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María Mariposa

On her first day of school in the United States, a magical butterfly appears on Maria's windowsill, carrying memories of home and making her feel less lonely and more brave.

King Lion by Yarlett, Emma
Date added:
Jul 2, 2024
King Lion

How to eat a mango

Carmencita does not like eating mangoes, but her grandmother shows her how to appreciate the fruit using the five senses.

Emma's awesome summer camp adventure

Emma goes to an accessible summer camp where children cheer along with Emma every step of the way, and learn that a world that's inclusive and accessible for all is possible.

Dare to be daring

From dentist visits to mysterious sounds, children realize their bravery knows no bounds.

The Tiny Chef and da nighttime bladventure / And Da Nighttime Bladventure

"Another rainy day and the Chef is bored. He's played all his games and sung all his songs, there's nothing to do! That is until he remembers that the market is still open. He rushes out to grab some quick ingredients for a fun evening feast. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Sam the grocer doesn't quite see the Chef while he's locking up. Chef is stuck inside the market! It's one of Chef's favorite places, but it's dark and scary at night. Come along on the Chef's overnight adventure as he learns that

The Tiny Chef - and da mishing weshipee blook

"The Tiny Chef, a small, green gourmand with a big Instagram following, goes on a quest to find his missing recipe book in this irresistible debut picture book from the creators of The Tiny Chef Show"--

Sour Apple by Liu, Linda
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Sour Apple

Solar bear by Ferry, Beth, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024
Solar bear

Shining a light on endangered species around the world, a solar bear asks readers to join the cause to save these creatures, in this hopeful love letter to planet Earth and those who inhabit it.

Jump for Joy

"Wanting a canine companion more than anything in the world, Joy makes dogs out of whatever's at hand--seashells, snow--unaware that her perfect dog friend is closer than she thinks"--

I am la chiva! - the colorful bus of the Andes

"A joyful and rhyming picture book showcases a colorful South American bus, the collective spirit of its people, and the vibrant power of community when trouble comes"--

A big day for bike

On her first day on the job, Bike, a community city bike, navigates the city of Seattle as she meets new passengers, visits exciting landmarks, and experiences all kinds of weather.