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Underestimated - the wisdom and power of teenage girls

"In the vein of Reviving Ophelia and Untangled comes a fresh, unexpected, and empowering guide to better understand teenage girls, revealing how their insights can create heartfelt connections and impactful change. Written with warmth and humor, Underestimated is the first book to invite us into a teenage girl's brain and heart, as told from the point of view of a beloved and trusted mentor. Chelsey Goodan is a highly sought-after academic tutor who has worked with hundreds of girls from all dif

The party crasher - how Jesus disrupts politics as usual and redeems our partisan divide

"In this insightful, nonpartisan work, two respected pastors diagnose the roots of political conflict tearing apart the church and prescribe a practical and prophetic way toward faithful political engagement and ultimate allegiance to Jesus"--

Oceans rise empires fall - why geopolitics hastens climate catastrophe

"Oceans Rise Empires Fall: Why Geopolitics Hastens Climate Change discusses how geopolitics affects climate change by highlighting its catastrophic effects. Even though states would prefer to reduce emissions in the abstract, they would always prioritizeaccess to carbon-based fuels necessary for generating economic growth to compete with rival states. Thus, geopolitical competition ramps the difficulty of implementing effective climate change policies. Oceans Rise Empires Fall discusses how the

The mending directory - 50 modern stitch patterns for visible repairs

Do you want to make your favorite clothes meaningful and give them new life? Are you intrigued by alternating stars and zigzag stripes? If so, join super-mender Erin Eggenburg as she shows you how to work over 50 fabulous stitch patterns for visible mending. An inspiring guide to eco-conscious, sustainable fashion, The Mending Directory offers 50 modern stitch patterns and sashiko visible mending designs to inspire you to repair your clothes in stylish and trendy ways without having to consume m

Long live queer nightlife - how the closing of gay bars sparked a revolution

"In this exhilarating journey into underground parties, pulsating with life and limitless possibility, acclaimed author Amin Ghaziani unveils the unexpected revolution revitalizing urban nightlife. Far from the gay bar with its largely white, gay male clientele, here is a dazzling scene of secret parties-club nights-wherein culture creatives, many of whom are queer, trans, and racial minorities, reclaim the night in the name of those too long left out. Episodic, nomadic, and radically inclusive,

The French ingredient - making a life in Paris one lesson at a time

"In this inspiring, poignant, and delicious memoir, the founder of France's largest nonprofessional culinary institute traces her journey from the American midwest to Paris, and shares how, through painstaking work, she triumphed over French elitism. WhenJane Bertch was eighteen, her mother took her on a graduation trip to Paris. Thrilled to use her high school French, Jane found her halting attempts greeted with withering condescension by every waiter and shopkeeper she encountered. At the end

Yaguarete White - Poems

With my back to the world - poems

"A new collection of poetry inspired by the work of Agnes Martin, exploring topics of feminism, art, depression, and grief, by the author of the prizewinning collection Obit"--

The work of art - how something comes from nothing

"From former editor-in-chief of New York magazine Adam Moss, a collection of illuminating conversations examining the very personal, rigorous, complex, and elusive work of making art. What is the work of art? In this guided tour inside the artist's head,Adam Moss traces the evolution of transcendent novels, paintings, jokes, movies, songs, and more. Weaving conversations with some of the most accomplished artists of our time together with the journal entries, napkin doodles, and sketches that we

The work happiness method - master the eight skills to career fulfillment

"If you are feeling dissatisfied, bored, miserable, or just unenthusiastic about your work, it is not all your fault. But, as workplace happiness expert Stella Grizont asserts, it is your responsibility to do something about it. "The Work Happiness Method" teaches the eight essential skills-including Resilience, Clarity, Purpose, and Boundaries-necessary to feel happier and more fulfilled no matter where you are or who you're working with. Guiding readers step by step with evidence-based techniq