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The leprechaun has finally gone! by Gutman, Dan, author. The leprechaun has finally gone!

"A.J. and the gang are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with all the classic activities. But when A.J. spots a little man dressed head-to-toe in green sneaking around, it can only mean one thing: a real-life leprechaun! And one that's wreaking havoc all around the school! Will the Ella Mentry School kids be able to catch the leprechaun before he causes even more trouble?"--

Jan 11, 2022
The lock-eater by Clark, Zack Loran, author. The lock-eater

Melanie Gate, a foundling with a peculiar talent for opening the unopenable, agrees to accompany a gearling automaton named Traveler on his quest to find a home, only to be pursued by the most dangerous wizard in the land and, along the way, discover hertrue powers.

Jan 7, 2022
The monsters of Rookhaven by Kenny, Pádraig, author. The monsters of Rookhaven

"Mirabelle is part of a very unusual family. Between Uncle Bertram transforming into a ferocious grizzly bear and Aunt Eliza's body being made entirely of spiders, it's safe to say they are an extraordinary lot. To the human residents of Rookhaven Village, the family is a threat. So long ago, a treaty was reached between them--in return for sundries and supplies, the monsters won't eat the townspeople--and an invisible glamour was set around the perimeter of the Manor to keep strangers out. But

Jan 6, 2022
The Mouse Watch underwater by Gilbert, J. J. (Animator), author, illustrator. The Mouse Watch underwater

"Mouse agents, Bernie and Jarvis, are back in this underwater adventure where they must work on a submarine to keep a powerful energy source out of the clutches of evil"--

Dec 23, 2021
The Not-so-itsy-bitsy Spider by McGee, Joe/ Skaffa, Teo (ILT) The Not-so-itsy-bitsy Spider

Jan 14, 2022
The River Between Hearts by Sappenfield, Heather Mateus The River Between Hearts

Jan 7, 2022
The secret of the storm by McMullen, Beth, 1969- author. The secret of the storm

Cassie King's father has died, her mother has retreated into herself, away from reality, and her best friend has abandoned her for the in crowd, so when she and her sort-of friend, Joe, find a kitten during an intense electrical storm, Cassie is determined to adopt him; but Albert (named for Einstein) is no ordinary kitten: he is incredibly strong, things around him tend to burn, his eyes glow red, and when he gets annoyed the weather turns dangerous--in fact Albert is a dragon, and there is som

Jan 7, 2022
The stolen slipper by De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- author. The stolen slipper

Filomena Jefferson-Cho and her friends, Jack Stalker, Alistair, and Gretel are once again in Never After, to help Gretel fulfill a promise to her father to recover the glass slipper he made for her cousin, Hortense, which was stolen by the cunning and manipulative Cinderella, who is determined to become Princess of Eastphalia--to do that the friends will have to infiltrate the castle, and, of course, avoid being eaten by monsters.

Dec 28, 2021
The visitors by Howard, Greg (Gregory Steven), author. The visitors

"When a group of kids explore a deserted, haunted plantation they befriend a young ghost and together uncover the dark secret of his past that led to his mysterious death"--

Dec 28, 2021
The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963 by Curtis, Christopher Paul, author. The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963

The ordinary interactions and everyday routines of the Watsons, an African American family living in Flint, Michigan, are drastically changed after they go to visit Grandma in Alabama in the summer of 1963.

Jan 5, 2022
Thea Stilton and the Roman holiday by Stilton, Thea, author. Thea Stilton and the Roman holiday

Young readers can join Thea Stilton, a special correspondent for The Rodent's Gazette, as she and the Thea Sisters spend the holidays in Rome.

Jan 14, 2022
Thea Stilton and the treasure seekers - Legend of the maze by Stilton, Thea, author. Thea Stilton and the treasure seekers - Legend of the maze

Using the clues found in Aurora Beatrix Lane's travel diary, the Thea Sisters continue their search for the seven lost treasures; and the object this time is the Ring of Eternal Love, a journey that begins in Verona, Italy, with the story of Romeo and Juliet and takes them around the world.

Jan 3, 2022
Tiger honor by Lee, Yoon Ha, author. Tiger honor

Thirteen-year-old nonbinary tiger spirit Sebin must decide where their loyalties lie when their traitorous uncle hijacks the battle cruiser that happens to be Sebin's first assignment in the Cadet Program.

Jan 4, 2022
Tips for magicians by Rimington, Celesta, author. Tips for magicians

When his mother, a professional singer, dies, twelve-year-old Harrison moves to the southern Utah desert, where he continues learning card tricks, makes new friends, enters an art contest, and finds a way to pay tribute to his mother.

Dec 29, 2021
Too many aliens by Coville, Bruce, author. Too many aliens

Ages 8-12.

Dec 29, 2021
When the World Turned Upside Down by Ibura, K. When the World Turned Upside Down

Jan 7, 2022
When Winter Robeson came by Woods, Brenda (Brenda A.) author. When Winter Robeson came

In August 1965, twelve-year-old Eden's older cousin from Mississippi comes to visit her in Los Angeles, and while the Watts Riots erupt around them, they continue their investigation of the disappearance of Winter's father ten years ago.

Jan 7, 2022
Wreck at Ada's reef by Beil, Michael D., author. Wreck at Ada's reef

Twelve-year-old Lark Heron-Finch inherits a house on Swallowtail Island in Lake Erie, where she untangles a decades-old mystery and saves the island from unscrupulous developers.

Dec 28, 2021