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America's national parks

An introduction to the natural features of the national parks and includes advice on visiting and exploring the parks.

Everything you need to know about snakes and other scaly reptiles / And Other Scaly Reptiles

"Embark on a fun, fact-filled dive into the world of snakes with Everything You Need to Know About Snakes. Children will love to learn all the basics of reptile anatomy in this beautiful and informative book on our serpent friends. Packed with vibrant pictures and lots of fascinating facts, kids can enjoy learning all about a snake's habitat and behavior. See how they survive in forests, deserts, and oceans, and how these clever creatures have adapted to live in seemingly inhospitable habitats.

Ultimate reptile-opedia - the most complete reptile reference ever

"Snakey, slimey, scaley, and sensational! Welcome to the amazing world of the most popular reptiles on Earth. With colorful photographs and fun facts, this easy-to-use encyclopedia profiles snakes, lizards, amphibians, turtles and tortoises, crocodilians,and tuatara. Profiles are accompanied by Did You Know? details and fast facts including scientific name, size, diet, and habitat."--

Ultimate oceanpedia - the most complete ocean reference ever

"Fromtsunamisandseaturtlestoriptidesandreefs,learnallaboutthe creatures,science, and ecology of ouroceans,whichcovermoreoftheplanetthan allthecontinents andare justas important! Travelthroughallpartsoftheocean tolearnhow itaffectsof ourworld, includingstorms andclimate. Amazingfacts,photos,illustrations,anddiagramsarefoundthroughoutthis book,along with conservationtips,weird-but-truefacts,andaminioceanatlas. Challenges tothe healthof our ocean anditscreaturesarealsopresentedalong with whatpeople

My book of horses and ponies

"Learn all about horses, from how to care for them to how to ride one, in this informative children's guide to horse and pony care. Covering favorite breeds, from Shire horse to Shetland pony, what kit to use, and equestrian sports, this visual book is something that every young horse enthusiast aged 5-7 will want to own. Eye-catching images are featured alongside friendly illustrations, giving children plenty to take in and enjoy"--

Explanatorium of the Earth

Taking readers on an incredible journey deep into the heart of our planet and back, this first-of-its-kind visual Earth encyclopedia reveals the powerful forces that continually shape and remodel our ever-changing world, from tsunamis and volcanoes to rock cycles that keep Earth suitable for life.

The children's book of wildlife watching - tips for spotting nature outdoors

A wildlife expert and TV personality presents this entertaining yet educational introduction to animal conservation and protection that teaches children about the challenges animals face and what we can do to help and features fun craft activities to attract outdoor friends.

The bacteria book

"In this fun, fact-packed science book for kids, young readers will discover the bacteria, viruses, and other germs and microbes that keep our bodies and our world running, as well as how and when they can be harmful and the precautions we can take to prevent them from becoming so. Meet a glowing squid, traveling fungus spores, and much more. The Bacteria Book walks the line between 'ew, gross!' and 'oh, cool!,' exploring why we need bacteria and introducing readers to its microbial mates--virus

Artificers & alchemy - a young adventurer's guide

"Explore the wondrous enchanted items and creatures of the Dungeons & Dragons worlds, from arcane artifacts to curious constructs"--

Apes - how much we look alike

"Of all the animals, apes are closest to humans. That's because apes, monkeys, and people are all primates. Like their human cousins, apes are very smart. They use tools, find solutions to problems, and even laugh and cry with their family and friends. Because apes are so much like humans, this book also teaches us a lot about ourselves"--

Ancient worlds - travel back in time and discover the first great civilizations

"Ancient Worlds is a tour through history's most influential civilizations between 3000 BCE and 750 CE, capturing moments that reveal the culture and technology that made them great. Children aged 7-11 will discover how deep knowledge of the Sun, sea, andstars enabled ancient seafarers to navigate the Pacific Ocean; witness the highs and lows of a thrilling chariot race in the Roman Empire's greatest hippodrome, and marvel at the military might of the Mauryan Empire and its incredible war elepha

1000 More Words by Budgell, Gill
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Jun 6, 2024
1000 More Words