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Adima Returning   Steve Schatz   Schatz   Series: Adima Chronicles

The sacred cliff is crumbling and with it the Adima way of life! Rory, Tima and Billy - three light-weaving teens - must battle time and unseen forces to unite the greatest powers of all dimensions in one goal. They must move the sacred cliff before it traps all Adima on Earth - and apart from the primal energy of the Spheres - forever! There is only one path to success: convince the guardians to help. Fail and the cliff dissolves, destroying the once-eternal Spheres and the interdimensional light weavers known as Adima.

The Best Short Stories of Theodore Dreiser   Theodore Dreiser   Dreiser   Series: Elephant Paperbacks

This extraordinary collection of short stories reminds us how great a talent Dreiser was. In his stories, as well as his celebrated novels, he sought to uncover the problems of common Americans at the turn of the century- their struggles with society and their dreams of power and wealth against a backdrop of threatening poverty

The Edge of Juniper   Lora Richardson   Richard   Series: Juniper

 Fay is excited to spend the summer in small-town Juniper with her cousin Celia, but soon becomes alarmed by her uncle's scary temper, and learns of the grudge he holds against the Dearing family. To avoid the tension at home, Celia escapes with her boyfriend, leaving Fay feeling lost and alone with only Malcolm Dearing offering any kind of support. Torn between her family's expectations and her heart, will Fay decide the risk is worth it?

Guardian of the Silverwood   Wm. Matthew Graphman   SF Graphma   Series: Silverwood Chronicles

After years of hiding, a guardian and his young elf ward are forced to go on the run for their lives. Seeking help, they recruit an unusual cast to help them along the way, including an old priest, hawk lord, battle wolf, and a spy. The race begins through the five realms to piece together the one artifact - a mythical talisman thought destroyed when Silverwood fell - that can unquestionably put an end to the question of the heir's right to the throne.

Mixed Marriage: A Memoir   Janet Cheatham Bell   921 Bell Bel

 In 1965, before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the ban on mixed marriages was unconstitutional, many states considered it a crime to marry "outside your race". Less than 1% of Americans chose to commit that crime; this is the story of how Bell came to defy that ridiculous law.

The Red Heart   James Alexander Thom   Thom

A fictionalized account of Frances Slocum, a Quaker girl from Pennsylvania, kidnaped at the age of five by Native Americans and later forced to choose between the two cultures. Through her eyes is seen the destruction of the Natives. 

Royal Wedding   Meg Cabot   Cabot   Series: Princess Diaries

Bloomington’s own Meg Cabot spent many happy hours here at the Monroe County Public Library before becoming a #1 New York Times best-selling author. This first adult installment of her Princess Diaries series follows Princess Mia and her Prince Charming as they plan their fairy tale wedding--but a few poisoned apples could turn this happily-ever-after into a royal nightmare.

Santa Claus in Baghdad and Other Stories About Teens in the Arab World   Elsa Marston   Santa

A collection of eight short stories recounting the experiences of Arab teens living in Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestinian refugee camps.

Tombs: A Chronicle of Latter-Day Times of Earth   James Dorr   Dorr

Tombs is a beautifully written examination of the human condition of life, love, and death, through the prism of a dystopian apocalypse full of ghouls and legends.

A Wilted Flower in Your Watered Garden   Donald Sears   811.6 Sea

A blooming collection of poems by Sears full of life, love, and reflection.