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A Man of His Word by Fuller, Kathleen
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
A Man of His Word

Moriah's heart will only be safe with a man of his word.

Let's Go Play at the Adams' (Paperbacks from Hell)

Originally published: New York: Crowell, 1974.

I'm Not Superwoman

Hell Hound (Paperbacks from Hell)

"Such are the thoughts of Baxter, a sociopathic bull terrier on the hunt for the perfect master, as he contemplates the demise of his first victim."--

The family business. 6

A scientific researcher and a disgraced chemist become pawns in a power grab by a billionaire contraband smuggler targeting Paris Duncan and her family, a situation that is further complicated by an assassin lover's return from the dead.

The family business. 5

Vegas, Junior, and Rio uncover devastating secrets while working to clear their father's name, while Paris discovers clues that Niles Monroe might still be alive.

The Dreadful Duke by Burrowes, Grace
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
The Dreadful Duke

Daddy Cool by Goines, Donald
Date added:
Jun 21, 2024
Daddy Cool

The Auctioneer (Paperbacks from Hell)

John Moore's peaceful life in rural New Hampshire is changed forever after the arrival of an evil, magnetic stranger who runs a series of auctions in the town.

The winged tiara - a novel

"Diamonds and danger dazzle in Ciesielski's latest enchanting romp through post-war Europe as estranged spouses and jewel thieves hunt an elusive Valkyrie tiara"--

The Wildes - a novel in five acts

"Oscar Wilde, his wife, Constance, and their two sons deal with the aftermath of the famous playwright's imprisonment for homosexuality, told against the backdrop of Victorian England and World War I"--

Society of Lies by Brown, Lauren Ling
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Society of Lies

A world of hurt - a novel

"When someone dies to save your life, how do you ever forgive them? Kara Johnson always knew she'd die young and violently. It didn't matter who delivered the final blow, she would deserve it-her years spent running drugs and spreading violence would guarantee it. But death doesn't always go as planned. When her girlfriend sacrifices herself to save Kara's life, Kara is left grieving and adrift. She doesn't know why she's alive until the DEA shows up and offers her a choice: go to prison or turn