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The shadow district - a thriller by Arnaldur Indriðason, 1961- author. The shadow district - a thriller

"A deeply compassionate story of old crimes and their consequences, The Shadow District is the first in a thrilling new series by internationally bestselling author Arnaldur Indridason. THE PAST In wartime Reykjavik, a young woman is found strangled in 'the shadow district', a rough and dangerous area of the city. An Icelandic detective and a member of the American military police are on the trail of a brutal killer. THE PRESENT A 90-year-old man is discovered dead on his bed, smothered with his

Nov 16, 2017
The skeleton paints a picture by Perry, Leigh, author. The skeleton paints a picture

Georgia Thackery, adjunct English professor, has a new job teaching at Falstone College of Art and Design, known as FAD to its students and faculty. Living in a borrowed bungalow during winter in the snowiest part of Massachusetts, Georgia feels her isolation weighing as heavily as the weather. Then she receives a package containing her best friend, Sid, a walking, talking skeleton who has lived with the Thackery family since Georgia was six. With Georgia working out of town, Sid was lonely too.

Nov 16, 2017
The sorcerer's appendix by Brackston, Paula. The sorcerer's appendix

When Gretel from the popular children's tale--now all grown up and working as a private investigator--takes on the case of a missing sorcerer, she doesn't realize that it will take her into the heart of the deep, dark woods, and face to face with an old enemy. Set in 1776 Bavaria.

Nov 16, 2017
The Thames river murders by Gardner, Ashley, author. The Thames river murders

Captain Lacey is asked by Peter Thompson of the Thames River Police to help him investigate a cold case - the murder of a woman found near the docks Thompson patrols. The investigation was sidelined, considered unsolvable, but Thompson has long wished to find her killer. Captain Lacey joins him in the hunt, entering a part of society that is closed to outsiders. Meanwhile, he must deal with his daughter's debut and more developments in his new domestic life, including a anonymous blackmailer who

Nov 16, 2017
The usual Santas - a collection of Soho Crime Christmas capers by The usual Santas - a collection of Soho Crime Christmas capers

"Nine mall Santas must find the imposter among them. An elderly lady seeks peace from her murderously loud neighbors at Christmastime. A young woman receives a mysterious invitation to Christmas dinner with a stranger. Niccolo` Machiavelli sets out to save an Italian city. Sherlock Holmes's one-time nemesis Irene Adler finds herself in an unexpected tangle in Paris while on a routine espionage assignment. Jane Austen searches for the Dowager Duchess of Wilborough's stolen diamonds. These and oth

Nov 17, 2017
The villa of mysteries by Hewson, David, 1953- The villa of mysteries

"In Rome?s crowded Campo dei Fiori, a woman rushes up to two carabinieri lounging in their sunglasses and uniforms, insisting that her sixteen-year-old daughter has just been abducted. Detective Nic Costa sees the scene unfold and intervenes. Because Costa knows what the two officers don?t: that in the morgue at Rome?s police headquarters, a forensic pathologist is examining the strange, mummified corpse of another girl, whose disappearance and death bear haunting similarities?."--Publisher desc

Nov 16, 2017
The vineyard victims by Crosby, Ellen, 1953- author. The vineyard victims

"When Jamison Vaughn --Virginia real estate mogul, vineyard owner, and failed US presidential candidate --drives his gold SUV into a stone pillar at the entrance to Montgomery Estate Vineyard, Lucie Montgomery is certain the crash was deliberate. But everyone else in town is equally sure that Jamie must have lost control of the SUV on a rain-slicked country road. In spite of being saddled with massive campaign debts from the election, Jamie is seemingly the man with the perfect life. What possib

Nov 16, 2017
Thread the halls by Wait, Lea. Thread the halls

Provided by

Nov 20, 2017
Trespass by Quinn, Anthony (Anthony J.), author. Trespass

"Detective Celcius Daly is investigating the abduction of a boy by a group of travelers already under investigation for smuggling and organized crime. As he digs into the child's background, he discovers a family secret linked to an unsolved crime during The Troubles--the disappearance of a young woman and her baby. Daly's investigation shakes loose some harrowing truths about the lawlessness of Northern Ireland's border country. Undergoing an internal investigation over his handling of the sear

Nov 16, 2017
Two for the dough by Evanovich, Janet. Two for the dough

Armed with attitude, not to mention stun gun, defense spray, killer flashlight and her mistrusted .38, Stephanie Plum, the bounty hunter from Trenton, New Jersey, goes after a man who skipped bail. He replies by taunting her in a gruesome manner, sending her bits and pieces of dead people. By the author of One for the Money.

Nov 21, 2017
Two kinds of truth by Connelly, Michael, 1956- author. Two kinds of truth

Harry Bosch is back as a volunteer working cold cases for the San Fernando police and is called out to a local drug store where a young pharmacist has been murdered. Bosch and the town's three-person detective squad sift through the clues, which lead into the dangerous big-business world of prescription drug abuse. Meanwhile, an old case from Bosch's LAPD days comes back to haunt him when a long-imprisoned killer claims Harry framed him and seems to have new evidence to prove it. Bosch left the

Nov 21, 2017
Unholy city - a Claire Codella mystery by Smith, Carrie, author. Unholy city - a Claire Codella mystery

When a senior churchwarden is found murdered in the herb garden of his Manhattan church, detectives Claire Codella and Brian Haggerty set aside their differences to identify a killer among several possible suspects.

Nov 20, 2017
Unnatural acts - a Stone Barrington novel by Woods, Stuart. Unnatural acts - a Stone Barrington novel

When a hedge fund billionaire hires Stone Barrington to talk some sense into his wayward son, it seems like an easy enough job; no one knows the hidden sins and temptations of the ultra-wealthy better than Stone. But as Stone and his erstwhile protege, Herbie Fisher, probe deeper into the case--and an old one comes back to haunt him--he realizes that even he may have underestimated just how far some people will go to cover up their crimes ... and plan new ones.

Nov 16, 2017
Unseen by Slaughter, Karin Unseen

Nov 18, 2017
Visions of sugar plums by Evanovich, Janet. Visions of sugar plums

A holiday adventure finds Stephanie Plum struggling to remove an intruder from her apartment and falling for a mysterious newcomer.

Nov 21, 2017
Wolves in the dark - [No. 19 - Varg Veum] by Staalesen, Gunnar, 1947-, author. Wolves in the dark - [No. 19 - Varg Veum]

Reeling from the death of his great love, Karin, Varg Veum's life has descended into a self-destructive spiral of alcohol, lust, grief and blackouts. When traces of child pornography are found on his computer, he's accused of being part of a paedophile ring and thrown into a prison cell. There, he struggles to sift through his past to work out who is responsible for planting the material and who is seeking the ultimate revenge. When a chance to escape presents itself, Varg finds himself on the r

Nov 16, 2017
Written in blood by Green, Layton, author. Written in blood

"A career homicide detective returns to his small hometown and is soon asked to investigate a series of local murders with a perverse literary twist"--

Nov 16, 2017