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I see a rat

"Dog is woken up from a nap by a surprising new visitor, Rat, and soon Dog and Rat are friends"--

Go! Go! Dino! by Windness, Kaz
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024
Go! Go! Dino!

Cooking with the Sneetches

In simple, rhyming text, the Sneetches roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a beach bonfire.

Og finds the cog

Og learns the value of teamwork as he builds a robot with Mog and Dog.

Nat the Cat has a snack

"Nat the Cat, who has a snack, doesn't want to share his snack with Pat the Rat, in this laugh-out-loud, fourth-wall breaking story about friendship and sharing"--

Megatron is put to the test

When Dr. Meridian captures Megatron and Dot Malto, Megatron is put to the test. Will he keep his oath and stay loyal to Optimus Prime and help save Robby and Mo's mom, or will he go back to his old ways and side with Meridian?

Zoom! Zoom!

"Zoom! Zoom! All cars want to race! Who will win first place?"--

Interrupting Cow meets the wise quacker

Interrupting Cow meets a duck who knows more jokes than anyone on the farm.

Reina Ramos tour guide

When Reina's cousin Andre´s comes for a visit, it's not as much fun as she'd imagined it would be, but their friendship soon blossoms when Reina shares her city with Andre´s.

Libby loves science - states of matter

Libby loves science -- and experimenting! In this Level 3 I Can Read! title, Libby and her classmates are excited to welcome a new student into their classroom. When the ice cream for the welcome party melts, Libby is curious to see how the three states of matter can save the celebration. Experiment with Libby and find out!

Field day!

A brother and sister are super excited for their school's field day.

One lucky cat!

Garfield comes to the big screen in an all-new animated film that features Chris Pratt as the voice of everyone's favorite lasagna-loving cat. This Step 2 Step into Reading levelled reader is sure to thrill children ages 4 to 6.

Field day!

A brother and sister are super excited for their school's field day.

Curious George. Roller coaster

"Learn about height and measurement with Curious George as he visits the amusement park with friends Betsy and Steve!"--