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Wild Home (Dyslexia Font Edition)

A poetic and nurturing picture book about loving something enough to let it go. Available in our Original Edition and a special Dyslexia Font Edition.

Did You Say Pasghetti? Dusty and Danny Tackle Dyslexia

Danny is having some trouble in school, and his best friend Dusty wants to help. The only thing is, Dusty is a dog. Join Dusty and Danny on a humorous adventure as they learn to train their brains and tackle their learning challenges.

Brilliant Bea- A Story for Kids with Dyslexia and Learning Differences

Brilliant Bea is an endearing and empowering story that demonstrates that a learning difference like dyslexia doesn't define who you are.

You go first

Cat learns that being a good friend means trying new things and putting others first.

Yenebi's drive to school

Yenebi, her sister Melanie, and mom drive to school every morning across the US-Mexico border.

The wishing flower

Longing for connection, to be understood, quiet and shy Birdie, who finds comfort in nature and books, finally gets her wish with the arrival of Sunny, the nature-loving new girl whose smile makes Birdie's heart happy.

When you can swim

"A reverent celebration of learning to swim among a diverse cast of children and families who each experience the mysterious joys of water in nature"--

To Mom and Dad with love

"As Mother's Day approaches, Peppermint Patty feels left out and sad since she doesn't have a mom, until Marcie makes her realize that her dad does everything a mom does and decides to celebrate him on this special day"--

The search for the giant Arctic jellyfish

Dr. Morley and her team arrive in the Arctic Circle, where they encounter such wonders as playful orcas, the glowing aurora borealis, and formidable ice shelves while searching for the giant Arctic jellyfish, a legendary creature no one has ever seen.

Remind me

Eldon, a young elephant, accompanies and supports his grandmother, Big Ella, as she copes with memory loss.

The red jacket

"Bob loves his red jacket. The red jacket makes him feel swanky cool. The red jacket makes other seagulls notice him and even speak to him. But when a wave washes it away, will Bob lose his cool and his newfound friends, too?"--

Ready for kindergarten

With each spread featuring a different kid-friendly, kindergarten-ready activity, this picture book, written in a call-and-response format, follows a diverse cast of soon-to-be kindergartners as they get ready for their first day of school.

Pumpkin day at the zoo

When families donate their used pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns to the zoo, the animals chomp, chew, play, and give hearty hoorays for their favorite squishy squash.

Penny & Pip

Penny goes on a class field trip to the museum and befriends a baby dinosaur.

Our pool

It is pool day in the city and everyone is welcome.

Nothing ever happens on a gray day

A girl thinks that nothing happens in her neighborhood on a gray day--until she ventures into the woods, and discovers the colors and busy animals of autumn.

The noise inside boys - a story about big feelings

"This important book uses a rainbow of vibrant colors to illustrate how the wide range of emotions we experience can be managed by naming and understanding them as a young boy experiences overwhelming feelings when he's teased by his two older brothers"--

My dad is a DJ

"With his parents now divorced, Travis must a find a new groove with a little hip-hoppin', not-stoppin' DJing with his dad, in this celebration of Black fatherhood, identity and music through a generational rivalry of hip-hop vs jazz"--