"Schooled" reviewed by Jacob C. on June 2, 2009

Jacob C.
Gordan Korman
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I really enjoyed Schooled! It was really funny in some parts, but retained a good moral in others. It is about a boy named Capricorn (Cap) who lives with his grandmother Rain on a Hippie Commune called Garland. When Rain falls out of a tree, Cap has to live with a normal family until they can return to the farm. Cap gets elected 8th grade president and is in charge of the Halloween Dance! Some very funny and sad things happen to Cap including crashing his own Memorial Service and driving his unconscious bus driver to the hospital! 5/5!
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My great elementary librarian told me that it is a lot like Star Girl by Jerry Spineli for boys. I have not read Star Girl but lots of people told me it was good so I decided to read this one!
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I would highly recommend Schooled! Anyone looking for a few chuckles over the summer should read it. Also, it is short and not very hard so just about anyone can read it!
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