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100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen with Classic Cookies, Novel Treats, Brownies, Bars, and More   Sarah Kieffer   Adult Nonfiction - 641.8654 Kie

A cookbook of perfect weeknight baking projects: 100 delicious cookies. Kieffer's cookbook contains go-to recipes for cookies and bars that are perfect for a party, potluck, bake sale, or simply a cozy night at home

Baked with Love: Over 100 Allergy-Friendly Vegan Desserts   Brittany Berlin   Adult Nonfiction - 641.56362 Ber

Have your cake and eat it, too. This book is packed with inventive ideas for making plant-based baked goods taste every bit as rich and indulgent as--if not even better than--their traditional counterparts. Whether you're craving a classic lemon bar or you're looking to test your culinary prowess with an elaborate layer cake, you're sure to discover some new favorites. 

The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book   Maile Carpenter   Juvenile Nonfiction - J 641.815 Big

An ultimate baking primer for beginners, written by the editors of the top-selling food magazine, shares more than 100 photographed recipes for everyday and special-occasion cakes, brownies and other baked favorites while providing fun ideas for customizations and alternatives to cakes.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Dozens of Recipes for Reinterpreted Favorites   Carey Jones

The deliciously adaptable chocolate chip cookie stars in this charming book of more than 40 recipes. These formulas yield the perfect cookie for every taste, every time, whether the baker's druthers are crispy or soft, vegan or gluten-free, or salty or nutty cookies. A baker can never have too many good recipes for a perennial favorite, and Chocolate Chip Cookies riffs on the classics with contemporary flavor profiles such as coconut-sesame and olive oil.

The Cookie Bible   Rose Levy Beranbaum   New Arrivals

"The ultimate cookie cookbook, from best-selling author of The Baking Bible Rose Levy Beranbaum. This is your must-have cookie book, featuring nearly every cookie imaginable, from rustic Cranberry Chocolate Chippers to elegant French macarons, and everything in between.

Cookies for Everyone: 99 Deliciously Customizable Bakeshop Recipes   Mimi Council   Adult Nonfiction - 641.8654 Cou

With its "baking 101" approach, Cookies for Everyone has something for every baker -- naturally gluten-free recipes, with easy swaps for vegan or nut-free options, even including instructions for baking at any altitude. Mimi's Tips and Tricks walk readers through key steps and techniques, demystifying baking; her clear instructions cover everything from basic cookies to sandwich cookies and biscotti.

Cookies: The New Classics   Jesse Szewczyk   Adult Nonfiction- 641.8654 Sze

"100 modern, exciting, and easy to make recipes that promise to redefine your favorite cookie classics. Move beyond the same-old chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal cookies with Jesse Szewczyk's collection of 100 brand-new, boldly flavored, and intriguing-yet-familiar recipes.  

 Filled with stunning photographs and reassuring guidance for make ahead, storing, and gifting, Cookies offers immediate gratification for hungry bakers looking to take their cookies to the next level

Fabulous Modern Cookies: Lessons in Better Baking for Next-Generation Treats   Christopher Taylor   New Arrivals

"With bolder-than-ever flavors and spectacularly scientific techniques, cookies have truly never been more fabulous. Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin bring fresh perspective and heaps of creativity to everything they bake. Now reinventing America's most traditional handheld dessert-the cookie-they offer 100 reliable and exciting recipes that are sure to impress."Complete with mouthwatering photos, options to make ahead, decorate, or indefinitely adapt, these outside-the-box recipes are the very definition of fabulous."

Galletas   Marie Simmons   ESPAÑOL Adult - ESPAÑOL 641.8654 Sim

Williams-Sonoma Collection Cookies ofrece más de 40 recetas deliciosas, incluidas las favoritas consagradas por el tiempo, así como nuevas ideas frescas. Ilumine un día lluvioso con sándwiches de galletas de chocolate, tiente a los invitados con merengues de avellana ligeros después de una cena o celebre las fiestas con dulces y brillantes estrellas recortadas.

Gluten-Free Baking at Home: 102 Foolproof Recipes for Delicious Breads, Cakes, Cookies, and More   Jeffrey Larsen   Adult Nonfiction - 641.5639 Lar

A comprehensive, visual collection of more than 80 master recipes (with variations) for gluten- and allergen-free breads, muffins, scones, cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, and more, developed and refined by a baking instructor/pastry chef to achieve stellar results every time.

Gluten-Free Cookies: From Shortbreads to Snickerdoodles, Brownies to Biscotti: 50 Recipes for Cookies You Crave   Luane Kohnke   Adult Nonfiction - 641.5638 Koh

Whether you're new to gluten-free baking or have been eating gluten-free for years, Konhke gives you information on gluten-free ingredients, advice on gluten-free baking techniques, and a useful gluten-free flour mix recipe.

Good Housekeeping the Best-Ever Cookie Book: 175 Tested-'Til-Perfect Recipes for Crispy, Chewy & Ooey-Gooey Treats   Tiffany Blackstone   Adult Nonfiction - 641.8654 Goo

The staff at Good Housekeeping share recipes for a collection of the best cookies to come out of their Test Kitchen ovens! There's something here for every craving: chocolaty, nutty, crispy-crunchy and melt-in your mouth morsels of delight. These recipes will become your new favorites for every sweet occasion.

Small Batch Baking: 60 Sweet and Savory Recipes to Satisfy Your Craving   Saura Kline   Adult Nonfiction - 641.815 Kli

What do you do when you're craving something sweet but don't want to bake a full batch? Small Batch Baking has the perfect solution, with 60 recipes for sweet and savory treats that have been expertly scaled down to make just enough for you! Baking in small batches means fewer leftovers, less food waste, and the ability to eat everything while it's still fresh.