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Disillusioned - five families and the unraveling of America's suburbs

"Through the stories of five American families, a masterful and timely exploration of how hope, history, and racial denial collide in the suburbs and their schools Outside Atlanta, a middle-class Black family faces off with a school system seemingly benton punishing their teenage son. North of Dallas, a conservative white family relocates to an affluent suburban enclave, but can't escape the changes sweeping the country. On Chicago's North Shore, a multiracial mom throws herself into an ultra-pr

Dear sister - a memoir of secrets, survival, and unbreakable bonds

"In September 2017, a knock on the door upends Michelle Horton's life forever: her sister had just shot her partner and was now in jail. During the investigation that follows, Michelle learns that Nikki had been hiding horrific abuse for years. Stunned tofind herself in a situation she'd only ever encountered on television and true crime podcasts, Michelle rearranges her life to care for Nikki's children and simultaneously launches a fight to bring Nikki home, squaring off against a criminal jus

Come together - the science (and art!) of creating lasting sexual connections

"An illuminating exploration of how to maintain a happy sex life in a long-term relationship, from the New York Times bestselling author of Come as You Are and co-author of Burnout. In Come as You Are, Emily Nagoski, PhD, provided science-backed lessons that revolutionized the way we think about women's sexuality. Now, in Come Together, Nagoski takes on a fundamentally misunderstood subject: good sex. Nagoski breaks down the myths many of us have been taught about sex-for instance, the belief th

Cold crematorium - reporting from the land of Auschwitz

"The first English language edition of a lost memoir by an Auschwitz survivor, offering a shocking and deeply moving perspective on life within the camps. When Jaozsef Debreczeni, a prolific Hungarian-language journalist and poet, arrived in Auschwitz in1944, his life expectancy was forty-five minutes. This was how long it took for the half-dead prisoners to be sorted into groups, stripped, and sent to the gas chambers. He beat the odds and survived the "selection," which led to twelve horrifyin

Change your diet, change your mind - a powerful plan to improve mood, overcome anxiety, and protect memory for a lifetime of optimal mental health

"We are in the midst of a global mental health crisis: -More than one in six American adults now take psychiatric medication. -The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple by 2050. -Depression is now the number one cause of disability in the world. -The COVID-19 pandemic has quadrupled reports of anxiety and depression. Although medications may ease suffering for some, in Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind, Dr. Georgia Ede argues that the most powerful way to change brain chemistr

Break the cycle - a guide to healing intergenerational trauma

"The definitive, paradigm-shifting guide to healing intergenerational trauma-weaving together scientific research with practical exercises and stories from the therapy room-from Dr. Mariel Buquae, PhD, a Columbia University-trained trauma-informed psychologist and practitioner of holistic healing"--

Black women taught us / An Intimate History of Black Feminism

"Jenn M. Jackson has been known to bring deep historical acuity to some of the most controversial topics in America today. Now, in their first book, Jackson applies their critical analysis to the questions that have long energized their work: Why has Black women's freedom fighting been so overlooked throughout history, and what has our society lost in the meantime? A love letter to those who have been minimized and forgotten, this collection repositions Black women's intellectual and political w

American girls - one woman's journey into the Islamic state and her sister's fight to bring her home

"The Sally sisters, raised in a rural Jehovah's Witness community in Arkansas, spent their teens and twenties moving between cities and towns in the South and Midwest, working difficult and poorly-paid jobs and falling in and out of relationships. Caughtin an eternal sibling rivalry -- where Lori, younger by a year, protected bold, outgoing, reckless Sam -- the two women eventually married a pair of brothers and settled down in Elkhart, Indiana, just around the corner from each other. And it was

The algorithm - how AI decides who gets hired, monitored, promoted, and fired and why we need to fight back now

"Hilke Schellmann is an Emmy award-winning investigative reporter, Wall Street Journal and Guardian contributor, and journalism professor at NYU. In "The Algorithm," she investigates the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world of work. AI is nowbeing used to decide who has access to an education, who gets hired, who gets fired, and who receives a promotion. Drawing on exclusive information from whistleblowers, internal documents, and real-world tests, Schellmann discovers that many of

Aid state - elite panic, disaster capitalism, and the battle to control Haiti

"Haiti's state is near-collapse: armed groups have overrun the country, many government officials have fled after the 2021 assassination of President Moise and not a single elected leader holds office, refugees desperately set out on boats to reach the USand Latin America, and the economy reels from the after-effects of disasters, both man-made and natural, that destroyed much of Haiti's infrastructure and institutions. How did a nation founded on liberation-a people that successfully revolted a

5 ingredients Mediterranean / Simple Incredible Food- American Measurements

"Jamie's most popular cookbook goes Mediterranean in this mouth-watering follow-up PRE-ORDER THE BRAND NEW 5 INGREDIENTS MEDITERRANEAN COOKBOOK FROM JAMIE OLIVER This edition has been adapted for the US market. 5 Ingredients Mediterranean is everything people loved about the first book, but with the added va-va-voom of basing it on Jamie's lifelong travels around the Mediterranean. With over 125 utterly delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, it's all about making everyday cooking super-exciting, wit

The way forward

In this third and final installment of his poetic trilogy, the #1 New York Times bestselling poet encourages readers to connect more deeply to their intuition, using it to remain focused and grounded amidst a world in constant flux.