Dark skies : [videorecording] the declassified complete series

Dark Skies (1996)

Dark Skies, one of my favorite mid-90s TV shows, recently came out on DVD. It was one of those shows that I wasn't sure would ever come out on DVD because it seemed like it never developed the sort of cult following that demands that sort of thing. As it turns out, there was a cult following that show, I just never came across it.

Much like Freaks & Geeks, Dark Skies was difficult to bring to DVD because of the music they used in the show. They had the rights to use the music for the show, but not for DVD release, which would have been quite expensive to purchase after the fact. Luckily there are companies like Shout Factory who fear no music rights and bring us awesome TV whatever the cost.

Though I was excited to see that Dark Skies had finally been released, I was a little worried that it wouldn't hold up to my memory of it. That's why I won't rewatch The Dark Crystal, even though I loved it dearly as a kid. My weakness for mid-90s sci-fi won out and I sat down to see if Dark Skies held up. I am glad to report that it did.

Dark Skies is set in the 1960s and tells the story of John Loengard and Kimberly Sayers, an engaged couple who move to Washington D.C. after graduating from college. The couple gets drawn into the dealings of a shady government agency that has been covering up and trying to stop an alien invasion. These aliens, known as the Hive, can implant humans with a creepy, crawly bug sort of thing that will then control them. Dark Skies plays as an alternative history with the Hive having its hands in many of the historical events of the 60s. The show was conceived with a five season arc, but was sadly canceled after just one. Luckily they were able to end the show with an episode that does provide a certain amount of closure to the story, unlike some of my other favorite canceled shows.

Dark Skies won't leave you with too much of a cliffhanger, so don't let its untimely death scare you off. This show is a great throwback to the X-Files era of sci-fi. Check it out in our catalog!

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