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Talli, Daughter of the Moon 2

Stars in their eyes

"Maisie is on her way to Fancon! She's looking forward to meeting her idol, Kara Bufano, the action hero from her favorite TV show, who has a lower-leg amputation, just like Maisie. But when Maisie and her mom arrive at the convention center, she is stopped in her tracks by Ollie, a cute volunteer working the show. They are kind, charming, and geek out about nerd culture just as much as Maisie does. And as the day wears on, Maisie notices feelings for Ollie that she's never had before. Is this w

Princeless - Raven - the pirate princess - year three. Book eight, Afterglow and aftermath

"Just when things couldn't get better, the wind stops blowing and an old enemy catches up with Sunshine. When the wind, the rain, and the sea itself turn on Raven's crew, can they survive? Who will be left to tell the story of The Pirate Princess?"--

I hate this place, Volume 1

After inheriting a farmhouse, Trudy and Gabby are ready to start the next chapter of their lives together ... except it's already home to a mysterious force that's attracted ghosts, aliens, and all kinds of supernatural beings for decades.

Once upon a time at the end of the world. Love in the Wasteland Book one, Love in the wasteland

"In this decades spanning post-apocalyptic tale, Maceo and Mezzy have never met anyone like each other, and they'll need all the help they can get to survive a planet ravaged by environmental catastrophe. "Love in the Wasteland" kicks off the first arc ofthis epic trilogy that spans a lifetime as the dark mysteries of a ruined world and their own stark differences tear at the threads holding Mezzy and Maceo together. As they endure the horrors of plastic tornadoes and frozen sludge, Maceo proves

Night fever by Brubaker, Ed, author.
Date added:
Sep 13, 2023
Night fever

"Who are you, really? Are you the things you do, or are you the person inside your mind? In Europe on a business trip, Jonathan Webb can't sleep. Instead, he finds himself wandering the night in a strange foreign city, with his new friend, the mysterious and violent Rainer as his guide. Rainer shows Jonathan the hidden world of the night, a world without rules or limits. But when the fun turns dangerous, Jonathan may find himself trapped in the dark... And the question is, what will he do to g

Minami's lover

"In this raunchy, moving, funny manga for adults, high school student Minami's girlfriend, Chiyomi, shrinks down to six inches tall -- and moves in with him! Originally appearing in the underground/alternative manga magazine Garo in the 1980s and adaptedfor television several times, the Japanese pop culture sensation Minami's Lover is the story of two high schoolers' romantic relationship when one of them shrinks down to six inches tall. Everyone thinks Chiyomi has disappeared, and suspicion nat

Miles Morales- ultimate end / Ultimate End

"Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe's newest Spider-Man, must face with the worst nightmare of the Spider-Man legacy: Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin--the man who killed Peter Parker! Or did he...? Even as new villains start coming out of the woodwork,Miles finds himself with--a girlfriend! Her name is Katie Bishop, but she has a secret...and it's bad news for Spider-Man! As Miles makes a life-changing decision, he discovers a mind-blowing truth about his family! But what does it have to do wi

Metax by Cossae, Antoine, author.
Date added:
Sep 13, 2023

"A society, greedily dependent on a mysterious natural resource, meets a force indifferent to social or class status in this graphic novel. In the dystopian city-state of Kronin, the chief engineer is in charge of all mining of Metax - a precious materialthat has become indispensable to survival because of its extraordinary qualities. Meanwhile, a police officer investigates the mysterious killing of royal horses, suspecting a terrorist insurrection. Sabrina, the engineer's daughter, is a member

Messenger - the legend of Muhammad Ali

Presents an illustrated biography of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali covering his rise from Cassius Clay to heavyweight champion of the world, and including his first meeting with civil rights leader Malcolm X, his interview with sports broadcaster Howard Cosell discussing why he opposed the Vietnam War, and his bout against George Foreman, and more.

Funny things - a comic strip biography of Charles M. Schultz

"Discover the man behind Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang in this imaginative and tender-hearted tribute told in comic-strip format!"--

The human target. Volume two

"Christopher Chance has made a living out of being a human target--a man hired to disguise himself as his client to invite would-be assassins to attempt his murder. He's had a remarkable career until his latest case protecting Lex Luthor when things go sideways. An assassination attempt Chance didn't see coming leaves him vulnerable and left trying to solve his own murder, as he has 12 days to discover just who poisoned him. After discovering clues, the death of a Green Lantern and a torrid roma