Book Bike

Bloomington loves bikes! From the Little 500 bicycle race, to the B-Line and Clear Creek trails, community members bike for fun, fitness, and profit. Now, with the Friends’ support, the Library has joined our community’s bicycle movement, bringing our services to new neighborhoods and populations in our “Bicycle Friendly Community”!

What is it? The Book Bike is an Organic Transit ELF/2FR, electric recumbent tricycle.

What does the library do with it? The Book Bike brings books, services, and programming out to the community in a fun and impactful way.

Who can drive it? Only trained staff.

Who paid for it? The Friends of the Library, a nonprofit organization that advocates for Monroe County Public Library and supports Library collections, services, programs, and staff development. The Friends’ generosity helps us improve literacy, continue to innovate, spread the joy and power of reading, and reach out to people throughout the community. Learn more about the Friends.

How fast does it go? According to federal guidelines, the top allowable speed using the electric motor only is 20 mph on a flat surface. Riders can travel faster by pedaling, some going more than 25 mph. The ELF is designed for use under 30 mph.

How much does it weigh? It weighs around 200 pounds.

How far can it go? A standard rider can go about 18 miles with no pedaling. With pedaling, they can go around 30 miles.

Does it have batteries? Yes, it’s powered by ion lithium batteries, which can be recharged by a solar panel on top of the bike.

How long does it take to charge the battery? The battery pack fully recharges in a standard outlet in approximately 2.5–4 hours. Using the solar panel, with full sunlight, the battery can be fully recharged in about 8 hours.

We Like Bikes! Cycling Resources at the Library