The smuggler's treasure

"The Smuggler's Treasure" reviewed by Leah on August 5, 2011

The Smuggler's Treasure
Sarah Masters Buckey
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On August 28, 1814, eleven-year-old, Elisabet Holder is on a ship. Today I'll finally reach New Orleans! she thought. If only Papa could be here with me! Her father was taken by the British Navy, and with only some kind of ransom, she could free her father. But, with no more money she had to move from her home in Boston, to New Orleans, to live with her aunt and uncle. When she arrives and finds out her uncle was a smuggler, she sets out to find the treasure he left. With it she might be able to free her father. But someone else might be on the trail. Will she see her father again? Will she find the Smugglers Treasure? find out in- The Smugglers Treasure!
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