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Little reunions by Zhang, Ailing, author. Little reunions

A best-selling, autobiographical depiction of class privilege, bad romance, and political intrigue during World War II in China. Now available in English for the first time, Eileen Chang's dark romance opens with Julie, living at a convent school in Hong Kong on the eve of the Japanese invasion. Her mother, Rachel, long divorced from Julie's opium-addict father, saunters around the world with various lovers. Recollections of Julie's horrifying but privileged childhood in Shanghai clash with a fl

Jan 15, 2018
Love by the numbers by Hilton, Laura V., 1963- author. Love by the numbers

"After a buggy accident claims the life of her fiance´ Lydia Hershberger makes a fresh start in Jamesport, Missouri, managing a gift store, where she meets Caleb Bontrager, the young man hired to do the bookkeeping. When false allegations by the bishop back home catch up with Lydia, can she clear her name and find lasting happiness?"--

Jan 19, 2018
Lullaby road - a novel by Anderson, James (Novelist), author. Lullaby road - a novel

"A trucker sets out to protect an abandoned child in the Utah desert...Winter has come to Route 117, a remote road through the high desert of Utah trafficked only by eccentrics, fugitives, and those looking to escape the world. Local truck driver Ben Jones, still in mourning over a heartbreaking loss, is just trying to get through another season of treacherous roads and sudden snowfall without an accident. But then he finds a mute Hispanic child who has been abandoned at a seedy truck stop along

Jan 15, 2018
Main-travelled roads by Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940. Main-travelled roads

Jan 19, 2018
Misery - a novel by King, Stephen, 1947- author. Misery - a novel

After an almost fatal car crash, novelist Paul Sheldon finds himself being nursed by a deranged fan who holds him captive.

Jan 19, 2018
Munich by Harris, Robert, 1957- author. Munich

September 1938. Hitler is determined to start a war. Chamberlain is desperate to preserve the peace.The issue is to be decided in a city that will forever afterwards be notorious for what takes place there. Munich. As Chamberlain's plane judders over the Channel and the Fuhrer's train steams relentlessly south from Berlin, two young men travel with secrets of their own. Hugh Legat is one of Chamberlain's private secretaries; Paul Hartmann a German diplomat and member of the anti-Hitler resistanc

Jan 15, 2018
Need to know - a novel by Cleveland, Karen, author. Need to know - a novel

"Vivian Miller is a dedicated CIA counterintelligence analyst assigned to uncover the leaders of Russian sleeper cells in the United States. On track for a much-needed promotion, she's developed a system for identifying Russian agents, seemingly normal people living in plain sight. After accessing the computer of a potential Russian operative, Vivian stumbles on a secret dossier of deep-cover agents within America's borders. A few clicks later, everything that matters to her--her job, her husban

Jan 19, 2018
Oliver Loving - a novel by Block, Stefan Merrill, author. Oliver Loving - a novel

"One warm West Texas November night, a shy boy named Oliver Loving joins his classmates at Bliss Township School's annual dance, hoping for a glimpse of the object of his unrequited affections, an enigmatic junior named Rebekkah Sterling. But as the music plays, a troubled young man sneaks in through the school's back door. The dire choices this man makes that evening -- and the unspoken story he carries -- will tear the town of Bliss, Texas, apart. Nearly ten years later, Oliver Loving still li

Jan 16, 2018
One and Only by Holiday, Jenny One and Only

Jan 19, 2018
Only by blood and suffering by Finicum, LaVoy Only by blood and suffering

Jan 19, 2018
Our lady of the prairie by Nissen, Thisbe, 1972- author. Our lady of the prairie

"A sharp and bitingly funny novel about a professor whose calm-ish midwestern life gives way to a vortex of crises--and her attempts to salvage the pieces without going to pieces herself...In the space of a few torrid months on the Iowa prairie, Phillipa Maakestad--long-married theater professor and mother of an unstable daughter--grapples with a life turned upside down. After falling headlong into a passionate affair during a semester spent teaching in Ohio, Phillipa returns home to Iowa for he

