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The mother artist - portraits of ambition, limitation, and creativity

"Few women artists feature prominently in the history of art, and even fewer who are mothers. Are motherhood and creativity at odds, or are other factors at play? The Mother Artist twines meditations on parenthood with studies of painters, writers, and others who blend caregiving and creative practice. Includes full-color images by mother artists"--

Little earthquakes - a memoir

Discovering she had stage four breast cancer while pregnant with her second baby, a clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma, after receiving good news, was unable to celebrate due to being frozen in a dissociated state and used the "narrative therapy" she used with her patients to navigate her own trauma.

Life as no one knows it - the physics of life's emergence

"An intriguing new scientific theory that explains what life is and how it emerges. What is life? This is among the most difficult open problems in science, right up there with the nature of consciousness and the existence of matter. All the definitions we have fall short. None help us understand how life originates or the full range of possibilities for what life on other planets might look like. In Life as No One Knows It, physicist and astrobiologist Sara Imari Walker argues that solving the

I'm sorry for my loss - an urgent examination of reproductive care in America

"Rebecca Little and Colleen Long are journalists and childhood friends who both experienced pregnancy losses past 20 weeks. In the days, weeks, and months that followed, they searched desperately for information to help them process what they had been through. But they found nothing. So, Rebecca and Colleen began to research. Diving deep into the history, culture, and science around pregnancy loss, they discovered that the helplessness and loneliness they felt was not a coincidence. Over the pas

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Jun 20, 2024
Every landlord legal guide

First lady of laughs - the forgotten story of Jean Carroll, America's first Jewish woman stand-up comedian

"Piecing together the forgotten story of Jean Carroll, the first Jewish female stand-up comedian, this book reveals the history of women in comedy, American Jews, and how stand-up found its feet"--

Directional living / A Transformational Guide to Fulfillment in Work and Life

"A guide for creating a life of maximum fulfillment and purpose, by the "Conscious Career Coach," whose program has helped hundreds of women find their career paths including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez So many of us have done everything rightfor our careers. We got the grades, made the 5-year plan, climbed the ladder toward our goals; from the outside, we are the very definition of "success." Why then do we find ourselves burned out, losing our ambition, consumed by impostor syndrome

The boys of Riverside / A Deaf Football Team and a Quest for Glory

"The incredible story of an all-deaf high school football team's triumphant climb from underdog to undefeated, their inspirational brotherhood, a fascinating portrait of deafness in America, and the indefatigable head coach who spearheaded the team"--

Blind descent - the quest to discover the deepest place on earth

This is the story of the men and women who risked everything to find the deepest cave on Earth, earning their place in history beside the likes of Peary, Amundsen, Hillary, and Armstrong. Tabor focuses particularly on the heroic efforts of Bill Stone in the vast Cheve Cave of southern Mexico and Alexander Klimchouk in the supercave Krubera of the Republic of Georgia.