The clique : a novel

"The clique (book 1)" reviewed by Lexie on June 7, 2010

The clique (book 1)
Lisi Harrison
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The clique books are about a group of spoiled high end rich girls just starting the 7th grade. Massie the main 'clique' girl, falls for an older guy while she is out riding (horses) She comes to realize he is not all what he seems to be. Then Claire comes along to live with Massie's family for a while. Claire is the complete opposite of Massie. Read this book to see how all of this unfolds.
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There are multiple other clique books to sequence this one.
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I would not necessarily recommend this book. Although it can be very funny.. i find the book to be extremely pointless. If you really enjoy the kind of girly rich girl story's then i would recommend it.
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