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The essential Whole30 / The Definitive Plan to Transform Your Health, Habits, and Relationship With Food

"Since it's evolution in 2009, the Whole30 program has helped millions of people lose weight and successfully transform their health in just 30 days. Through the years though, the Whole30 philosophy has been modified and improved upon as the nutritional landscape has changed. In The Essential Whole30, co-creater of the plan Melissa Urban has revised the original program and created new recipes to help more readers than ever reduce inflammation, rebalance hormones, control cravings and break unhe

Dinosaurs at the dinner party - how an eccentric group of Victorians discovered prehistoric creatures and accidentally upended the world

"In the early 1800s the world was a safe and cozy place. But then a twelve-year-old farm boy in Massachusetts stumbled on a row of fossilized three-toed footprints the size of dinner plates-the first dinosaur tracks ever found. Soon, in England, Victorians unearthed enormous bones-bones that reached as high as a man's head. No one had ever seen such things. Outside of myths and fairy tales, no one had even imagined that creatures like three-toed giants had once lumbered across the land. And if a

Change starts here - navigating cultural differences in the workplace and beyond

"Polarization and conflict across and within groups is often rooted in misunderstandings, miscommunication, bias, and the collision of different world views. These cognitive and social drivers lead to mistrust and behaviors that would shock and surprise many. Examples of interactions in which individuals are offended, harmed verbally or physically have been pervasive in the media. Yet those unaffected often question their veracity. This book will shine a light on group dynamics (organizational a

Beyond Bullet Points- Using PowerPoint to Tell a Compelling Story That Gets Results

Think beyond bullet points-and amplify the impact of your message! Now in its 4th Edition, this popular classic illuminates an innovative, step-by-step methodology designed to unlock the amazing visual story waiting to be released from your message. Communications expert Cliff Atkinson shows how to apply classic storytelling tenets and practical, research-based guidelines as you work with Microsoft PowerPoint-for memorable, meaningful, and persuasive visual stories. Change your approach-and tran

10 to 25 - the science of motivating young people - a groundbreaking approach to leading the next generation-and making your own life easier

"Acclaimed developmental psychologist David Yeager reveals the new science of motivating young people ages ten through twenty-five"--

Undivided - the quest for racial solidarity in an American church

"In a country torn apart by racial tension, the story of how one Evangelical church tried to bridge the divide, with notable, if not complete, success"--

Tell me something, tell me anything, even if it's a lie - a memoir in essays

"A journey through the world of books, featuring personal reflections on Susan Sontag, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, W. G. Sebald, and Christopher Hitchens"--

The wall of life - pictures and stories from this marvelous lifetime

"With over seventy years on the silver screen, Shirley MacLaine has, as she says, seen it all, done it all, been everywhere, and met everyone. In 1955, she debuted in Hollywood as the lead role in The Trouble with Harry, winning her the first of many Golden Globes, and from there, her popularity only grew as she amassed a stunning collection of awards, stories, and experiences. Now, at nearly ninety years old, MacLaine has more stories to tell and the pictures to bring them to life. By introduci

Taylor Swift style - fashion through the eras

"Dazzling. Incomparable. Unforgettable. The definitive book of Taylor Swift's fashion evolution. This gorgeous hardcover edition has gilded gold edges, foiled cover accents and colored endpapers. For Taylor Swift, fashion and music go hand-in-hand-each playing a powerful role in shaping the narrative of this generation's most prolific storyteller. Red lipstick isn't just a makeup choice-it's the emblem of an era. A mini skirt isn't simply part of a cute outfit-it's a suit of armor. From cowboy b

Sweet tooth / 100 Desserts to Save Room For- a Baking Book

"Stunning, delicious, minimal effort: Meet your new favorite go-to baking book for all things sweet and nostalgic by social media star and viral baker Sarah Fennel of Broma Bakery. When Sarah Fennel launched her website Broma Bakery in 2010, little did she know that 10 years later her brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe would have more than 2.5 million views across social media! Fans flock to her blog and feeds for easy and ultra-bakeable recipes like Sugar Cookie Bars, Cinnamon Bun Cake,

The Spamalot Diaries by Idle, Eric
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Jul 1, 2024
The Spamalot Diaries