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Inside the world's wonders

"Take a tour around the world to uncover some of the planet's most incredible landmarks and monuments--inside and out. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal to Sydney Opera House, [the reader will] discover the secrets ofthese iconic structures, learn about their history and find out why they have become 'wonders' of the world"--

A kids book about bullying

"This is a kid's book about bullying. It explores the impacts of bullying and helps kids to identify when bullying is taking place, as well as encouraging empathy and offering a path forward for children who have felt its effects. This book helps kids understand what bullying is. Sometimes, kids can be mean. Really mean. While sticks and stones might break some bones, words will always hurt more. Here, the topic of bullying is sensitively introduced, so conversations with children can be started

The industrial revolution

"The Industrial Revolution changed the way we work, shop, and live our lives. But what made it all happen? Explore the revolution that changed the world with easy-to-understand content tied to the curriculum of upper-elementary and middle school studentsand text written at a 2nd to 3rd grade reading level. Dyslexia-friendly font and design make learning accessible, and a recap at the end promotes checking for understanding to aid comprehension. It's key world history curriculum made approachable

Floating away - a book to help children understand addiction

"Addiction can be an incredibly difficult subject for parents and caregivers to discuss with children, who are often the ones most impacted by it. This book provides an avenue for dialogue with the over 18 million children who are affected by addiction in America. It follows a simple metaphor of addiction as the main character, Sam, is swept away in a bubble. At first he is curious and excited, but he slowly becomes bored and isolated, encounters a devastating storm, and, finally, tries to find

Fish farts - and other amazing ways animals adapt

"Pop off a tail, roll around in dung, or simply fart to send a message! These are just a few of the many astounding ways that animals have adapted to their environments. Animals trick, trap, or fry predators; they feed on other animals' poop and skin; they use electric zaps, slime, and other unexpected methods to communicate. Featuring animals like Komodo dragon lizards, bombardier beetles, and capuchin monkeys, read about the surprising, exciting, and sometimes hilarious ways that animals survi

The dark! - wild life in the mysterious world of caves

"Did you know that some creatures that live in the dark have adapted to have no eyes? Or that some dark dwellers have extra long antennae so they can feel their way around their homes? Have you ever seen a troglobite? There many different types of troglobites, including the fearless waterfall-climbing cave fish, the mutant Mexican tetra, and the mystifying olm. Author and illustrator Lindsey Leigh introduces young readers to some of the weirdest and creepiest critters that thrive in the darkest

Coding games in Scratch

The first to be tablet-computer friendly, this updated edition is filled with endless possibilities for building the most awesome games to teach readers the fundamentals of computer programming in steps that make even the most difficult coding concepts fun and easy to understand.

Bridges instead of walls - the story of Mavis Staples

"A memoir in poems of award-winning singer and Civil Rights activist Mavis Staples"--

Animal Crossing New Horizons - the official complete guide

"A complete encyclopedia of everything there is to do, see, craft, and collect on (and off) your island."

The Cold War

"Almost as soon as the dust settled on World War II, the Cold War scorched with a different kind of intensity. But what were the United States and Soviet Union facing off about? And if they didn't use traditional weapons of war, what did they bring to thebattle? Explore the ideological fight that could have destroyed the world with easy-to-understand content tied to the curriculum of upper-elementary and middle school students and text written at a 2nd to 3rd grade reading level. Dyslexia-friend

Christopher Columbus

"Do you know the story of Columbus and his voyages across the Atlantic Ocean? The history stories you think you know may not be what they seem. In this deep-diving series, readers of How FACT Became FICTION are invited into the truth beyond the stories people tell about history. It includes investigations into what really happened and how the truth was hidden over time. Readers explore primary sources as they develop historical inquiry and media literacy skills and learn the ins and outs of sepa

My first Yiddish word book

"Young children can learn everyday Yiddish words through entertaining scenes of daily life. Over 150 words used at home, school and play--in Yiddish, transliteration and translation ... With pronunciation guide and dictionary."--Page 4 of cover

Wiggly Worms by Emminizer, Theresa
Date added:
Jun 20, 2024
Wiggly Worms

Who is Katie Ledecky?

"Katie Ledecky began swimming competitively at age six after watching her mother and brother in the pool. By age fifteen, she was setting records and winning gold medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics. And with each year, Katie improved her skills and her times in the water! The Summer 2024 Olympics in Paris will be Katie's fourth, and the world will be watching. With over seven Olympic gold medals, nineteen world championship gold medals, and twenty-two overall medals at the World Aquatics Champio

Wat takes his shot - the life & legacy of basketball hero Wataru Misaka

"The biography of Japanese American basketball star Wataru Misaka, the first person of color to play for the National Basketball Association"--