Jan 19, 2018
Peach by Glass, Emma, author. Peach

Introducing a dazzling new literary voice--a wholly original novel as groundbreaking as the works of Eimear McBride and Max Porter. Something has happened to Peach. Staggering around the town streets in the aftermath of an assault, Peach feels a trickle of blood down her legs, a lingering smell of her anonymous attacker on her skin. It hurts to walk, but she manages to make her way to her home, where she stumbles into another oddly nightmarish reality: Her parents can't seem to comprehend that a

Jan 19, 2018
Pearl Jinx by Hill, Sandra. Pearl Jinx

On a mission to find the rumored "cave pearls," Caleb Peachy, project leader for the Jinx Inc. treasure-hunting company, enlists the assistance of Dr. Claire Cassidy, a gorgeous and independent archaeologist who leads Caleb on a merry chase.

Jan 17, 2018
Pink jinx by Hill, Sandra. Pink jinx

Veronica Jinkowsky is stunned when her estranged grandfather gives her his famous treasure hunting company and then manipulates her into searching for a stash of pink diamonds that went down with a ship, until she discovers his true agenda.

Jan 17, 2018
Plummet - a novel by Collins, Brandilyn, author. Plummet - a novel

"Cara Westling, a newcomer to the small town of Payton, Idaho, is grateful she's landed employment with the highly respected J.L. Larrett. A victim of abuse both from her father and ex-husband, Cara is struggling to build her own self esteem-and a new life for herself and her troubled thirteen-year-old daughter, Riley. But J.L. Larrett is not the man people think they know. One week into the job, J.L. forces Cara to do the unthinkable-help him hide the body of a woman he's murdered. If Cara ref

Jan 19, 2018
Points north - stories by Mosher, Howard Frank, author. Points north - stories

The final book by one of America's most treasured writers. Upon his passing in January 2017, Howard Frank Mosher was recognized as one of America's most acclaimed writers. His fiction set in the world of Vermont's fabled Northeast Kingdom chronicles the intertwining family histories of the natives, wanderers, outcasts, and others who settled in this ethereal place. In its obituary, The New York Times wrote, "Mr. Mosher's fictional Kingdom County, Vt., became his New England version of Faulkner's

Jan 19, 2018
Quilting bee by Price, Sarah Quilting bee

Jan 19, 2018
Red clocks - a novel by Zumas, Leni, 1972- author. Red clocks - a novel

A Popsugar most anticipated book of Fall. A Ploughshares most anticipated book of Fall. An Amazon Best Book of the Month. One of Publishers Weekly's most anticipated titles of Fall 2017. Five women. One question. What is a woman for? In this ferociously imaginative novel, abortion is once again illegal in America, in-vitro fertilization is banned, and the Personhood Amendment grants rights of life, liberty, and property to every embryo. In a small Oregon fishing town, five very different women n

Jan 15, 2018
Redemption song by Crosby, Tanya Anne, author. Redemption song

Raised as an only child, Caia Paine once believed she had everything she would ever need to live a rich and contented life. The last thing she ever expected was that she would wake up one morning, despairing, and so full of loathing that even the sky is darkened by the potency of her anger. After her only son, Jack, is taken from her in a tragic accident, Caia finds herself obsessed with the man she holds responsible for Jack's death, pursuing him all the way to Jerez, Spain. There she embarks u

Jan 18, 2018
Second acts by Emory, Teri, author. Second acts

"From midtown Manhattan to a Florida suburb, from coastal Savannah to the hills of Rome, the interwoven tales of three lives unfold in the voices of Sarah, Miriam, and Beth. Their unshakable friendship takes root in a Buffalo college dorm in the late 1960's. Fueled by the optimism and bravado of that era, they charge into adulthood with lofty ideas and high expectations. They were, as Beth would later observe, 'the first generation of women who felt entitled to interesting lives.' They remain fr

Jan 17, 2018