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Harrowed - life lessons from the garden

"This is the story of the garden: my first, and perhaps my last. I started it at the age of 64. I'm 68 now. The garden brings me satisfaction, beauty, astonishment, joy. The garden also requires an inordinate amount of worry and work. When I started out, I thought simply to put my creative energy into arranging a bunch of plants. I didn't know the garden would overtake my life. I didn't know the garden would help teach me how to order my day, pray, let go, love my neighbor, die."--Page 4 of cove

The great plant-based con - why eating a plants-only diet won't improve your health or save the planet

Almost every day we hear a call for us to reduce our consumption of meat and dairy, with the long-term goal for many being the widespread conversion to a totally vegan lifestyle. 'Plant-based' has become a term so worthy and ubiquitous that many people have forgotten their historic antipathy to an extreme vegan cause. But what if the statistics driving the plant-based movement were misleading or even false? What if we were being manipulated by a happy coalition of vested interests that includes

Loaded- Money and the Spirituality of Enough

In Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough, lawyer-turned-writer Heather King shares her own recovery around money as well as the stories of others who have worked to reverse self-defeating patterns and move on to a healthy, mindful relationship with money. In an approach that's very much informed by Jesus's many words on the subject, she offers simple, proactive and transformative steps you can take to heed the Gospel's call in your own life. The language of Loaded will be familiar to thos

Bread and Other Miracles

A wilder shore - the romantic odyssey of Fanny and Robert Louis Stevenson

"A portrait of the fascinating, unusual and fruitful creative partnership between Fanny and Robert Louis Stevenson"--

What's next - a backstage pass to the West Wing, its cast and crew, and its enduring legacy of service

"A behind-the-scenes look into the creation and legacy of The West Wing as told by cast members Melissa Fitzgerald and Mary McCormack, with additional insight from cast and crew exploring what made the show what it was, and how its impassioned commitmentto service has made the series and relationships behind it endure"--

Turning to stone - discovering the subtle wisdom of rocks

"Rocks are the record of our creative planet reinventing itself for four billion years. Nothing is ever lost, just transformed. Marcia Bjornerud's life as a geologist has coincided with an extraordinary period of discovery. From an insular girlhood in rural Wisconsin, she found her way to an unlikely career studying mountains in remote parts of the world. As one of few women in her field, she witnessed the shift in our understanding of the Earth, from solid object to an entity in a constant stat

They went another way - a Hollywood memoir

"A darkly comic memoir about being a working creative person in a world that is growing ever more dysfunctional, by acclaimed New Yorker cartoonist and television writer Bruce Eric Kaplan In January of 2022, Bruce Eric Kaplan found himself confused and upset by the state of the world and the state of his life as a television writer in Los Angeles. He started a journal to keep from going mad. That journal is now They Went Another Way. The book's through line traces his trying to get a television

Nat Turner, black prophet - a visionary history

"A new history of Nat Turner's rebellion and its aftermath"--

Kitchen hymns

"A collection of poems by Pa´draig O´ Tuama"--

Her freedom journey - a guide out of porn and shame to authentic intimacy

"Our prayer is that through this book you would better understand God's love and through that love, you will begin your journey of healing and freedom!"--