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The gift by Gray, Shelley Shepard, author. The gift

The Schwartz family is happy to be spending Christmas on their new farm in Hart County. But when Susanna Schwartz hears gunshots that causes her buggy to overturn, and then her little sister falls through a wooden bridge into the icy creek, it becomes clear from these dangerous "accidents" that someone wants them gone. Neil Vance has been heartbroken ever since his parents lost their family farm. He knows it's not the Schwartz family's fault, but he can't help but be resentful. Until he meets Su

Nov 15, 2017
The last best friend by Sims, George, 1923- author. The last best friend

"At 2pm on a Monday in 1966, Ned Balfour wakes in Corsica beside a beautiful woman. In the same instant, back in London, fellow art dealer and Dachau survivor Sam Weiss falls ten stories to his death. Ned refuses to believe that Sam's death was intentional, and his investigation thrusts him into the deceit and fraudulence of the art world, where he unmasks more than one respectable face."--

Nov 15, 2017
The naked and the dead by Mailer, Norman. The naked and the dead

The story of a platoon of Marines stationed on the Japanese-held island of Anopopei in World War II.

Nov 21, 2017
The night language - a novel by Rocklin, David, 1961- author. The night language - a novel

"The story of a young man, Prince Alamayou of Abyssinia (present day Ethiopia), who is taken from his home and the Abyssinian war to the court of Queen Victoria--a world he knows nothing about. With him is Philip Layard, a young apprentice to one of the doctors on the battlefield in Abyssinia, who becomes Alamayou's guardian, only friend, and eventually, the love of his life. When Parliament accuses Alamayou of murder, the young prince is sentenced to return to Abyssinia, where he will be execut

Nov 22, 2017
The Paris secret by Swan, Karen (Writer), author. The Paris secret

In this glittering tale of forgotten treasures and long-held secrets, international bestseller Karen Swan explores one womans journey to discovering the truth behind an abandoned apartment and a family whose mysteries may be better left undiscovered.

Nov 22, 2017
The Parkerstown delegate and other stories by Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947. The Parkerstown delegate and other stories

Nov 21, 2017
The people vs. Alex Cross by Patterson, James, 1947- The people vs. Alex Cross

"The charges: explosive. Alex Cross has never been on the wrong side of the law -- until now. Charged with gunning down followers of his nemesis Gary Soneji in cold blood, Cross is being turned into the poster child for trigger-happy cops who think they're above the law. Cross knows it was self-defense. But will a jury see it that way? The evidence: shocking. As Cross fights for his professional life and his freedom, his former partner John Sampson brings him a gruesome, titillating video tied t

Nov 16, 2017
The prisoner of Zenda by Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933. The prisoner of Zenda

Nov 21, 2017
The Regency brides collection - seven romances set in England during the early nineteenth century by The Regency brides collection - seven romances set in England during the early nineteenth century

Nov 15, 2017
The Rosetta key - an Ethan Gage adventure by Dietrich, Wiliam, 1951- The Rosetta key - an Ethan Gage adventure

Expatriate Ethan Gage, in the Holy Land to save his former lover Astiza and to search for the revered legendary Book of Thoth, is in danger again as Napoleon's army marches towards Jerusalem.

Nov 21, 2017
The savage by Bill, Frank, 1974- author. The savage

"A sequel to Bill's novel Donnybrook, The Savage is a hero's journey in a dystopian, violent, and chaotic American Midwest"--

Nov 22, 2017
The scandalous flirt by Drake, Olivia, author. The scandalous flirt

"Aurora Paxton was once the belle of the ball, the most sought-after debutante of the season--until a scandalous mistake ruined her.Shunned by her family, Rory was banished to the country to live in disgrace. Now she's been summoned back to London by her stepmother, who is being blackmailed by the least likely person Rory can imagine: Lucas Vale, Marquess of Dashell. Lucas is someone Rory's known for years--a man as devastatingly handsome as he is coldly disapproving of her. What in the world co

Nov 15, 2017
The second sister - a novel by Kendal, Claire, author. The second sister - a novel

