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This Indian kid - a Native American memoir

"Award-winning author Eddie Chuculate recounts his experience growing up in rural Oklahoma, from boyhood to young manhood, in an evocative and vivid voice. "Granny was full-blooded Creek, but the Bureau of Indian Affairs insisted she was thirteen-sixteenths. She showed her card to me. I'd sit at the kitchen table and stare at her when she was eating, wondering how you could be thirteen-sixteenths of anything and if so, what part of her constituted the other three-sixteenths." Growing up impoveri

The teen anxiety guidebook - improve self-esteem, discover new coping skills, and relieve social anxiety, worry, and panic attacks

"Break free from anxiety and manage stress with simple strategies and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques in this straightforward and encouraging handbook. Keeping up with friendships, relationships, school, extracurriculars, and social media isalready a lot of work. And when anxiety spikes, it sometimes feels like it's impossible to keep your life on track. You might feel like you're in a never-ending downward spiral. That's where this book comes in. The teen anxiety guidebook offers

Sad happens - a celebration of tears

This collective, multifaceted archive of tears that captures the complexity and variety of these circumstances features essays from a vast array of contributors who confirm that sad happens, but so does joy, love, a sense of community and a host of otheremotions.

Nuff said by Tyrus, 1973- author.
Date added:
Nov 17, 2023
Nuff said

In this continuation of the best-selling book Just Tyus, the author delivers a series of gut-wrenching, heart-rending and redemptive tales from his remarkable life while tackling issues of race and activism in America today and drawing parallels between current culture and his personal past.

Is God real? - exploring the ultimate question of life

"Drawing on decades of research found in his Case for . . . series, as well as new interviews and insights, investigative journalist and former atheist Lee Strobel presents clear and compelling evidence to help seekers and believers answer life's ultimatequestion: Is God Real?"--

Growing an edible landscape - how to transform your outdoor space into a food garden

"Growing an Edible Landscape is filled with advice and tips for converting unproductive lawn and garden areas into food-growing regions where edible plants thrive"--


"What is an art of life for what feels like the end of a world? In Raving McKenzie Wark takes readers into the undisclosed locations of New York's thriving underground queer and trans rave scene. Techno, first and always a Black music, invites fresh sonicand temporal possibilities for this era of diminishing futures. Raving to techno is an art and technique at which queer and trans bodies might be particularly adept, but which is for anyone who lets the beat seduce them. Extending the rave's sen

Politics for people who hate politics - how to engage without losing your friends or selling your soul

"With over 20 years in the highest levels of government, insider Denise Grace Gitsham offers spiritual insights, hard-earned lessons, and practical advice to engage in politics God's way. As citizens of heaven, we can lean into politics with the Holy Spirit's wisdom, maintain peace, and heal our land with his countercultural love, integrity, and unity"--

A long time coming - a lyrical biography of race in America from Ona Judge to Barack Obama

Meticulously researched and drawn from numerous primary sources, this biography-in-verse tells the story of racism in the U.S. through six important Black Americans from different eras who struggled for justice, chronicling how much - and how little - racism has changed since our country's founding.

Dressing the part - television's most stylish shows

From Mary Tyler Moore's capri pants on The Dick van Dyke Show and Emma Peel's dominatrix jumpsuit on The Avengers to Don Drapers' grey sharkskin suits on Mad Men, this illustrated guide to the most influential fashion from the 1950s to today reveals how television has shaped the way we dress.

Disappearing act - a true story

"Moving and evocative, this YA memoir-in-verse follows author Jiordan Castle's coming-of-age as her family reckons with the aftershocks of her father's imprisonment"--

Biology's beginnings / Biology's Beginnings

"This first of a four-part MITeen series charts the evolution of life science up to the late 1800s, when the origins of the virus was discovered by a baffled Dutch biologist who found a tiny infectious particle destroying tobacco crops"--

The 21 - the true story of the youth who sued the US government over climate change

"The gripping inside story of the ongoing landmark lawsuit, Juliana v. United States, brought against the US government by twenty-one young people"--

Rick Steves Prague & Czech Republic

Presents a travel guide to Prague and the Czech Republic, with recommendations for lodging, restaurants, events, tours, and sightseeing highlights, along with travel tips and cultural information.

World Religions in Seven Sentences- A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic

Understanding other faiths is essential not just to interreligious dialogue, but also to grasping one's own faith. Covering world religions including Atheism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity, and Islam, Douglas Groothuis creatively uses a single sentence for each one as a way to open readers to their depth and complexity.

When we walk by - forgotten humanity, broken systems, and the role we can each play in ending homelessness in America

"A guide to understanding housing instability, supporting our unhoused neighbors, and reclaiming our humanity"--

Touched by angels