No strings attached [videorecording]

No Strings Attached

I decided to take a break from watching documentaries to see the movie "No Strings Attached." Because it was new, popular, and the talk of the town when I first heard about it I thought I had to place a reserve on it and watch it. While romantic comedies are not really my cup of tea, this one is interesting because of its gender-role reversal.

The normal story line of a romantic comedy happens when a man meets a woman and they interact in very ridiculous scenarios. Later, the man does something that derails the momentum of a possible relationship and then

he has to spend the rest of his time wooing the woman's trust until she forgives him and then comes the happy ending. In this move the roles are just the opposite. The woman has an independent role until someone from her past shows up. He then tries to initiate a loving relationship but finds that Emma would rather be a "friend with benefits." And of course this doesn't work. Adam ends the relationship while Emma changes her mind and decides that she would rather not lose him and so the 'great chase' begins; Emma tries to woo Adam back.

Overall it's a pretty good film even though it's kind of predictable. The gender-role reversal does make it more interesting. Check out the trailer to the film below but be reminded that this film is rated R.

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