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The snap - a novel

"Poppy Benjamin, Media Relations Director of Syracuse's storied NFL team, the Bobcats, fought tooth and nail for her career. Ever since her intern season fifteen years ago, it's been nothing but early mornings, late nights, barely-dodged inappropriate advances, and relationships lost with partners who didn't get it. That's why Poppy relies on the Women Against Groping Shitheads, a support network that knows her far better than her own family. In-house counsel for an NBA team, a celebrated report

Lady Macbeth - a novel

"A reimagining of Lady Macbeth, Shakespeare's most famous villainess"--

The Hidden Book by Manning, Kirsty
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
The Hidden Book

The Girl in the Bog

Frequent Fliers by Kirwan, Noǔ
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
Frequent Fliers

The last Carolina girl - a novel

"Some folks will do anything to control the wild spirit of a Carolina girl... For fourteen-year-old Leah Payne, life in her beloved coastal Carolina town is as simple as it is free. Devoted to her lumberjack father and running through the wilds where theforest meets the shore, Leah's country life is as natural as the Loblolly pines that rise to greet the Southern sky. When an accident takes her father's life, Leah is wrenched from her small community and cast into a family of strangers with a te

The housekeeper's secret

"Standing in the remote windswept moors of Northern England, Coldwell Hall is the perfect place to hide. For the past five years, Kate Furniss has maintained her professional mask so carefully that she almost believes she is the character she has created:Coldwell's respectable housekeeper. It is the summer of 1911 that brings new faces above and below the stairs of Coldwell Hall-including the handsome and mysterious new footman, Jem Arden. Just as the house's shuttered rooms open, so does Kate's

Haunted ever after

"It's love at first haunting in a seaside town that raises everyone's spirits in this new series from USA Today bestselling author Jen DeLuca. Small Florida coastal towns often find themselves scrambling for the tourism dollars that the Orlando theme parks leave behind. And within the town limits of Boneyard Key, the residents decided long ago to lean into its ghostliness. Nick Royer, owner of the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop, embraces the ghost tourism that keeps the local economy afloat, as we

A great marriage - a novel

"Dara Willcox, up in New York for a weekend, meets Austin Clarke at an art gallery. If love at first sight can happen, it happens to them. These two vivid, ambitious people are on different trajectories - he's British, working temporarily in New York. She's set on law school. They don't care. They will make their lives together happen. At their engagement dinner at Dara's family home, her mother Lee sets a beautiful table and the family and close friends gather to celebrate. Rich, Dara's father,

The fertile earth

"An unforgettable story of love and resistance surrounding two young people born across social lines, set against a tumultuous political landscape in India. Vijaya and Sree are the daughters of the Deshmukhs of Irumi. Hailing from a lineage of ancestral aristocrats, their family's social status and power over villagers on their land is absolute. Krishna and Ranga, brothers, are the sons of a widowed servant in the Deshmukh household. When Vijaya and Krishna meet, they forge an intense bond that

Dear Hanna by Stage, Zoje
Date added:
Jul 8, 2024
Dear Hanna

The break-up pact - a novel

"Most Anticipated by Goodreads, Cosmo, and more! Two best friends who haven't spoken in ten years pretend to date after break-ups with their respective exes go viral, in this delightfully fun and deeply emotional novel from New York Times bestselling author Emma Lord. June and Levi were best friends as teenagers-until the day they weren't. Now June is struggling to make rent on her beachside tea shop, Levi is living a New York cliche´ as a disillusioned hedge fund manager and failed novelist, an

The family business. 1

"By day, the Duncans are an upstanding family who run a thriving car dealership in Queens. By night, they live a dangerous secret life ... Selling cars, it turns out, is only a small part of the Duncans' family business."--Provided by publisher.

You better watch out

"From international bestselling authors James S. Murray (better known as "Murr" on the hit TV show Impractical Jokers) and Darren Wearmouth, comes You Better Watch Out, a suspenseful, serial killer thriller that leaves you wondering, is Christmas really the best time of the year? Forty-eight hours until Christmas, Jessica Kane wakes up with blurred vision, ears ringing, and in excruciating pain. A gash in her head and blood running down her face, the last thing she remembers is going for a run a

Touch by Olafsson, Olaf
Date added:
Jul 3, 2024

Tomb sweeping - stories

"Tomb Sweeping probes the loyalties we hold: to relatives, to strangers, and to ourselves. In stories set across the US and Asia, Alexandra Chang immerses us in the lives of immigrant families, grocery store employees, expecting parents, and guileless labassistants"--

There's nothing wrong with her - a novel

"A crackling, tender, and perfectly off-kilter novel about love, madness, illness, and recovery"--