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Fowl Play by Tubb, Kristin O'Donnell
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Fowl Play

Felix Powell, boy dog

Animal communicator Felix's day takes a bizarre turn when a spell transforms the eight-year-old into a dog.

Drifters by Emerson, Kevin
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

The cookie crumbles

While competing in the Golden Cookie Competition for a full ride to the prestigious Sunderland boarding school, Laila gets mixed up in a mystery as she and her best friend, Lucy, search for the truth after one of the celebrity judges collapses after sampling her showpiece.

A whisper of curses

Told in alternating voices, when the portal that transports Kyana and Ashley to Magick Camp collapses, they suspect spectral forces are at work.

A royal conundrum / A Royal Conundrum

An elite group of underdogs trained to fight crime must save their unique school from shutting down.

Once upon a crime - delicious mysteries and deadly murders from the Detective Society

A collection of six short story mysteries featuring Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, founders of the Detective Society.

The haunted states of America

"A collection of scary stories from across the United States and Puerto Rico"--

Free Again by Farley, Terri
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Free Again

The firefly summer

When Ryanna Stuart visits her estranged grandparents at an old summer camp in the Poconos, she embarks on a summer filled with family, adventure, and discovery as she uncovers her mother's past.

Clara Poole and the wrong way up

"Fresh off winning WOOBA's One-Hundredth Air Race, Clara Poole arrives at Air Academy, only to discover that there are several conditions to her acceptance"--

The 66th rebirth of Frankie Caridi

Frankie, accustomed to living in her younger brother's shadow, attends a new boarding school where half the students have horns like her brother, but when begins to experience unsettling dreams she goes on to discover unsettling truths about the school.

Mossflower by Jacques, Brian
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

Majestica by Tolcser, Sarah, author.
Date added:
Jun 13, 2024

When disaster strikes at Majestica, a magical creature park, thirteen-year-old maid Hattie and Evelyn, the park owner's spoiled niece, must overcome their differences to save the day.

Liar liar

Answering the plea of the fairy Celeste, Abby and her brother Jonah enter the world of Pinocchio to try and help Gepetto convince his wooden puppet son to straighten out his life and go to school--but things get complicated when Pinocchio sneaks into thereal world.