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Murder, My Love by Collins, Max Allan/ Spillane, Mickey Murder, My Love

Jan 18, 2019
No Good Tea Goes Unpunished by Baker, Bree No Good Tea Goes Unpunished

Dec 28, 2018
No mercy by Schaffhausen, Joanna, author. No mercy

Police officer Ellery Hathaway and FBI profiler Reed Markham take on two difficult new cases in this stunning follow-up to The Vanishing Season. "A gripping and powerful read. It is what we call an edge-of-your-seat, rollercoaster of a thriller. You will not be able to put it down before you finish it."--The Washington Book Review on The Vanishing Season No Mercy is award-winning author Joanna Schaffhausen's heart-pounding second novel. Police officer Ellery Hathaway is on involuntary leave from

Jan 16, 2019
One taste too many by Goldstein, Debra H., author. One taste too many

Sarah Blair, the less-culinarily-talented of twin sisters, must discover who killed her ex-husband when suspicion falls on her twin.

Dec 27, 2018
Past tense - a Brady Coyne novel by Tapply, William G. Past tense - a Brady Coyne novel

Dec 28, 2018
Paving the new road by Gentill, Sulari, author. Paving the new road

It's 1933, and the political landscape of Europe is darkening. Eric Campbell, the man who would be Australia's Fu¨hrer, is on a fascist tour of the Continent, meeting dictators over cocktails and seeking allegiances in a common cause. Yet the Australian way of life is not undefended. Old enemies have united to undermine Campbell's ambitions. The clandestine armies of the Establishment have once again mobilized to thwart any friendship with the Third Reich. But when their man in Munich is killed,

Jan 22, 2019
Paving the new road- a Rowland Sinclair mystery by Gentill, Sulari Paving the new road- a Rowland Sinclair mystery

Jan 10, 2019
Points of danger by Marston, Edward. Points of danger

1861, East Anglia. Alone in a first-class carriage, the Swarbricks are robbed at gunpoint, but when the universally-admired Swarbrick fights back, the train robber takes more than money and jewellery, killing the man working to unify East Anglia's tangle of railway networks. Inspector Colbeck is brought in from London, as the only detective in Britain with enough expertise for the job. But as Swarbrick's glowing reputation begins to crumble, the line of investigation isn't clear: Is this the act

Jan 3, 2019
Purls and poison by Canadeo, Anne, 1955- author. Purls and poison

Jan 9, 2019
Restaurant Weeks Are Murder by Klein, Libby Restaurant Weeks Are Murder

Jan 3, 2019
Rooted in deceit by Tyson, Wendy, 1969- author. Rooted in deceit

"It's summertime in Winsome. Washington Acres is abloom, Megan is preparing for the grand opening of their wood-fired pizza farm, and things with Megan's beau, handsome Dr. Finn, are getting as hot as the August temperatures. But when Megan's ne'er-do-well father arrives in Pennsylvania with his high-maintenance Italian wife, Sylvia, and announces they're staying at the new yoga retreat center a town away, a sweet occasion sours. Eager to secure pieces for her Milan boutique, Sylvia finagles a

Dec 28, 2018
Scar tissue - a Brady Coyne novel by Tapply, William G., author. Scar tissue - a Brady Coyne novel

Jacob Gold, a friend and client, contacts Brady Coyne to help when his son's girlfriend is killed in an auto accident, and it's assumed his son has been swept away in the river. First the local police chief is not eager for Coyne's help, and then Jacob Gold disappears.

Dec 27, 2018
Seven deadly zins by Parra, Nancy J., author. Seven deadly zins

"Taylor O’Brian, founder of “Off the Beaten Path”, takes small groups on wine country tours of romantic Sonoma County. Friends are everything in the tour business, so Taylor is happy to guide investors to the winery owned by her friend Tim Slade. But vintage turns to vinegar when an FDA inspector is found floating face down in one of Tim’s vats of squished grapes. Tim is arrested on suspicion of murder, and Taylor and her friends rally to prove his innocence. But it’s not an easy task, especiall

Jan 7, 2019
Shadow of death by Tapply, William G. Shadow of death

Hiring a private investigator to learn if a political candidate's husband is having an affair, attorney Brady Coyne finds he is bound by attorney-client privilege from disclosing information when the investigator is murdered.

Dec 27, 2018
Slay in character by Cahoon, Lynn, author. Slay in character

Staying in character can be murder when Cat Latimer and the members of her writers' retreat head for a ghost town ... Cat and the members of her writers' retreat have just arrived in Outlaw, Colorado, an "Old West" tourist town complete with inhabitants dressed up as famous figures from history. But this authentic slice of Americana takes a murderous turn when a college student masquerading as a 19th-century saloon girl becomes history herself. Was she the intended target? Or did she take a hit

Dec 27, 2018
Smoke and Ashes by Mukherjee, Abir Smoke and Ashes

Jan 3, 2019
Snake head by May, Peter, 1951- author. Snake head

A vehicle crammed with dozens of dead Chinese immigrants is found in southern Texas. Pathologist Margaret Campbell must put aside her horror, and find out why. Detective Li Yan - an even more unwelcome memory for Campbell - has arrived stateside to investigate a link in the case to a lucrative trade in illegal labourers. Li and Campbell will soon find that the crime scene hides another secret: a biological time bomb linking traffickers, politicians and migrants in Beijing, Washington and Texas -

Jan 7, 2019
Something Read, Something Dead by Gates, Eva Something Read, Something Dead

Jan 11, 2019
Suspicious minds - a novel by Barritt, Christy. Suspicious minds - a novel

Christy Barritt Rock and roll may never die, but the King is definitely dead ... again. To pay off some bills, crime scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire takes a job doing mold remediation, but she finds a surprise in the dilapidated home's crawlspace: Elvis, dead as a doornail and still wearing his blue suede shoes. How could she possibly keep her nose out of a case like this? A sequel to the popular novel Hazardous Duty.

Dec 26, 2018
Sweet taste of revenge by Ellis, Mary, 1951- author. Sweet taste of revenge

"When a wealthy socialite is found dead on her luxury yacht, her daughter Lainey hires private investigator Kate Weller to look into the matter. Agnes Westin created plenty of enemies during her climb to the top of society, many with a taste for revenge -- but did any of them feel strongly enough to kill her? Kate has another reason altogether for returning to Pensacola, Florida, the only town she has ever called home. Her brother Liam has spent the past sixteen years in jail for his part in a r

Dec 27, 2018