A decade ago, Ella Brooke's older sister, Miranda, vanished without a trace. With every passing year, Ella has come to resemble more closely the sister she lost - the same dark hair, the same piercing blue eyes - and now she's the same age Miranda was when she disappeared. Ella is certain that Miranda was taken, and that one man is key to her disappearance: Jason Thorne. The tabloids report that a new link has been found connecting Miranda to this sadistic serial killer locked away in a psychiat

Nov 21, 2017
The sound of rain by Thomas, Sarah Loudin, author. The sound of rain

"Judd Markley is a hardworking coal miner who rarely thinks much past tomorrow until he loses his brother--and nearly his own life--in a mine cave-in. Vowing never to enter the darkness of a mine again, he leaves all he knows in West Virginia to escape to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It's 1954, the seaside community is thriving, and Judd soon hires on with a timber company. Larkin Heyward's life in Myrtle Beach is uncomplicated, mostly doing volunteer work and dancing at the Pavilion. But she d

Nov 21, 2017
The story of Arthur Truluv - a novel by Berg, Elizabeth, author. The story of Arthur Truluv - a novel

"For the past six months, Arthur Moses's days have looked the same: He tends to his rose garden and to Gordon, his cat, then rides the bus to the cemetery to visit his beloved late wife for lunch. The last thing Arthur would imagine is for one unlikely encounter to utterly transform his life. Eighteen-year-old Maddy Harris is an introspective girl who visits the cemetery to escape the other kids at school. One afternoon she joins Arthur--a gesture that begins a surprising friendship between two

Nov 21, 2017
The supernaturals by Golemon, David Lynn, author. The supernaturals

"Built at the turn of the twentieth century by one of the richest and most powerful men in the world tucked away in the pristine Pocono Mountains, Summer Place, a retreat for the rich and famous, seems the very essence of charm and beauty, "a scene borrowed from a wondrous fairytale of gingerbread houses, bright forests, and glowing, sunny meadows." But behind the yellow and white trimmed exterior lurks an evil, waiting to devour the unwary... Seven years ago, Professor Gabriel Kennedy's investi

Nov 15, 2017
Three days and a life by Lemaître, Pierre, 1951- author. Three days and a life

"In 1999, in the small provincial town of Beauval, France, twelve-year-old Antoine Courtin accidentally kills a young neighbor boy in the woods near his home. Panicked, he conceals the body and to his relief--and ongoing shame--he is never suspected of any connection to the child's disappearance. But the boy's death continues to haunt him, shaping his life in unseen ways. More than a decade later, Antoine is living in Paris, now a young doctor with a fiance´e and a promising future. On a rare tr

Nov 15, 2017
Vampire mine by Sparks, Kerrelyn. Vampire mine

Vampire Connor Buchanan, who has vowed never to fall in love, finally meets his match in Marielle, an angel cast down from heaven for disobedience, who is trapped in mortal form and needs his protection.

Nov 15, 2017
Vanishing point - a Nikki Boyd novel by Harris, Lisa, 1969- author. Vanishing point - a Nikki Boyd novel

It's Garrett Addison's first week on the job as a criminal investigator for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. His team is called out to a murder scene of a young girl, the third victim in a string of disappearances with one thing in common: a Polaroid photo of each victim left behind at the crime scene. When the FBI is pulled into the case, Garrett finds himself working with Special Agent Jordan Lambert, the woman he once loved. When yet another girl dies Garrett blames himself, believing h

Nov 22, 2017
Wanted - undead or alive by Sparks, Kerrelyn. Wanted - undead or alive

Phineas McKinney thought New York City was tough, until he was attacked by Malcontents-- evil vampires who consider mortals to be snacks. Saved by the good vampires, Phin swore to devote his now undead life to stopping the Malcontents. He's got his job cut out for him when word comes that their enemy may be hiding in Wyoming. What does a city boy like him know about horses and campfires? Good thing he's got Brynley Jones with him ... if only she didn't hate every vampire on earth.

Nov 15, 2017