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The spindle of fate

When Evie Mei discovers that her recently deceased mother was the head of a guild of magical weavers, she enters the Chinese netherworld to try and bring her back.

The sailor cipher

While in her second year at Explorer Academy, Sailor discovers her older sister's sudden disappearance may be linked to an illegal and deadly animal-trafficking ring and must choose to embrace her destiny to find the truth.

Roswell Johnson saves the world!

"A boy must team up with a group of quirky aliens to save Earth"--

They call me No Sam!

"Meet Sam: an insolent pug--and incidental hero--who will stop at nothing to protect his family! When scientists Elaine and Gary Peterson adopt Sam to keep their son, Justin, company in the midst of a top-secret research project, they never imagine the precocious pup will cause more harm than good. But from chewing up Elaine's hair dryer (the "brain-melting heat cannon") to his inability to be house-trained (who could resist the 'pooping rug'?), the Petersons aren't sure how much more they can t

Red Bird Danced by Quigley, Dawn
Date added:
May 30, 2024
Red Bird Danced

Ready. Set. Respawn!

"Following the events of 'The Minecraft Woodsword Chronicle' and 'The Minecraft Stonesword Saga' series, the Evoker King has evolved into the Evoker Kid, a total noob who wants to experience everything the world of Minecraft has to offer. Unfortunately, he walks into danger at every turn, so it's up to Morgan, Harper, and their friends to keep him safe. But even more unfortunately in the real world, they've all been sent [to] Ironsword Academy Middle School for the remainder of the school year.

Plum to the rescue!

When one of Plum's peachick wards fall into the hands of the notorious Bickle brats, he and his friends at the Athensville Zoo set out to rescue her.

One Alley Summer by Ylvisaker, Anne
Date added:
May 30, 2024
One Alley Summer

An old-fashioned girl

Polly's friendship with the wealthy Shaws of Boston helps them to build a new life and teaches her the truth about the relationship between happiness and riches.

The menace at the mall

Heading to Seoul, South Korea, to investigate an alien threat, Agent Stitch and friends find allies in one of Seoul's top K-Pop girl groups, and he must somehow combine his spy skills with his love of music to stop the aliens before it's too late.

Leila and the blue fox

While on a journey across the sea to track the migration of an arctic fox, twelve-year-old Leila rediscovers herself and the mother she thought she had lost.

Lei and the invisible island

When Kaipo's essential ?aumakua pendant disappears, Lei, Kaipo, Ilikea, and newcomer Kaukahi embark on a perilous journey to an invisible island in search of the pendant, where they face challenges from sharks to malevolent spirits determined to thwart their quest.

Kicked out by Dassu, A. M., author.
Date added:
May 30, 2024
Kicked out

While his home life is unraveling, thirteen-year-old Ali organizes a charity soccer match to help his friend Aadam avoid deportation back to Syria.

Friend or UFO

When Sky's grandmother is kidnapped, Sky discovers her secret life as an undercover FBAI agent, and embarks on a mission filled with puzzles, codes, and risky adventures to save her.

Cream buns and crime - tips, tricks, and tales from the Detective Society

A collection of three mini-mysteries featuring crime-solving friends Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells.