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The bloodied nightgown and other essays

"Joan Acocella was "one of our finest cultural critics" (Edward Hirsch), and she had the rare ability to examine literature and unearth the lives contained within it-its authors, its subjects, and the communities from which it springs. In her hands, artscriticism was a celebration and an investigation, and her essays pulse with unadulterated enthusiasm. As Kathryn Harrison wrote in The New York Times Book Review, "Hers is a vision that allows art its mystery but not its pretensions, to which she

Bite - an incisive history of teeth, from hagfish to humans

"A longtime research associate in zoology at the American Museum of Natural History, Bill Schutt turns his expertise to teeth, taking readers on a fascinating and sometimes creepy journey through their natural, scientific, and cultural history, arguing that tooth evolution has been the most important factor to vertebrate species' success"--

Billionaire, nerd, savior, king - Bill Gates and his quest to shape our world

"From the finance editor of The New York Times, an examination of Bill Gates-one of the most powerful, fascinating, and contradictory figures of the past four decades-and an eye-opening exploration of our national fixation on billionaires"--

Complicit - how our culture enables misbehaving men

"A thoroughly researched and deeply personal examination of how we unintentionally condone workplace abuse in a post-#MeToo world and what we can do to affect positive change. When Reah Bravo was hired to work on the Charlie Rose show, the open secret of Rose's behavior toward women didn't deter her from pursuing a position she felt could launch her career in broadcast journalism. She believed herself more than capable of handling any unprofessional behavior that might come her way. But she soon

Twenty years - hope, war, and the betrayal of an Afghan generation

"A group portrait of young Afghans who came of age during the two decades following 9/11"--

Trump in exile

"The instantly-infamous Capitol Riot on January 6th, 2021 put a horrific closing note on a presidency that continues to feel like a bad acid trip to millions of Americans. In the aftermath, Donald Trump rode a wave of hostility, denial and resentment outof 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and crashed back at Mar-A-Lago, seemingly wounded, seemingly done. But he wasn't. And what was he building in there? Meridith McGraw, one of few reporters with access to Trump's inner circle, chronicles this pivotal ti

Over ruled - the human toll of too much law

"An examination of how laws have grown to the detriment of everyday Americans"--

Storytraining- Selecting and Shaping Stories That Connect

The challenge with storytelling, according to author Hadiya Nuriddin, is in finding a story to tell. StoryTraining: Selecting and Shaping Stories That Connect focuses on that elusive part of storytelling--finding the stories lurking everywhere and telling them. Hadiya shows you how by pulling from other disciplines, especially literature and creative writing, to help you select, structure, shape, and tell stories that can facilitate connections between you, your learners, and the material. You'l

A Quiet Mind to Suffer with- Mental Illness, Trauma, and the Death of Christ

"This is the story of Christ's nearness to my own suffering--my mental breakdown, my journey to the psych ward, my long, slow, painful recovery--and how Christ will use even our agony and despair to turn us into servants and guests of the mercy offered in his gospel"--page [4] of cover.

The mysterious Mrs. Nixon - the life and times of Washington's most private first lady

"A new, revolutionary look into the brilliant life of Pat Nixon. In America's collective consciousness, Pat Nixon has long been perceived as enigmatic. She was voted "Most Admired Woman in the World" in 1972 and made Gallup Poll's top ten list of most admired women fourteen times. She survived the turmoil of the Watergate scandal with her popularity and dignity intact. And yet, the media often portrayed Mrs. Nixon as elusive and mysterious. The real Pat Nixon, however, bore little resemblance to

Love life sober - a 40 day alcohol fast to rediscover your joy, improve your health, and renew your mind

"A 40-day, alcohol-free journey to reset drinking habits, reconnect with yourself, and strengthen your relationship with Jesus from a certified sobriety coach with you-can-do-it positivity"--