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Peppa Pig. Happy birthday!

"Peppa invites her friends to a very special birthday party, complete with a magic show by the Amazing Mysterio--also known as Daddy Pig. Find out what birthday surprises are in store for Peppa!"--Back cover.

This book is banned

"This is a book about dinosaurs. No it's not. Dinosaurs are not allowed. Oh.This is now a book about avocados! Sorry. We deleted those too. FINE.This book is about--nope! Forbidden! Maybe you shouldn't even try reading this book...But what could possiblybe inside?"--

I am Cat!

A mischievous house cat goes about its busy day sleeping, playing, and pretending its a big cat catching prey.

Adam and his tuba

"Everyone in the circus loves to perform--except for Adam, the very youngest member of the Von Trapeze family. Wherever Adam Von Trapeze's family circus performs they inspire audiences with their breathtaking feats. Grandma Antonia breathes fire, Uncle Artem builds dizzying human pyramids, and Papa Alexei and Mama Anastasia dance blindfolded on the tightrope. Only Adam, the youngest of the family, doesn't show an interest in circus tricks and loud applause. The family is concerned. Where did the

This book is banned

"THIS BOOK IS BANNED! PLEASE DON'T EVEN TRY TO READ IT. IF YOU DO, YOU'LL FIND OUT WHY WE DON'T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END... With each page, characters are erased from the story, cut out, and taped over. This book playfully discourages readers from turning the page, even to throw the book away, but when readers finally get to the end they find an absurd surprise ending--one that shows the importance of free speech"--

The Yawnicorn

A little girl who cannot fall asleep gets a visit from the Yawnicorn, who takes her on an adventure until she yawns and then delivers her back to her bed before dawn.

Window fishing by Dyson, DK, author.
Date added:
Oct 5, 2023
Window fishing

Amir bonds with Rudeday, his downstairs artist neighbor, over a game they invented.

Who I am - words I tell myself

This empowering collection of positive affirmations shows kids how to silence the unkind voice in their minds and find the uplifting voice instead that will tell them words that are positive, supportive and true.

Ways to play

"Riley has plenty of ways to play; like lining up dolls and stuffies by size and shape. Tearing up newspapers and making piles into mountains, using sharp crayons to draw big swirly patterns. But bossy cousin Emma thinks those ways are wrong, wrong, and wrong. And she makes no bones about letting Riley know exactly what her opinion is. Fortunately, Charlie the dog is on hand to help with a breakthrough demonstration that there are MANY ways to play; and all of them are right"--

A walk in the woods

A grieving son follows a treasure map his late father left him through the woods they used to explore together.

The walk

As a little girl accompanies her grandma on a walk to the polling station, members of their community join and the grandmother explains the importance of their journey.

The truth about Max

Follows Max, a pet cat who is both friend and hunter. Backmatter includes information about the real-life Max the cat who lived on Maple Hill Farm.

Sylvester's letter

Sylvester imaginatively creates a special letter full of loving memories and shared moments for his favorite person, his beloved grandmother, even though she is gone.

Street monsters

When a young boy tries to settle down to sleep for the night, strange and scary noises from the city streets keep him awake.

Once, a bird

"In this wordless picture book, a bird emerges after winter to find the world has gone quiet. As she settles on a tree outside an apartment building, its residents notice her through their windows and find hope in her resilience and the continued rhythmsof nature."--

Oh, Panda

Panda tries to follow a butterfly over a mountain, but the slippery, snowy slope makes it difficult to climb.