In the dog house. Season #1 [videorecording]

In the Dog House, Season One

Are you having trouble training your dogs to behave in public or at home? Well here's another reality television show about dog training. Also, if you haven't seen the Dog Whisperer you might want to check it out. I like Cesar Millan's personality much more in the Dog Whisperer than I like Brad Pattison's in the Dog House. As far as techniques go, they are both excellent in providing tips and tricks to get your dog properly trained.

Season one of In the Dog House features one complete double-sided disc with fourteen thirty-minute episodes of dog training tips provided by Brad Pattison. He is as good as Cesar Milan at training troubled dogs but Pattison's personality is somewhat abrasive towards the people that he interacts with and that comes across immediately in the very first episode of season one when a heated argument breaks out between Brad and the husband of a married couple that called him for help. In the end though, all things are resolved and the dog is perfect and lovable. Here is a short video clip of Brad Pattison on action: