as she becomes acquainted with her employer, she realizes the wealthy Mrs. Davenport has a strange tendency to be a bit light-fingered with other people's trinkets. Gertrude is relieved when Mrs. Davenport decides to have a quiet summer away from the social scene--until the woman changes her mind in order to help a young socialite launch into society. When Gertrude is caught in the act of tryi

Nov 15, 2017
Murder game by Feehan, Christine, author. Murder game

Kadan Montague--a genetically enhanced warrior--is called back from an important assignment in Europe to investigate a series of brutal murders. The suspect is a fellow GhostWalker and, if he isn't found, the entire GhostWalker program will be swept under the carpet, putting the lives of Kadan and all other GhostWalkers in jeopardy.

Nov 15, 2017
Mrs. Osmond - a novel by Banville, John, author. Mrs. Osmond - a novel

"From the Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Sea and The Blue Guitar--a dazzling new novel that extends the story of Isabel Archer, the heroine of Henry James's The Portrait of a Lady, into unexpected (and completely stand-alone) territory. Isabel Archer is a young American woman, swept off to Europe in the late nineteenth century by an aunt who hopes to round out the impetuous but naive girl's experience of the world. When Isabel comes into a large, unexpected inheritance, she is finagled i

Nov 15, 2017
Mr. Dickens and his carol by Silva, Samantha, author. Mr. Dickens and his carol

"Charles Dickens is not feeling the Christmas spirit. His newest book is an utter flop, the critics have turned against him, relatives near and far hound him for money. While his wife plans a lavish holiday party for their ever-expanding family and circle of friends, Dickens has visions of the poor house. But when his publishers try to blackmail him into writing a Christmas book to save them all from financial ruin, he refuses ... On one of his long night walks, in a once-beloved square, he meet

Nov 15, 2017
Misadventures on the night shift by Rowe, Lauren (Romance novelist), author. Misadventures on the night shift

Hotel clerk Abby Medford has always enjoyed the quiet solitude of the night shift. The long, boring hours allow her time to study her law books. But when bad-boy-rocker Lucas Ford checks into the penthouse suite one night and demands Abby personally deliver his room service request, her formerly quiet nights are quickly filled with Lucas's erotic games. But as Abby soon learns, if she thinks she can indulge her innermost desires with Lucas without giving him her heart, she's dead wrong.

Nov 15, 2017
Misadventures of the first daughter by Wild, Meredith, author. Misadventures of the first daughter

Charlotte Daley is the daughter of the newly elected POTUS. An only child, she's both spoiled rotten and entirely neglected by her powerful family. She's been forced to eat with the right forks, smile at all the right times, and be the picture of perfection for months. Now that her father is in office and too busy to know she exists, she's determined to exercise her new freedom before she heads back to college in New York. Zane Parker has one job--to protect the President's daughter, all day, e

Nov 15, 2017
Lady Glasestone's Christmas goose by Laurens, Stephanie, author. Lady Glasestone's Christmas goose

Three years after being widowed, Therese, Lady Osbaldestone finally settles into her dower property of Hartington Manor in the village of Little Moseley. However, she questions whether life in a small village will generate sufficient interest to keep her amused during those months when she is not in London or visiting friends. But she will see. It's December, 1810, and Therese is looking forward to her usual Christmas with her large brood at her youngest daughter Celia's home. But then a carriag

Nov 18, 2017
Improvement - a novel by Silber, Joan, author. Improvement - a novel

"One of our most gifted writers of fiction returns with a bold and piercing novel about a young single mother living in Harlem, her eccentric aunt, and the decisions they make that have unexpected implications for the world around them. Reyna knows her relationship with Boyd isn't perfect, yet she sees him through a three-month stint at Riker's Island, their bond growing tighter. Kiki, now settled in the East Village after a youth that took her to Turkey and other far- off places--and loves--aro

Nov 15, 2017
Highland spy by Martin, Madeline, author. Highland spy

Ariana Fitzroy is destitute, orphaned, and completely alone, and cheats at cards to survive. When Connor Grant catches her in the act, he threatens to expose her, unless she joins his elite roster of spies. When Connor recruits her help on a mysterious task, the pair must work together to track a dangerous target. But Ariana suspects Connor is not telling her everything -- not just about the mission, but also about his past. Will the secrets between them threaten their mission? And will they be

Nov 15, 2017
Halfway to the grave by Frost, Jeaniene. Halfway to the grave

Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield pursues the undead with a vengeance in the hope that one of her prey will be the father who ruined her mother's life, but her plans go awry when she is captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter.

Nov 15, 2017
Future home of the living god - a novel by Erdrich, Louise, author. Future home of the living god - a novel

A tale set in a world of reversing evolution and a growing police state follows pregnant thirty-two-year-old Cedar Hawk Songmaker, who investigates her biological family while awaiting the birth of a child who may emerge as a member of a primitive human species.

Nov 15, 2017
End game by Baldacci, David, author. End game

Will Robie returns home from a mission overseas to discover that his boss--codenamed Blue Man--has vanished. His last known location was in remote Colorado, and there have been no other sightings or communications since. But there is violence brewing in this small town, and Robie and his sometime-partner Jessica Reel will be lucky if they make it out alive, with or without Blue Man.

Nov 15, 2017
Deadbomb Bingo Ray by Johnson, Jeff, 1969- author. Deadbomb Bingo Ray

"Crime. Vengeance. Love. Physics. The infamous Deadbomb Bingo Ray is a high level fixer in the City of Brotherly Love. He's the man you call when you've crossed the line into hopeless and there's no way back to anywhere. Three years have passed since Ray burned a hedge fund manager on behalf of a pool of retirees, and now the money man is back for revenge. While Ray unravels the plot and orchestrates some payback of his own, he unwittingly steps into the ultimate high stakes game. Falling in lov

Nov 15, 2017
Darke - a novel by Gekoski, R. A., author. Darke - a novel

Dr James Darke has expelled himself from the world. He writes compulsively in his 'coming of old age' journal; he eats little, drinks and smokes a lot. Meditating on what he has lost - the loves of his life, both dead and alive - he tries to console himself with the wisdom of the great thinkers and poets, yet finds nothing but disappointment. But cracks of light appear in his carefully managed darkness; he begins to emerge from his self-imposed exile, drawn by the tender, bruised filaments of lo

Nov 15, 2017
Count to ten by Patterson, James, 1947- author. Count to ten

"Santosh Wagh quit his job as head of Private India after harrowing events in Mumbai almost got him killed. But Jack Morgan, global head of the world's finest investigation agency, needs him back. Jack is setting up a new office in Delhi, and Santosh is the only person he can trust. Still battling his demons, Santosh accepts, and it's not long before the agency takes on a case that could make or break them. Plastic barrels containing dissolved human remains have been found in the basement of a h

Nov 15, 2017
City of lies by Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.), author. City of lies

"An exciting new series featuring woman-on-the-run Elizabeth Miles--from the beloved national bestselling author of the Gaslight Mysteries. Every woman plays a part--but some are more dangerous than others ... Like most women, Elizabeth Miles assumes many roles; unlike most, hers have made her a woman on the run. Living on the edge of society, Elizabeth uses her guile to relieve so-called respectable men of their ill-gotten gains. But brutal and greedy entrepreneur Oscar Thornton is out for bloo

Nov 15, 2017
Catalina by Jacobs, Liska, 1983- author. Catalina

"A novel about a young woman who loses her job and her boyfriend and spirals down a dark path of self-destruction that threatens to harm anyone close to her."--

Nov 15, 2017
Blood magic by Wilks, Eileen, 1952- Blood magic

LIly Yu and Lupi prince Rule Turner have a bigger problem than their families not accepting their impending human/werewolf mixed marriage. A powerful ancient nemesis of Lily's grandmother has come to San Diego to turn the city into a feeding ground.

Nov 15, 2017
Be still my vampire heart by Sparks, Kerrelyn. Be still my vampire heart

A vampire for nearly half a millennium, Angus MacKay feels that there is little to surprise him, until he encounters the sexy Emma Wallace, an agent from the CIA's elite Stake-Out team and a vampire slayer determined to kill the monsters who had destroyed her parents.

Nov 15, 2017
American drifter by Graham, Heather, author. American drifter

A young veteran of the US Army, River Roulet is struggling to shake the horrors of his past. War is behind him, but the memories remain. Desperate to distract himself from the images haunting him daily, River abandons the world he knows and flees to the country he's always dreamed of visiting: Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is everything he hoped for and more. In the lead-up to Carnaval, the city is alight with music, energy, and life. With a few friends at his side, River seems to be pulling his life t

Nov 15, 2017