Book Bike

Mom and kids with the Book Bike

The Library Book Bike Is Here!

Thanks to a generous grant by the Friends of the Library, there's a fun new way to use the Library all over town. The Book Bike, our latest Outreach service, visits different places in the community during warmer months to engage with new people—and say "Hi again!" to familiar faces.

What Does the Book Bike Do?

book-bike-rear-shot-crowd.pngThe Book Bike brings the Library to you—and it can go places the Bookmobile can't. The Book Bike will soon hit the road to:

  • Deliver Library programs like storytimes, book talks, digital creativity workshops, and other opportunities to learn and create
  • Allow you to sign up for a Library card
  • Provide free Wi-Fi internet access
  • Highlight the Library's eBooks and digital media (movies, music, and audiobooks)
  • Inspire good community conversation
  • Keep you updated on great Library and Friends events and opportunities

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