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Skybound! - starring Mary Myers as Carlotta, daredavil aeronaut and scientist

Taking readers back to the 1850s, this high-flying STEAM picture book introduces Mary Myers, aka "Carlotta," an aeronaut and inventor whose daring flights and careful scientific work improved hot air balloons and our understanding of flight, weather patterns and the atmosphere.

Pigs by Sabelko, Rebecca, author.
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024

"Developed by literacy experts and educators for students in PreK through grade two, this book introduces beginning readers to pigs through simple, predictable text and related photos"--

Pedro's yo-yos - how a Filipino immigrant came to America and changed the world of toys

"The story of businessman Pedro Flores, inventor of the yo-yo"--

My lost freedom - a Japanese American WWII story

"Star Trek actor, activist, and author George Takei shares his empowering and moving story about growing up in Japanese American incarceration camps during WWII"--

Mountain of fire - the eruption and survivors of Mount St. Helens

"Mountain of Fire is the narrative nonfiction story of the violent volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980, the story of the people who died, those who survived, and the heroes who fought to raise an alarm. For weeks, the ground around MountSt. Helens shuddered like a dynamite keg ready to explode. There were legends of previou eruptions: violent fire, treacherous floods, and heat that had scoured the area. But the shaking and swelling was unlike any volcano ever seen before. Day a

The mine wars - the bloody fight for workers' rights in the West Virginia coal fields

"The true story of the West Virginia coal miners who ignited the largest labor uprising in American history"--

Make art with nature

"Get creative and make incredible pieces of art using rocks, wood, berries, flowers, and leaves in this nature craft book for children ages 7-9. Find out how the very earth beneath your feet can be used to make paints and pastels, and how flowers can be repurposed to create inks. Children can learn how to pour paint onto a canvas, how to put pencil to paper and draw, how bits of old paper can make a beautiful collage, and how different mediums can come together to create incredible prints throug

Loch Ness uncovered - media, misinformation, and the greatest monster hoax of all time

"Loch Ness Uncovered is an extensively researched, myth-busting account of the world's most famous monster hoax--the Loch Ness Monster--and a cautionary tale on the dangers of misinformation"--

Growing up under a red flag / A Memoir of Surviving the Chinese Cultural Revolution

"The memoir of Ying Chang Compestine's childhood growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution"--

Food by Phillips-bartlett, Rebecca
Date added:
Apr 11, 2024

English for everyone junior English dictionary

"An English dictionary perfect for children ages 6-9 who are starting to learn English as a second or foreign language. The dictionary includes an app that helps students with pronunciation and makes learning a new language fun and interactive. Every wordin this dictionary is beautifully illustrated and arranged from A to Z to help your child understand the alphabet, and to encourage word recognition and English reading. Each section begins with the upper and lower-case versions of the letters a