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Mage - the hero discovered. Volume 2, issue 5-8 by Wagner, Matt.

Mage - the hero discovered. Volume 2, issue 5-8

The second volume, reprinting the classic early issues in Book One of creator MATT WAGNER's epic fantasy trilogy, MAGE. Following the adventures that drew the reluctant everyman hero Kevin Matchstick into a world of magic and monsters, the tiny crew of heroes must continue on their quest without the aid and counsel of the World-Mage, Mirth. Only courage and sacrifice will guide Kevin towards his ultimate destiny and an ancient, mythic power that is his alone to command. This seminal work has fou

Jan 12, 2018
Low. Volume 2, issue 7-10, Before the dawn burns us by Remender, Rick, author.

Low. Volume 2, issue 7-10, Before the dawn burns us

Will Stel Caine rise from the depths to become first human in millennia to set foot on the surface of the Earth? Who is the relentless Minister of Thought on a quest to put an end to Stel's attempt to restore the light to a dying world?

Jan 12, 2018
Love. 3, The Lion by Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.

Love. 3, The Lion

The third volume in the lavishly illustrated series of wildlife graphic novels, each following a single central animal through an adventurous day in their natural environment. Each tale depicts genuine natural behavior through the dramatic lens of Disney-esque storytelling, like a nature documentary in illustration. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, this volume focuses on a solitary Lion as it wanders the plains of Africa, handling the daily hunt, and vicious rivalry, without a Pride of its o

Jan 12, 2018
Love, the Fox by Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.

Love, the Fox

Second in the celebrated series of wildlife graphic novels, author Frederic Brremaud and illustrator Federico Bertolucci turn their lens on a northeastern woodland setting to follow a single fox through its daily journey through the trees and along the seafront. Only this is not just another day-a spectacular volcanic eruption throws the area into chaos, sending creatures of all kinds scurrying for safety. But the intrepid little fox surprising decides to run into the danger instead of away! Wha

Jan 12, 2018
Love, the dinosaur by Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.

Love, the dinosaur

Life in the primordial swamps of prehistoric Earth was a daily trial of survival, especially for the smaller dinosaurs just trying to get by without being trampled, attacked, or eaten. Not even the biggest beasts were safe, as there always seemed to be an even bigger threat looming on the horizon. This exciting tale, written by Frederic Brremaud, is told without narration or dialogue, conveyed entirely through the beautiful illustrations of Federico Bertolucci. A beautiful, powerful tale of surv

Jan 12, 2018
Letter 44. Volume 5, Blueshift by Soule, Charles, author.

Letter 44. Volume 5, Blueshift

"The crew of the Clarke may just be humanity's last hope. Sent to investigate an alien construction in the asteroid belt, they're hoping to make discoveries, establish first contact, and - through it's a long shot - stay alvie for as long as they can. They all came aboard knowing it would be a one-way trip. So what propelled them to sign up? For some, it was a choice. For others, it was a chance. Learn the extraordinary story about how the crew of the Clarke came together, featuring one-shots by

Jan 13, 2018
Letter 44. Volume 4, Saviors by Soule, Charles, author.

Letter 44. Volume 4, Saviors

Major Gabriel Drum has returned to Earth. Thought long-dead, he brings news of the apocalyptic variety: only 666 people will survive the destruction of Earth, and President Stephen Blades is tasked with choosing them. Meanwhile, the Builders teleport the crew of the Clarke back outside the asteroid belt--everyone but Astra. The crew faces a tough choice--try to get home with their dwindling fuel, or use it in a last-ditch effort to save Astra?

Jan 13, 2018
Lazaretto. Issue 3 by Chapman, Clay McLeod.

Lazaretto. Issue 3

After a pandemic strikes, a dorm complex at a small American college is quarantined with all of the students trapped within. What first starts out as youthful freedom from authority soon devolves into a violent new society-it's Lord of the Flies on a college campus. In this issue, as the sickness takes a greater toll on the trapped students, Charles and Tamara attempt to break out of the quarantine.

Jan 12, 2018
Lazaretto. Issue 1 by Chapman, Clay McLeod.

Lazaretto. Issue 1

Classes have been cancelled and Pascal South is on lockdown to prevent the spread of contagions, but the infected students see it as a non-stop party.

Jan 12, 2018
Justice league/power rangers. Issue 1-6 by Taylor, Tom.

Justice league/power rangers. Issue 1-6

It's team-up time! Two of pop culture's greatest teams collide in the graphic novel you thought you'd never see in JUSTICE LEAGUE/POWER RANGERS! The Justice League have never met heroes like these teenagers with attitude before! When a teleporter accident brings the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Angel Grove to Gotham City, Batman isn't sure what to make of these masked martial artists and their highly suspicious giant robot dinosaurs. It's time to call in the DC Universe's greatest heroes -

Jan 12, 2018
Justice League. Volume 4, issue 20-25, Endless by Hitch, Bryan, author, inker.

