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"A gothic graphic novel that follows a young medium with the gift--or curse, as some might say--to communicate with the dead"--

Straight on till morning

Sixteen-year-old Wendy Darling makes a deal with Captain Hook to travel to Never Land and find her hero, Peter Pan, but upon arrival, she finds that the magical place is not what she expected and must team up with Tinker Bell to rescue Peter and save therealm from Captain Hook's sinister plans.

The last delivery

"A parcel delivery boy arrives at a sprawling, chaotic mansion, in search of The Resident, who must sign for the package he bears, but this isn't nearly as simple a task as it should be"--

Hotelitor - luxury-class defense and hospitality unit

"Luxury ship Hotelitor is equipped with a hyperspace engine and single, double, and adjoining rooms. When an alien attack strands the craft in deep space, 18-year-old intern Anne Greene must save its guests from chaos"--


"Rotem is a Sunhead, a fan of the international smash hit Sunrise series of books and films. She's obsessed with the story's love interest, Edmund, and no one else gets it. But all that changes when she befriends Ayala, a shy classmate and avid book loverwho's as swept away by the romance as she is. The two become fast friends, but as their deep connection grows stronger, Rotem starts to wonder: What exactly draws her to this story? Alex Assan's debut, Sunhead, is an earnest coming-of-age graph

Spider-Boy - the web-less wonder

"Get to know the sidekick Spider-Man--and you--never knew he had! Welcome (back?) to the neighborhood, spectacular Spider-Boy! In the blockbuster "End of the Spider-Verse," young Bailey Briggs' existence was restored to a Marvel Universe that had forgotten him. Now the mysteries of his past will be revealed as Spider-Boy leaps into his own adventures! Learn more about Bailey's amazing powers! Meet his rogues' gallery! And discover why he's way better than every other super hero, ever! Featuring:

Heavyweight - a family story of the holocaust, empire, and memory

"Solomon Brager grew up with accounts of their great-grandparents' escape from Nazi Germany, told over and over until their understanding of self was bound up with the heroic details of their ancestors' exploits. Their great-grandmother related how her husband, a boxing champion, thrashed Joseph Goebbels and cleared beer halls of Nazis with his fists, how she broke him out of an internment camp and carried their children over the Pyrenees mountains. But that story was never the whole picture; zo

Godzilla - here there be dragons

"Before humanity had successfully traveled the entire globe, it was believed that monsters ruled the oceans just beyond the horizon. "Here there be dragons..." was written on maps to denote the areas people dared not go.That is, until Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the seas, visiting foreign lands and collecting treasure. That's what history tells us, at least, but history does not have the full tale. Monsters did lurk yonder, living on an island that still doesn't appear on any map, and amon

First test / First Test

"In a world not quite ready for her ambition, a determined girl seeks knighthood and finds herself on a mission to prove it"--

Eden by Sebela, Christopher, author.
Date added:
Jun 27, 2024

"The world is dying. Massive overpopulation strains the Earth's resources, endangering all of humanity with the threat of famine, disease, and war. Governments and the environment alike crumble, and the populace take drastic measures to stay alive. Theironly hope is Eden, a newly discovered distant Earth-like planet unspoiled by the choices of man. Massive Edencorp spaceships begin to shuttle millions of lucky people to the safety of Eden, chosen by lottery. The Oximenko family has survived for

Carmilla - the last vampire hunter

"The next chapter in the Carmilla graphic novel series"--

Captain America - stand

"Decades ago, Steve Rogers changed the world forever. Now, powerful and insidious forces are assembling to ensure he never does it again. Past, present and future collide as the Sentinel of Liberty reckons with an existential threat determined to set theworld on a darker path--at any cost! So the last thing Steve needs is for Spider-Man to crash date night seeking help foiling the Sinister Six's latest plot! Meanwhile, more and more of Captain America's former enemies are being recruited by a my