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Call of the Crow by Khoury, Jessica Call of the Crow

Dec 28, 2021
A light in the mist by Hunter, Erin, author. A light in the mist

"StarClan, the Dark Forest, and all five warrior Clans band together for a final battle that seeks to destroy Bramblestar's impostor before he destroys everything they hold dear"--

Dec 29, 2021
Liars' room by Poblocki, Dan, author. Liars' room

"Simon is a liar. Stella and Alex know this about their new stepbrother, so they aren't bothered by his stories about their new house. But Simon is getting harder and harder to ignore, as his cries for attention become increasingly dangerous and difficult to explain."--

Dec 29, 2021
Jessi's secret language by Martin, Ann M., 1955- author. Jessi's secret language

Feeling isolated as the only African American in her sixth grade class, Jessi gains a sense of belonging by participating in the Baby-sitters Club, learning sign language in order to communicate with a deaf child, and dancing in a ballet.

Dec 29, 2021
I survived the Galveston hurricane, 1900 by Tarshis, Lauren, author. I survived the Galveston hurricane, 1900

Relates the story of a boy who survives the deadliest disaster in American history--the hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas, on September 8, 1900, killing eight thousand people--and heads back into the treacherous waters to help save his neighbors.

Dec 29, 2021
Mystery on the Mayhem Express by Dixon, Franklin W., author. Mystery on the Mayhem Express

Frank and Joe's immersive murder mystery experience turns into a real missing person's case.

Dec 29, 2021
Dead or alive by Landy, Derek, author. Dead or alive

"Billions of lives will be wiped away in a final, desperate search for the Child of the Faceless Ones -- she who is destined to bring about the return of humankind's ancient overlords. To prevent this, Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain have one last - terrible - option: the assassination of Damocles Creed. With protests stirring in the magical city of Roarhaven, with riots and revolutions on the horizon, Valkyrie must decide who she wants to be: the hero who risks everything for a noble id

Dec 29, 2021
The Bad Guys in They're bee-hind you! by Blabey, Aaron, author, illustrator. The Bad Guys in They're bee-hind you!

"Pop quiz! You are on the roof of a skyscraper. Every floor of that building has nasty things that just don't like you. And you really need to get to the basement. Whaddaya do?! (And no, you can't just join the B-Team and fly away in their glamorous new spaceship.) Think quick, chico, because the multiverse is getting worse!"--Provided by publisher.

Dec 29, 2021
Too many aliens by Coville, Bruce, author. Too many aliens

Ages 8-12.

Dec 29, 2021
Missing Okalee by Melchor, Laura Ojeda, author. Missing Okalee

"When Phoebe's sister, Okalee, drowns in the river during their annual spring celebration, Phoebe is wracked with guilt to the point that she loses her singing voice"--

Dec 29, 2021
Just like that by Schmidt, Gary D., author. Just like that

With insight and a light touch, best-selling, Newbery Honor-winning author Gary D. Schmidt tells two poignant, linked stories: that of a grieving girl and a boy trying to escape his violent past. Following the death of her closest friend in summer 1968, Meryl Lee Kowalski goes off to St. Elene's Preparatory Academy for Girls, where she struggles to navigate the venerable boarding school's traditions and a social structure heavily weighted toward students from wealthy backgrounds. In a parallel s

Dec 29, 2021
Hollow chest by Sandstrom, Brita, author. Hollow chest

When his brother Theo returns home from World War II cold and distant, Charlie soon discovers that Theo's heart has been consumed by a war wolf, which lives off of grief, and must get Theo's heart back before it's too late.

Dec 29, 2021
The dead man in the garden by Jocelyn, Marthe, author. The dead man in the garden

"For young detective Aggie Morton and her friend Hector, a spa stay becomes a lot more thrilling when TWO dead bodies are found in this third book in the Aggie Morton, Mystery Queen series, inspired by the life of Agatha Christie as a child and her most popular creation, Hercule Poirot. For fans of Enola Holmes. Aspiring writer Aggie Morton is ready to enjoy an invigorating trip to a Yorkshire spa, where her widowed mother can take the waters and recover from a long mourning period. Having solve

Dec 29, 2021
Tips for magicians by Rimington, Celesta, author. Tips for magicians

When his mother, a professional singer, dies, twelve-year-old Harrison moves to the southern Utah desert, where he continues learning card tricks, makes new friends, enters an art contest, and finds a way to pay tribute to his mother.

Dec 29, 2021
Leonard (my life as a cat) by Sorosiak, Carlie, author. Leonard (my life as a cat)

An alien accidently takes the form of a stray cat and must choose whether to return to his planet or stay with his new human friend Olive.

Dec 29, 2021
The islanders by Monroe, Mary Alice, author. The islanders

Jake's life has been turned upside down. His dad was wounded in Afghanistan, and his mom is going to help care for him. That means Jake's going to have to spend the summer on Dewees Island with his grandmother. Dewees is a nature sanctuary--no cars or paved roads, no stores or restaurants. To make matters worse, Jake's grandmother doesn't believe in cable or the internet. Which means Jake has no cell phone, no video games ... no friends. But then he meets two other kids==one is also visiting the

Dec 29, 2021
Maya and the return of the godlings by Barron, Rena, author. Maya and the return of the godlings

In this highly anticipated sequel, Maya and the godlings must return to the sinister world of The Dark to retrieve the one thing keeping the veil between the worlds from crumbling: her father's soul. Perfect for fans of Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky and Willa of the Wood.

Dec 29, 2021
Nina Soni, Halloween queen by Sheth, Kashmira, author. Nina Soni, Halloween queen

"Halloween brings out Nina Soni's competitive spirit. Her friend Jay has a great costume planned, so, of course, Nina has to come up with an even better idea. A bunch of old boxes in the basement inspires her to create an impressively scary haunted house, for which she can charge admission. So what could possibly go wrong for the Halloween queen?"--Provided by publisher.

Dec 29, 2021
Sydney A. Frankel's Summer mix-up by Joseph, Danielle, author. Sydney A. Frankel's Summer mix-up

"Sydney is dreading the summer course she has to take at the community center-until her best friend, Maggie, comes up with a daring switcheroo plan so they can both take classes they like"--

Dec 30, 2021
The Fowl twins get what they deserve by Colfer, Eoin, author. The Fowl twins get what they deserve

"Twins Myles and Beckett face off against Lord Teddy Bleedham-Drye, the Duke of Scilly, who has been plotting revenge against them since they humiliated him"--

Jan 3, 2022