Justice League. Volume 4, issue 20-25, Endless

The Justice League are dead. Manhattan is destroyed. And, somehow, it's all Flash's fault. A mysterious attacker with a mega-powerful weapon keeps targeting the Flash and those around him, blaming Flash for his family's death. Every time Flash comes into contact with the weapon's energy, he finds himself flung further back in time. The Flash is joined by Justice League member Batman-now can they solve the mystery and save the city before time catches up to their destruction once more? Writer/art

Jan 12, 2018
Justice League vs. Suicide Squad by

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

"The first major crossover of the Rebirth era starring the biggest heroes and villains in comics, this action-packed epic JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD features an all-star creative team, including writers Joshua Williamson, Tim Seeley, Rob Williams and Si Spurrier, with superstar artists Jason Fabok, Tony S. Daniel, Jesus Merino, Fernando Pasarin, Robson Rocha, Howard Porter, Scot Eaton, Riley Rossmo, Christian Duce, Giuseppe Cafaro and more! The members of the Justice League are Earth's mos

Jan 15, 2018
Justice League of America. Volume 2, issue 7-11, Curse of the Kingbutcher by Orlando, Steve (Comic book writer)

Justice League of America. Volume 2, issue 7-11, Curse of the Kingbutcher

DC characters Vixen, Lobo, the Ray, the Atom, Black Canary and Killer Frost are no one's idea of Earth's greatest heroes...and yet they've all been brought together by Batman to form a new incarnation of the Justice League and all that it stands for. This new League was founded on principles of hope, on the idea that everyone deserves a second chance...and yet those same ideals now threaten to tear the team apart. When the team rescues Makson, a strange man from a hidden land of monsters, it see

Jan 12, 2018
Jungle girl. Issue 1-5 by Murray, Doug.

Jungle girl. Issue 1-5

Dynamite's Jungle Girl series returns under the direction of cover artist/co-plotter Frank (Mighty Avengers) Cho, co-plotter/writer Doug (The 'Nam, Savage Tales) Murray and interior artist Adriano (Red Sonja) Batista! From the stunning conclusion of the first season to the exciting opening of Dynamite's new season of stories, Jungle Girl delivers action, excitement, twists, thrills and the finest illustrations of dinosaurs and the female form found in comics today! Cho and Murray are take the ac

Jan 12, 2018
Jughead- the hunger. Issue 2 by Tieri, Frank.

Jughead- the hunger. Issue 2

NEW ONGOING SERIES! As Jughead's life as a fugitive grows deadlier, Betty and Archie close in-and they're not alone. Betty's werewolf hunter relatives' ruthlessness may spell the end for good ol' Jug!

Jan 12, 2018
Judge Dredd - city of courts. Issue 2. Mega-city two by Wolk, Douglas, author.

Judge Dredd - city of courts. Issue 2. Mega-city two

In the hills of what was once California, Dredd has gone undercover as a Cursed Earth biker! His mission: to infiltrate the Children of a Lesser Grud, a bloodthirsty motorcycle cult of outlaw artists! But the rules-and the laws-are very different in Mega-City Two, where image is everything...

Jan 12, 2018
JLA. Volume 9 by

JLA. Volume 9

"In the wake of IDENTITY CRISIS, the JLA decides the time has come to tell Batman that they stole part of his memory. But, the League is attacked by the Secret Society of Super-Villains -- out for vengeance now that their own memories are restored. As the JLA battles, the Martian Manhunter confronts Despero -- the alien conqueror and the one behind the villains' memory-restoration. By the time the dust settles, the JLA may have won the battle but lost the war!"--

Jan 15, 2018
JLA. Volume 8 by

JLA. Volume 8

"The Justice League of America is the ultimate dream team made up of the greatest heroes the world has ever known: Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter. A coven of vampires has set their sights on increasing their power base. With the League under attack from these mysterious beings, it is surely only a matter of time before one of them will fall. The celebrated fan-favorite team of Chris Claremont (X-Men, Fantastic Four), John Byrne (Superm

Jan 15, 2018
JLA. A midsummer's nightmare by

JLA. A midsummer's nightmare

"Something is wrong. The world's heroes--Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter--are gone, and in their place, their alter egos live peaceful, happy lives. Meanwhile, millions of everyday people are 'sparking,' transforming into super-powered beings whose unleashed abilities are wreaking havoc on law and order and causing panic across the globe. In a world lost in a nightmare, Earth's greatest champions must awaken to remember their true identitie

Jan 15, 2018
JLA - year one, the deluxe edition by

JLA - year one, the deluxe edition

"From best-selling author Mark Waid, the definitive tale of the JLA's formation is back in a new hardcover printing of the massive book starring The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman! Learn how the five founding members of the JLA were able to pull together as a team, earning the respect of the public and defeating foes like Vandal Savage, scientist T.O. Morrow and the Brotherhood of Evil! Written by Mark Waid, the author of the best-selling graphic novel KINGDOM

Jan 15, 2018