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The broken ladder : how inequality affects the way we think, live, and die   Keith Payne   LP 305.5 Pay

The Broken Ladder is a timely account written account of how inequality affects us all. It describes how rising inequality, and not just absolute poverty, is undermining our politics, social cohesion, long term prosperity, and general well-being.

Childhood Disrupted   Donna Jackson Nakazawa   362.76 Nak

Childhood Disrupted summarizes the effects of childhood adversity, incorporating the current science in a very personalized and approachable way.This book connects the dots between early life trauma and the physical and mental suffering so many live with as adults.

Feeding the Other: Whiteness, Privilege, and Neoliberal Stigma in Food Pantries   Rebecca De Souza   363.883 Des

De Souza shows how neoliberal stigma plays out in practice through a comparative case analysis of two food pantries in Duluth, Minnesota. In doing so, she documents the seldom-acknowledged voices, experiences, and realities of people living with hunger.

Gun Love   Jennifer Clement   F Clement

Gun Love is a story about a single mother and her daughter, the car that they live in, and a trailer park in Florida that is filled with guns through gun trafficking.

Homeless But Human   Rich Hebron   362.592 Heb

A 22 year old lives in a homeless shelter and tells the stories of those he befriends along the way.

Homelessness   Tamara Thompson   362.592 Hom   Series: Opposing Viewpoints Series

Each title in the highly acclaimed 'Opposing Viewpoints' series explores a specific issue by placing expert opinions in a unique pro/con format. The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find publications. This addition discusses issues related to homelessness through a balanced collection of articles from a variety of sources, the title explores the seriousness of America's homeless problem.

No longer homeless : how the ex-homeless get and stay off the streets   David Wagner   362.592 Wag

No Longer Homeless is a powerful look at a group of people we rarely hear about-those who have formerly been on the streets-sharing the details of their lives to help individuals, organizations, and communities learn to better support the ongoing challenges of homelessness.

Poverty and Welfare in America: Examining the Facts   David Wagner   362.5 Wag

This book closely examines controversial claims and beliefs surrounding poverty and anti-poverty programs in the United States. It authoritatively dismantles falsehoods, half-truths, and misconceptions, leaving readers with an unbiased, accurate understanding of these issues.


Roam   C. H. Armstrong   Y Armstro

Seventeen-year-old Abby Lunde and her family are living on the streets. They had a normal life back in Omaha but, thanks to her mother's awful mistake, they had to leave behind what little they had for a new start in Rochester. Abby tries to be an average teenager: fitting in at school, dreaming of a boyfriend, college, and a career in music. But Minnesota winters are unforgiving, and so are many teenagers. Her stepdad promises to put a roof over their heads, but times are tough for everyone and Abby is doing everything she can to keep her shameful secret from her new friends. The divide between rich and poor in high school is painfully obvious, and the stress of never knowing where they're sleeping or where they'll find their next meal is taking its toll on the whole family. As secrets are exposed and the hope for a home fades, Abby knows she must trust those around her to help. But will her new friends let her down like the ones back home, or will they rise to the challenge to help her find a normal life?

Welcome homeless : one man's journey of discovering the meaning of home   Alan Graham   362.592 Gra

The author describes his experiences working with the homeless in Austin and how he has a new appreciation of the sense of belonging.