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Level Up!- Your Strategy Guide To The Game Of Investing

"Investing can be a daunting and intimidating subject, but it doesn't have to be. This book takes a fresh approach to personal finance and self-development that's both accessible and engaging. Using video game analogies to explain complex financial concepts in a way that's easy to understand, regardless of your background or level of experience."--Provided by publisher.

Food of the Italian islands - recipes from the sunbaked beaches, coastal villages, and rolling hillsides of Sicily, Sardinia, and beyond

"Food of the Italian Islands contains over 85 recipes, both original and reimagined, that showcase the allures off Italy's coasts, including pane frattau featuring Sardinia's beloved flatbread; bigoli in salsa, a party pasta popular in Venice; coniglio all'ischitana, braised rabbit in the style of Ischia, and torta caprese, Capri's flourless chocolate-almond cake. With New York Times bestselling author Katie Parla as the intrepid guide, Food of the Italian Islands delves into the rich culinary a

Can Love Last?- The Fate of Romance Over Time

Common wisdom has it that love is fragile, but leading psychoanalyst Mitchell argues that romance doesn't actually diminish in long-term relationships--it becomes increasingly dangerous. Mitchell shows that love can endure, only if couples become aware of their self-destructive efforts to protect themselves from its risks.

Anatomy of comics - famous originals of narrative art

This international history of the art of comics includes classics from Richard F. Outcault in 1896 all the way to the turn of our century, with masters such as Chris Ware. Populated by meta-humans, hybrids, and superheroes, these works of art present parallel worlds that continue to fascinate generations. A critical reference, this book spans all styles and is a celebration of the motley crew of characters who have accompanied fans from their fi rst forays into reading, through adolescence, and

Zahav home - cooking for friends & family

"Award-winning chefs and bestselling authors of the James Beard Award-winning Zahav, Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook invite you to cook the way they do at home, with 125 new recipes for simple and achievable meals"--

Why we love football - a history in 100 moments

"A moving celebration of the history of American football"--

Who could ever love you - a family memoir

"Who Could Ever Love You is an intimate, heartbreaking memoir of a father, a mother, and a family's exile. Mary Trump grew up in a family divided by its patriarch's relentless drive for money and power. The daughter of Freddy Trump, the highly accomplished, dashing eldest son of wealthy real estate developer Fred Trump, and Linda Clapp, a flight attendant from a working-class family, Mary lived in the shadow of Freddy's humiliation at the hands of his father. Fred Trump embodied the ethos of the

What if we get it right? - visions of climate futures

"Sometimes the bravest thing we can do while facing an existential crisis is imagine life on the other side. This provocative and joyous book maps an inspiring landscape of possible climate futures. Through clear-eyed essays and vibrant conversations, infused with data, poetry, and art, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson guides us through solutions and possibilities at the nexus of science, policy, culture, and justice. Visionary farmers and financers, architects and advocates help us conjure a flourishing

What about me? - get out of your own way and discover the power of an unselfish life

"As we go about our daily lives, there is a little voice in our minds that's always asking, "What about me?" Maybe your voice says, "When is it my turn to be noticed at work?" or "When will someone in this family do something for me?" That voice may be whispering to you about your finances, your job, or your friends, but it is always encouraging you to think about something you don't have. And sadly, social media and culture in general lead us to focus on this world's concept of happiness and su

Telltale hearts - a public health doctor, his patients, and the power of story

"For over four decades, Dr. Dean-David Schillinger has been a witness to the evolution of public health in America. From his days as a young, bright eyed resident to the Chief of Internal Medicine at one of the country's largest public hospitals, Schillinger has seen thousands of patients and observed how our healthcare system can both work for and against them. Yet, it wasn't insurance or improved medical tests that mattered most; it was simply listening to his patients. In Telltale Hearts, Sch